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Once you have installed Ubuntu SE, use the following simple steps to configure it. Note that we use a helper script called sataniconf which is included in the satanic-plymouth-theme package.

Desktop Wallpaper

Right-click the desktop and select Change Desktop Background. The new wallpapers should be available for selection. You can't miss them; they're mostly dark and have kind of a fire theme going on. There are 4:3 and widescreen versions of each.

Gnome Theme

Unity: Click the icon in the top left and search for "Appearance". Run the Appearance application.

Classic Gnome: Select System->Preferences->Appearance.

Under the "Theme" tab, there are two themes to choose from:


  • Name: Inhuman
  • Dark theme with red icons
Inhuman Recant


SE provides custom login and logout sounds.

Unity: Click the icon in the top left and search for "Sound". Run the Sound application.

Classic Gnome: Select System->Preferences->Sound.

Under the [Sound Effects] tab:

GDM Login Theme

Note that Ubuntu now uses a new, more integrated version of GDM. You can set the theme using the sataniconf script. Run sataniconf with no options to get a list of themes. For example, for the Satanic theme:

sataniconf gdm SE-Satanic

For versions prior to Karmic:

Select System->Administration->Login Window. The SE themes should be available.

Plymouth Theme

This changes the image which is shown during boot-up. The theme can be selected by running the following command:

sataniconf plymouth satanic-logo 

To restore the default plymouth theme, run: sataniconf plymouth default



Unity: Click the icon in the top left and search for "Screensaver". Run the Screensaver application.

Classic Gnome: Select System->Preferences->Screensaver.

The Satanic screensaver is called Eternal Damnation.

It may be too late to save your soul, but you can easily uninstall the packages:

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