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Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a series of themes to transform your boring old desktop in to a mean motherfucking soldier of darkness. There are various download methods available:


It is recommended that you install these packages from our APT repository, but they can also be downloaded individually if you prefer.

Latest version (666.8)

Eternity Screensaver

You need the eternity-screensaver package, but can add any of the plugins you like. See here for more info.


The individual wallpapers can be downloaded from the screenshots page.

Compiz Skydomes

Here are some images to turn your Compiz Skydome into a molten lava pool type thing. Right click and select "Save link as.." to download them, then run "Compiz Settings Manager", click the "Desktop" icon, select "Desktop Cube" and hit the "Skydome" tab. Change the "Skydome Image" by browsing for the file. Make sure the "Skydome" checkbox is ticked.

Lava Skydome Screenshot

Lava Skydome Screenshot

Lava Skydome

Lava Skydome

Lava Skydome Wide

Lava Skydome Wide

Jan Kalab has also put together an archive of 20 SE wallpapers converted into Grub splashes:

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