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Note: the software below is based on older versions of Ubuntu which are no longer supported by Canonical.

Undead CD

Use the Ubuntu Satanic Edition Live (Undead) CD, based on the last iteration of Ubuntu to use Gnome 2 exclusively, the fabled Maverick 10.10.

Version 666.9 based on Ubuntu 10.10

Direct download from Ubuntu One [32-bit]

Direct download from mirror [32-bit]

MD5 sums available here [what's this?]

Note: Once installed, please change the software repository to

About Ubuntu Satanic

Ubuntu Satanic Edition is a community developed, Linux-based operating system combining the best software and the heaviest music on one CD/DVD. Many applications are included, plus thousands more available to download and install at the click of a button. And it's all completely free.

The dark theme plunges your desktop into depths of Hell, while the ray-traced screensaver keeps your PC looking evil even when you're not using it.

The DVD contains all of the music from previous releases, containing the best creative-commons licensed heavy metal music from the likes of Theorized, TANK, Deathalizer, Lost World Order, Severed Fifth, StabWounD and Auvernia.

SE can either be run from the CD/DVD or installed to your computer using the graphical installer. On a typical computer the installation should take you less than 25 minutes. It is built on top of Ubuntu, so check out the Ubuntu site for a full list of features.

If you already have Ubuntu installed, you can simply add the packages by following these instructions.

Using the Undead CD/DVD

You can run Ubuntu Satanic Edition straight off the Undead CD/DVD. Please note that due to the slow speed of optical drives it may take a while to boot up. Please be patient, it's worth it! Once booted, you should have access to a fully functional PC including Firefox for surfing the web. There will be icons on the desktop to allow you to play the music.

Installing from the CD/DVD

Once the UndeadCD/ DVD has booted, there will be an icon on the desktop entitled "Install". Click this to run the graphical installer. You can either overwrite what is on your disk or install alongside your current operating system.

All of the standard Ubuntu apps are included, with throusands more available for download.

Installing From Within Windows

As well as installing on its own partition, it is possible to install Ubuntu SE into a file within Windows. This allows Windows users to try it with the least impact on their system. Simply insert the CD/DVD and click "Install Within Windows" on the CD/DVD menu. See the WUBI project for more details.

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