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Banned from Distrowatch

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Ever wondered why Ubuntu Satanic Edition is not on Distrowatch, the popular guide to the world of Linux? We contacted Ladislav Bodnar, the maintainer of the site, and this was his reply:

There is no way I am going to add this distro to DistroWatch. Two reasons:

“1. I don’t consider the name “Satanic edition” as an appropriate name for a Linux distribution. Believe me, there are many very sensitive people visiting DistroWatch who would be offended by the name of your distro. There is a line between what is and what isn’t an appropriate name for a software product and I believe that you’ve crossed that line.

2. Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical. You need to show me an official permission from Canonical that grants you the use of the word Ubuntu in your product’s name.


When we’d got up off the floor, we send the following response:


What about Muslim and Christian editions?! It seems that your worries about trademark infringement and offensive material don’t stop you from including those.

I thought Distrowatch was supost to be a list of Linux distributions. Surely it your purpose is to reflect the world of Linux and not dictate it.”

So, it seems you won’t be seeing your favourite distro on “distro”watch. At least until hell freezes over.