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New Packages Available

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

We’ve been busy in the SE foundry recently, fixing bugs and updating packages. The fruit of this labour is now available in the online repositories. The new packages are for Ubuntu jaunty 9.04 and should appear in the Update Manager automatically.

The changes include:

Kubuntu KDE 4 support

  • New KDM login themes
  • New Ksplash themes
  • Screensaver fixed

Ubuntu Gnome updates

  • New GDM login themes
  • New sounds theme

General updates

  • Updated usplash themes
  • Usplash bugfixes

Additional stuff

  • An icon theme called Buuf has also been added. It’s not paticularily satanic, but check it out:

sudo apt-get install buuf-icon-theme

There is also a new karmic repository for beta testing with the latest Ubuntu pre-release.