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“Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea,
for the Devil sends the beast with wrath
because he knows the time is short…

Let him who hath understanding reckon
the distro of the beast,
for it is a Linux distro,
its distro is Ubuntu Satanic Edition.”

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a complete GNU/Linux operating system. It is open source and freely available. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux and has very advanced package management, making it easy to install any of the the thousands of programs which are available.

What is Ubuntu Satanic Edition?

Ubuntu SE is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It brings together the best free software and free metal music on one CD.

You can also upgrade your existing Ubuntu installation with a comprehensive set of themes to make your desktop dark and malevolent. Don’t worry; you can easily change your system back if you intend to recant.

666 Responses to “About”

  1. Sebastian Bach Says:


  2. Carlos Ferelingetti Says:

    Can I install this on my Ubuntu CHristian distro.

  3. jasmuz Says:

    We have opened the abyss, is time to step inside.. May the darker side of Ubuntu prosper!

  4. Jorge Says:

    *waits patiently for
    Ubuntu Jehova’s Witness distro :) *

  5. Chris Says:

    Screenshots Walkthrough posted!

  6. Koppie Says:

    If you gaze long enough into the distro, eventually the distro gazes back at you.

  7. Garry Says:

    Thanks for posting the screen shots!

    And yes, you can install it over Ubuntu Christian Edition or even Ubuntu Klingon Edition. See the installation instructions for details.

  8. Hiéroglyphe Says:

    What a bloody good idea !

    I don’t try this yet. But here some suggestions:

    _ Add some free satanic musics (there is surely some gothic or metal groups publishing free contents)

    _ Add satanic bookmarks for firefox/epiphany.

    _ Add free e-books (pdf…) about this culture.

  9. Garry Says:

    Thanks. I’ll add them to the ever growing TODO list!

  10. FranLever Says:

    Thank Lucifer for this!!!
    I thougt that something was wrong with open source when Ubuntu Christian Edition apeared, but now this project can fix it and add some flames to the desktops =)

  11. Garry Says:

    Exactly; Good cannot exist without Evil.

    Things were way out of balance before.

  12. BarVeider Says:

    I’m afraid to install Ubuntu Satanic Edition in case it turned fully to a window$ installation :-S

  13. dattaway Says:

    Could this be more evil than the Ubuntu Scientology Distro?

  14. Garry Says:

    I doubt that even we are *that* evil.

  15. Matt Says:

    Bring on the antichrist.

  16. HHS Says:

    This is very insulting to my religion. I really don’t think you should misuse the Lord’s name like that.

    Richard M. Stallman, who is responsible for GNU and Linux, is a jewish psychopath who does not deserve to come near Hell. We do not want to be associated with him or anything made by this communist who never bathes and eats his own hair.

    People who worship the Lord must swear that they renounce Jehova. When you support anything rotten, disgusting, jewish, you are embracing Jehova and you are dishonouring the Lord’s name. So when you die most of you (Garry etc.) are not going to be let past Hell’s gates and you will not have eternal life.

    FranLever, I’m afraid the open source movement won’t be fixed because of this. It probably just got itself into more trouble. They aren’t Satanists but communists using Satan’s name to get attention. It would be better not to have anything to do with them. May Satan bless you.

  17. CoreDuo Says:

    If you don’t like it don’t use it, jesus boy

  18. kman Says:

    HHS: You must not know your religion well enough. All Christians pay respect to the Jewish because that is where the Christian religion came from. Jesus was Jewish.

  19. HHS Says:

    Don’t you dare calling me names like that. CoreDuo what the hell is your problem? Whether or not someone uses it has no relevance at all, the fact is that this website is very blasphemous and offensive. How would you feel if you went to a restaurant and they had a dish which tasted like shit and had named it after you?

    And Kman, you believe that Jesus existed so obviously you must be the Christian. I hope that you rude bastards will all be tortured forever with knives.

    Satan doesn’t appreciate it when people call themselves Satanists when they aren’t and call real Satanists Christians. It’s very unclever to go against the Lord and dishonour Him and His people. When you die and meet Satan, just try calling Him “jesus boy” too and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I assume that you two are Jews because they call everyone Christian who aren’t Jews or Muslims.

  20. CoreDuo Says:

    One question.
    Who Cares?

  21. kman Says:

    HHS: You suck at life. Try again another time.

  22. CoreDuo Says:

    Game Over

  23. Knifethrower Says:

    [22:34] i just started a religion war
    [22:34] Yay!
    [22:35] it starts there
    [22:35] read and scroll down
    [22:35] it gets better
    [22:35] lol
    [22:36] some “jesus boy” as i put it (just to piss him off ^_^) is rambling on
    [22:37] and he cant do shit about what i post
    [22:37] its pretty funny


  24. Knifethrower Says:

    [22:39] XD
    [22:39] no one’s afraid of him
    [22:40] or her
    [22:40] or it
    [22:40] or heshe
    [22:40] you get the point

  25. CoreDuo Says:

    lol, internet

  26. JB Says:

    I love it when people screw with jesus kids; they’re so dumb and predictable. :)
    …Watch this:

    -Religion is nothing more than a drunken 1-uping that got out of hand. When I hear about a 2K old zombie trying to save me from a life designed by some arbitrary diety, I require more proof than ‘an old & HEAVILY MODIFIED book says to and a lot of people seem to trust it.’

    -And will someone please explain why God is suppose to be the good guy in that book when he’s the one that smokes 1000x the number of innocent people than Satan??!! Because if you look at the stats of those two characters, Satan should hold the title ‘Loving God’.

    -Likely-hood of Jesus existing == Likely-hood of Luke Skywalker existing

    -Praise Dawkins.

    And…. GO!

  27. Garry Says:

    Point 1> HHS: you are a nutter.

    Point 2> DO NOT slag off Richard M Stallman on my website! If anybody is close to divinity, it is he.

  28. A Says:

    Did you get Trademark clearence from Canonical?

    Just wondering seems you use of a logo similar to Ubuntu’s violates the published Trademark policy:

    From that page:
    When appearing in multiple colours, the logo should use only the “official” logo colors.

    (thus your firey colours could be illegal in the Ubuntu logo).

    Also stated:
    Additional text may not be added in such a way that it appears to be part of the logo itself.

    I would have thought the way that ‘satanic edition’ is added after the word Ubuntu in your pages title could be consider to breech this.

    Canonical have been known to issue clearences for modified logos before, but you should probably ask first.

    And seems you are making enemies (HHS) then you should make sure everything is legal.

    Of course if you have already recieved Trademark approval from Canonical then you can ignore this.

    Remember Ubuntu is a registered Trademark (at least in USA and Europe)
    USA Trademark:
    European Trademark:

  29. Garry Says:

    I’ve been bery careful not to use any copyrighted material in any of the images or logos. However, I have not got trademark clearance from Canonical.

    Their views would be interesting to hear. However, as I’ve already got posts from people who are trying Ubuntu for the first time because of this version, I can’t see them complaining too much.

    Any publicity is good publicity, right?

  30. HHS Says:

    Why do you keep calling me Christian? Accusing people of being Christian won’t get you into Hell! Do you think that you can fool Satan Himself?

    It is you who are a bunch of Christians and Jews and I know that I have a much better chance of getting into Hell than you do, because I didn’t use Lord Satan’s Holy name to promote a Jewish product while you did.

    I curse the day you were born, may you feel the Lord’s wrath all over your bodies.

  31. stian Says:

    # Jorge Says:
    December 14th, 2006 at 4:48 am

    *waits patiently for
    Ubuntu Jehova’s Witness distro :) *

    I wonder how that distros userbase would differ from the allready excisting linux evangelists?

  32. Cosmic Says:

    HHS, why don’t you ‘Joy of Satan’ fan boys just grow up eh?
    By the way, why did you not admit who you are? Sad neonazi bunch of satanic wanabes

  33. epoc Says:

    HHS, grow up and actually use that object you call the brain, where ever that may be. You claim that you worship satin however your upset about some pictures on a computer system.
    If you truly believed in satin you would be happy with this distro. Oh shut up, I know your saying something now. listen. the greatest trick satin did is making people believe he dosn’t excist. Anything that mocks Satin actually makes him stronger. (by indirectly making God’s hold on mans’ soul weaker)

  34. Spiff, O Astronauta » Blog Archive » O bem e o mal… a visão clássica Says:

    [...] Ubuntu Satanic Edition [...]

  35. Garry Says:

    Cheers Stian, Cosmic, Epoc for keeping HSS under control while I was asleep!

  36. billsoft Says:

    I love the graphics friend, and do feel sorry for all the children getting excited about Heven and Hell and who is God and Satan… Remember GOD is a woman and satan is her name…
    Be Warned…

  37. Marcos Says:

    This is the greatest that has ever happened!
    I will install the satanic edition for guys like hss; for many Christian friends and family the CE, and for the atheists Fedora/openSuse/Debian you name it.

    As for me I will have both edition in my computers!


  38. Marcos Says:

    Correction “…both editions in my computers!”

    As for HSS and other religious, and non religious folks:
    Take notice that if you are enjoying this FLOSS is because of RMS, Eben, PJ and most of all coders and programmers, and the greatest heroes in this planet THE COMMUNITY.

  39. Curt Says:

    This is great. I am loving the diversity within the community. Anything that can draw more attention to Linux and to Ubuntu is great. Nevermind what anyone in the Ubuntu CE camp says. There is no such thing as negative publicity. Keep up the good work Garry!

    Any thoughts on distributing the next release with a combo Baphomet/Ubuntu logo? The visual image I have right now looks pretty cool.

  40. Garry Says:

    Hi Curt – thanks for the support.

    Regarding the Baphomet logo, I’ve been a bit restricted with what images I could use – I’ve been careful not to use any copyrighted material. If any body has any links to any images of that sort which I could use and manipulate in the next release then I would be very grateful.

    Also, I hope that future releases of Ubuntu-SE will include more work from the community. Imagine how great it could be with our combined efforts!

  41. Jeje Says:

    Earth to HSS:
    There is no god, there is no satan.
    There’s a few billion people, and most of us have a sence of humour. You don’t.

  42. HHS Says:

    If Satan wasn’t up there you wouldn’t exist either. He and Demons answer many people’s prayers everyday. I think you’re afraid to pray to Them because if you find out that He’s real you’ll be ashamed of yourself.

    There is nothing humourous about harassing and slandering people of other religious faiths. Did you think the Inquisition was funny too? The Christians slaughtered and tortured people because of what they believed in, and so did the former Sovjet Union. People who don’t know any better might might take Ubuntu as proof against Satan and convert to Christianity because of Garry Parker and murder more innocent people. I know you think Linux is the best thing that ever happened to man, but the majority of people in the world don’t share your opinion and we basically think you’re a bunch of communist losers who all suck. So if you’re against Christianity, you shouldn’t say anything bad against Satan Almighty or you’re helping Christianity which He will judge you for when you die.

  43. buda Says:

    I personaly like the Budist Distro…


  44. Indiestory Says:

    yeah im a budist too, this is nothing to me. I hate the way christans take things too serioulsy ( my this i mean americans mostly i live next door to a nun who take everything in good spirit and understands the real meanings to her religon)
    If you really understood what you where on about ( christans) you would know that forcing the meaning on god upon people is it itself a sin. Come on take a fucking joke for once yes this may be taking the piss out of your religon but if you really belive it then you dont have to convince other people that your right all the time. Ever read that only belivers in a heaven and a hell can ever be sent to either?

  45. Doo Doo Brown Says:

    HHS (Her Holy Servant) said:

    “the fact is that this website is very blasphemous and offensive.”

    “I didn’t use Lord Satan’s Holy name to promote a Jewish product while you did.”

    Talk about blasphemy to Satan? Try calling him “Holy”.

    Satan takes pride in being infernal. And you my friend are a reverse Christian funda-mental Satanist. Stress the word mental. You are the Satanic version of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

    I’m not fond of your sugar-coated version of Satan either. In a candy land universe where nobody dies and of course, napalm doesn’t really stick to kids. Satan is just fine with his reputation as the lord of darkness.

    And HHS little cult had to go and turn him into Satanic Jesus, the lord of Nazi Hellven. Talk about blasphemy to Satan? I’ll be damned.

    Try a more balanced religion. Join the cult of Satanic Jesus.


    Joy of Satan.

  46. Cosmic Says:

    Like I said in my comment HHS is just a Joy of Satan fan boy, though is so proud of this fact, he fails to mention it. Bet Satan gets really pissed at that! lol

  47. Cosmic Says:

    I would make the nihilism distro, but what’s the point;)

  48. Doo Doo Brown Says:

    HHS believes that God and Satan are fighting a telepathic mind-war over the souls of human beings. HHS is awaiting the postulation of an intergalactic battle involving reptilian Jewish space aliens.

    Just pretend you are an angel and HHS will crawl under his bed and scream for mommy. Nothing scares a Josian more. His cult leader has a portal to Hell in her kitchen where demons tell her how to make a mean clam chowder.
    I am not kidding.

    Just to give you a vague idea of what kinda people we are dealing with here. They all seem to be a few peas short of a casserole. They worship space aliens for crying out loud. Compared to them, Tom Cruise is a very normal guy.

  49. Doo Doo Brown Says:

    Hail Xenu!

  50. mjkelly Says:

    I didnt read through the comments so maybe someone suggested this but first it needs a splash screen for when gnome is loading after logging in but before the desktop. Second, the sound it makes when ubuntu is starting while that splash screen is displayed should be that chant that they do during the movie the omen. From the wikipedia entry for The_Omen: “The refrain to the chant is, “Sanguis bibimus, corpus edimus, tolle corpus Satani” (Latin, “We drink the blood, we eat the flesh, raise the body of Satan”), interspersed with cries of “Ave Satani!” and “Ave versus Christus” (Latin, “Hail, Satan!” and “Hail, Antichrist!”).” A little googling turns up that the name of the chant is actually called Ave Satani. Check it out. Very satanic haha.

  51. NonSequitur Says:

    It’s a distro, HHS, I don’t see any “blasphemey”. ‘sides I also think it’s a bit of a joke. If you’re too concerned about Ubuntu SE users roasting in hell, don’t turn ‘em away from Ubuntu CE or Christianity by posting. Stuff like this happens. Don’t throw a hissy fit.

  52. glock24 Says:

    Take it easy HHS, if you think people will burn in hell and angels will torment them for eternity bacause of using GNU/Linux and some splash screens with flames, well it’s their problem.

    If these things insult you, then why did you come to this website? Don’t let religious fanatism take over your life. Extremes are not good. I assure you most of the guys here don’t worship the dark lord (or am I wrong?), but came here out of curiosity, and find this rather funny or cool, but are not taking the ‘satanic’ very seriuosly.

    Yelling at people they will burn in hell won’t make them go away or discourage them from using Ubuntu SE. And if they burn in hell, what’s the deal? It’s their souls anyway. Free will, remember?

    By the way, Jesus said we should love our fellow-neighbours, be them poor or rich, good or evil. You should remember that.

  53. Garry Says:

    Nice suggestions, mjkelly. Some of that stuff is on the cards…

  54. ElDiablo Says:

    I’m the Diablo. Ruler of the Hell. Nice themes guys. HHS is crazy and we don’t want him in hell. In hell we are communist and we love reggae music. now thanks to you we have Ubuntu version just made for us. I was tired of Billy’s operating system, it’s evil but we got no themes resembling our beauty geography.
    Well i’m going to start up some daemons in my box.

    See ya.

    El Diablo (AKA. Lucifer)

  55. Lucifer Says:

    I LOVE IT! Now you need a banner so the evil can spread.

    Mohawke, 666 ¼

  56. Garry Says:

    Great idea. I’ll look into it.

  57. Iyot Manok Tirada Says:

    Lo-Lo ninyo!
    Mga gagmay mo ug OTIN!
    Pisti gi-atay
    Lobton ko na si Satanas!


  58. Garry Says:

    What language is that? Jawa?

  59. Luptin Pitman Says:

    All is now right with the world again. Extremely glad someone did what needed to be done after CE :)

  60. Foobar Says:

    Sorry guys, but Cthulhubuntu will eat you all, he’s the TRUE lord :)

    PS: love these comments… funny humans.

  61. Thölkingscher Beobachter » Blog-Archiv » Ubuntu Satanic Edition Says:

    [...] Wie gestern schrieb, gibt es jetzt nach der Ubuntu Christian Edition auch eine Ubuntu Satanic Edition. (Offenbar war ich nicht der einzige, der sich durch das Christen-Ubuntu inspiriert fühlte.) Und haben wir darauf nicht alle gewartet? Man mag es kaum glauben, aber die „Satanic Edition“ scheint gar noch überflüssiger zu sein als ihr abrahamitisches Äquivalent; die Frage What is Ubuntu Satanic Edition? beantwortet die Website jedenfalls wie folgt: Ubuntu SE is not currently a distro, it’s more a series of themes to transform the look of Ubuntu. You must first download and install one of the standard Ubuntu variants and then upgrade to Ubuntu SE. Don’t worry; you can easily change your system back if you intend to recant. [...]

  62. friend of HHS Says:

    you guys make me sick. how dare you slander father Satan’s name?!?! you call yourselves satansist you stupid fucking communists, you deserve to burn in Hell and i intend to be there watching. have nice lives, ‘cos your afterlives won’t be much fun.

  63. Prometheus Says:

    Geez Anorath– you guys at the joy of satan are such retards. The Dark Lord LOVES his name being in print anywhere and everywhere… a REAL satanist knows this! But you jerked over christians use terms like slander and blasephemy — makes me giggle. Keep up the good work! We’re all getting a good laugh over at SIJOS!

  64. Grabbing Breastward Says:

    Are you sure these flaming sheep are Satanists? I’d expect such a reaction from the likes of Jerry Falwell trying to convince me that Harry Potter and Teletubbies are evil. Boycott Disney? Repent ye wretched sinners and etc. But from a Satanist?

    I don’t know much about the Joy of Satan cult but from the likes of these members, they hold the very same hypocritical values as their fanatic Christian counterparts. Maybe their devil is Jesus in disguise. All this fire and brimstone, you’d think they were Satanic Baptists. I’m pretty confused, but not a mite confused as they appear to be.

    Hold it folks! I think we are on the verge of a Satanic Inquisition! Soon these bloody cult-statistics are going to be kicking down our doors and torturing our grandmothers for Satanic Heresy! Or so they wish.

    I guess these kids aren’t going to be happy until we all get brainwashed and programmed to think on their level. Just snuff out all freedom of speech and thought, wear a neo-nazi uniform, talk the same, walk the same, kill every form of individuality, and hold the same beliefs. Under the tyranny of a dictator (their cult leader) and their god, who acts a lot like Jesus while calling himself Satan.

    Well what do you expect from a bunch of kids who worship a fluffy blonde haired guy in a white robe with a halo and white wings? I’d rather worship a guy with cloven feet and a pitchfork who calls himself Jesus. What’s worse than being a communist? Being a brainwashed Neo-Nazi Christian Satanist who is intolerant of anything but himself and his fellow culties.


  65. Garry Says:

    We’re not here to spread peace and joy. If HHS and his friends are upset by this site then I don’t really care.

  66. HHS Says:

    “The Dark Lord LOVES his name being in print anywhere and everywhere… ”

    If you’re referring to Satan, no, He doesn’t love it when you say blasphemies against Him. And if that’s what you think you must be severely mentally handicapped. Did you mother have a habit of throwing you down the stairs to punish you when you were a little baby (i.e. approximately 9-10 years ago, I presume)? You’ll know how much He loves it when you’re dead and have to face Him. You can tell your boyfriend Dann that too, who doesn’t even believe that He exists.

    “Hold it folks! I think we are on the verge of a Satanic Inquisition! Soon these bloody cult-statistics are going to be kicking down our doors and torturing our grandmothers for Satanic Heresy!”

    Your comparison of me and the Inquisition is completely baseless and perverted and shows your total dissociation with reality. The Inquisition slaughtered people gruesomely simply for not believing in Jesus, while I am just writing comments on a website after you have repeatedly and viciously attacked Lord Satan and our religious community with rude characteristics. I’ll let you be communists all you want, it’s your choice and responsibility, just don’t drag our Lord’s name into it.

    “I guess these kids aren’t going to be happy until we all get brainwashed and programmed to think on their level. Just snuff out all freedom of speech and thought, wear a neo-nazi uniform, talk the same, walk the same, kill every form of individuality, and hold the same beliefs.”

    You are the most delusional, confused psychopath I’ve encountered in a long time. Freedom of speech does not include the right to slander innocent people in public, much less Gods. My challenge to make a Ubuntu Bill Gates edition still stands. Don’t make me start handing out plates of 3 week old meatballs with eggs to the homeless and call them Garry Parker specials. You aren’t the ones to talk about this, since both Communism, and Judaism and Islam which Communism supports, are infamous for their eagerness to remove such freedoms. In many countries people don’t have the freedom to discuss anything “special minorities” are doing to them. As for freedom of thought that’s not something we need to concern ourselves with here as I don’t see anything thoughtful coming out of your asses. What the freedom that most normal people want is meant to cover is legitimate criticism of people and their actions which is also nonexistent here. Fraudulently using a name is not legitimate criticism. And voicing one’s opinion of having one’s God slandered can clearly not be construed to be a violation of freedom of speech.

    “We’re not here to spread peace and joy.”

    Now there’s a jesus boy. Almost straight from Matt 10:34.

  67. Prometheus Says:

    HHS wrote: “If you’re referring to Satan, no, He doesn’t love it when you say blasphemies against Him. And if that’s what you think you must be severely mentally handicapped.”

    LOL!! You wouldn’t be here WHINING if you knew what these guys were about in the first place! Speaking of age… is that your shoe-size?

    You’re just like all the rest of your cultie crew — screwed up reject teenagers without a clue about the occult. Hate to burst your tiny bubble but I’m 3x your age and 10x more knowledgable and experienced with the occult. Don’t believe me? Try me.

    Carry on, Gentlemen of Ubuntu.

  68. Satan Eats Apples Says:

    I wish I had a dime for every time a Christian told me that I was going to be forced to face his/her god when I finally kick the bucket. Or even better coming from a Christian Satanist.

  69. Vegetarian Cannibal Says:

    A Doo Doo Doo. A Da Da Da. Is all I want to say to you.

  70. Vegetarian Cannibal Says:

    Since we are on the subject, may I suggest a version of Ubuntu for the Christian Satanist in dedication to our dear friend HHS? Under the theme of Satanic Jesus, Lord of Helven?

  71. friend of HHS Says:

    theres no such thing as a ‘christian satanist’. those two terms are polar opposites. if you guys could come up with insults that didn’t involve the word ‘christian’ in every sentence, i might have some respect for you. the foremost of the Satanic sins is ignorance, though i wouldn’t expect any of you lowlife rebel satanists to know anything about that. from what ive seen here, you guys are the most ignorant bunch of Jehovah-worshipping twats ive ever met. grow up. get a life. and get the FUCK of the internet.

  72. Vegetarian Cannibal Says:

    LOL Satanic Sins.

    I’ll be sure to confess my blasphemy to the Satanic Pope after a swig and bite of Satanic Communion.

    Meanwhile your boy HHS can recite verses of Matthew he obviously learned in Satanic Sunday School.

  73. HHS Says:

    Yes I am a very devout Christian. I have to admit it.

  74. friend of HHS Says:

    Fuck Satan.

  75. HHS Says:

    Yeah. Do it with a Jackhammer!

  76. HHS Says:

    I hate Satan. I wanna be 20,000 leagues under the sack of Jehovah!

  77. Arc Says:

    Um, for the record, I think this concept may be the most retarded thing I have ever seen. But considering there was a Christian edition of Ubuntu, I suppose this balances that out.

    “Freedom of speech does not include the right to slander innocent people in public, much less Gods.”

    Again for the record, capitalizing gods (plural) is a direct contradiction. A capital G in the word (when not at the beginning of a sentence) by definition means singular and all powerful. Meaning there are no other such beings. So capitalizing it as “Gods” essentially proves you don’t know jack shit about language, let alone religion, so you’re in no place to speak for _any_ deity, devil, or other such creature.

    “and get the FUCK of the internet.”

    You have no more right to say that than anyone else. The internet isn’t yours, it belongs to a community (more or less…) so if you wan’t them gone, go start your own global network and deny them access. Otherwise, quit attacking people’s opinions and showing offense when they return the favor, before your hypocrisy forces someone to systematically debunk your logic.

    I consider this and most of the preceding posts a terrible waste of valuable space on the internet and bandwidth which could have been used for something actually relevant. I mean, COME ON, we’re arguing because of a theme to a GNU/Linux distribution!

  78. friend of HHS Says:

    excuse me, MY hypocrisy? HHS and i merely take offense when others insult and degrade our religion. last i checked there was nothing illegal about that. you guys are clearly subscribers to the ‘rebel’ satansit faith, the ‘religion’ followed by people who just call themselves satanists to be cool. oh, and by the way the only reason you guys think my logic is stupid is because you dont understand it. i have the same views about your logic, but that is because yours is simplistic, self-contradictory and utterly WRONG. you guys just dont possess the brain power to cope with what HHS and i are saying, or, for that matter, what the JoS is saying. i find this entire conversation to be a waste of time, space, bandwidth and hollow insults. i have better things to do, and i hope for your sake that the rest of you do too, because if this is all you spend your time doing then you are in desperate need of a fresh take on life.

  79. HHS Says:

    “Meanwhile your boy HHS can recite verses of Matthew he obviously learned in Satanic Sunday School.”

    I didn’t recite any verses, Garry Parker did, or at least tried. Maybe he thinks he’s Jesus?

    “So capitalizing it as “Gods” essentially proves you don’t know jack shit about language, let alone religion, so you’re in no place to speak for _any_ deity, devil, or other such creature.”

    Yeah, and you are demonstrating your astonishing knowledge and intelligence by writing counterfeit comments using my identity and picking on a capitalized letter. If you’re going to play that game, CoreDuo forgot a period after calling me jesus boy, he didn’t capitalize Jesus, and then he repeated the exact same mistakes in his “lol, internet” comment. Then Cosmic forgot the hyphen in neo-nazi and misspelled wannabes, which demonstrates that you are all Jews and that Lord Satan will hate you forever. The distinction between capitalization and noncapitalization of “God” in common usage is due to the respect Christians had for their god and their disrespect towards ours. Therefore the capitalization attribute has come to be a way of distinguishing between the Christians’ god and others’ gods in Christian parlour. When you are conversing with someone of polytheistic faith this premise is broken and Gods is always capitalized in formal writing when one is referring to one’s own Gods.

    “Otherwise, quit attacking people’s opinions and showing offense when they return the favor, before your hypocrisy forces someone to systematically debunk your logic”

    What opinions? There are no opinions here, only fraudulent usage of the name of our Lord which the perpetrators do not believe in.

    As for “Christian Satanists”, I guess you must be referring to yourselves as you are parroting what Christianity dictates about Lord Satan.

  80. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    Religion bashing is fun and and one of the funnest to bash is Satanism. Why because its full of sensitive goth types who cry about their mommies and daddies not understanding them.
    If i were to start my own Satanist Sect it would be the satanists that beat sissysatanists up sect. But i would change the letters around so the acronym would be more catchy. Then I would take donations to buy ten black unholy pillow cases and fill them each with ten black unholy doorknobs, because thats the only weapon that will kill a sissy satanist and banish his soul into the realm of the hannah and barbarra.
    Satan Edition is a fresh breath of life into what is mostly boring themes with cutesy anime crap and apple mockery.

  81. Garry Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! :-)

  82. friend of HHS Says:

    no i’ll bet you couldn’t, ‘cos your language skills are practically non-existant. where’d you learn to speak english, anyway? china? good riddance to the lot of you.

  83. Baz's lazy slave Says:

    “your language skills are practically non-existant.”

    Lol, you misspelt non-existent there. Hail Eris!

  84. Prometheus Says:

    HSS, your knowledge of religion is rather apalling as you speak of jewish folk like you actually know something. The pious jew does not spell out “god” as the christian, he/she would write it this way: “g-d”. And for the same reason, they do not speak the full pronunciation of the tetragrammation. [This sort of blows your leader's theory of jewish magicians doing dark magic.]

    Ah well. Pearls before swine……

  85. Garry Says:

    Where did I learn to speak English?!

    Fucking England, you idiot.

    You really are starting to piss me off now.

  86. Garry Says:

    Look HHS, I haven’t countered any of your arguments so far because I’ve been content to sit back and let other participants shoot you down. It’s been quite entertaining. However, if you’re going to attack me personally, then I’m going to have to reciprocate.

    Don’t you realise that this is actually “Atheist Ubuntu”? I don’t give a stuff about Satan or God or any of your other worthless idols. Step into the 21st century and realise that we are now educated human beings without the need for such nonsense.

    Your religion is just a front for your racist views. You are a sad, pathetic little person.

  87. Captain Howdy Says:

    “The distinction between capitalization and noncapitalization of “God” in common usage is due to the respect Christians had for their god and their disrespect towards ours.”

    No, it’s about the difference between a common noun and a proper noun. For example, the word person is not capitalized. But George is capitalized. It’s not about a Jewish conspiracy theory. It’s about English.

    But everything is a conspiracy theory to a paranoid cult statistic. Even a small thing like the standard English spelling of a proper name. You really should check yourself into a facility for a bit of deprogramming.

  88. Daath Vader Says:

    “which demonstrates that you are all Jews and that Lord Satan will hate you forever.”

    How do you know what Satan likes or hates? Do you hear voices in your head? Does Satan come by for a cup of tea and hotcakes? How do you know what Satan thinks or feels? Curious minds want to know.

  89. Dagrump Says:

    Oh my ribs hurt, this is great. I need more laughter from web, keep up the good work all. Oh nice theme, melds well w/ doom.

  90. Da Great und Powerful Chibi! Says:

    “excuse me, MY hypocrisy? HHS and i merely take offense when others insult and degrade our religion.”

    ***Uhhh….Don’t you do that[insult and degrade] to Jews? And Christians? And Muslims? And Levayans??? Atheists, Hindus, Neo-Pagans(even though most might be fluff)??? Gee, I guess that doesn’t count as hypocrisy! Praise da Lard!

    “last i checked there was nothing illegal about that.”

    ***There’s also nothing illegal with us telling you how much of a retard you are.

    “you guys are clearly subscribers to the ‘rebel’ satansit faith, the ‘religion’ followed by people who just call themselves satanists to be cool.”

    ***Jerry Falwell would be proud of that statement.

    “oh, and by the way the only reason you guys think my logic is stupid is because you dont understand it. i have the same views about your logic, but that is because yours is simplistic, self-contradictory and utterly WRONG.”

    ***Hmmm, right. Our reasoning MUST be wrong because it contradicts your own! Just like Evolutionists must be wrong because they go against biblical scripture! I never thought of it that way! :D

    I think your logic is stupid because IT IS stupid. I used to think that way. But now I understand that there isn’t an Extraterrestrial Satanic Nazi God living on a planet near Betelguese.

    “you guys just dont possess the brain power to cope with what HHS and i are saying, or, for that matter, what the JoS is saying.”

    ***Ugh…I so stupid. I think someday, I will have the power to freeze someones’ blood in their veins, win the lottery by breathing in bright green energy, and catch little old ladies on fire using my all-powerful aura.

    “i find this entire conversation to be a waste of time, space, bandwidth and hollow insults. i have better things to do, and i hope for your sake that the rest of you do too, because if this is all you spend your time doing then you are in desperate need of a fresh take on life. ”

    ***Same back atcha, Satanic Inquisition Lad! The Internet needs you to wrestle out the heretical Satanists and bring them to Satan’s Divine Justice! Go Go Go!

    In all honesty, you and HHS act like christians, replacing “God” and “Jesus” With Satan and Demons. You are as open-minded as a 50′s Alabama hick, with half the IQ. How dare you call yourself a Satanist the way you act, and then get pissed when others point out the fallacies in your argument! Oh well, can’t get to christians like you, too brainwashed. >:P

  91. I Be Strokin' Says:

    I stroke it to the east.

    I stroke it to the west.

    I stroke it to the demon that I love the best!

  92. HHS Says:

    “The pious jew does not spell out “god” as the christian, he/she would write it this way: “g-d”.”

    Which is completely irrelevant since I was talking about Christians. And yes, Jews capitalize it too.

    “However, if you’re going to attack me personally, then I’m going to have to reciprocate. Don’t you realise that this is actually “Atheist Ubuntu”? I don’t give a stuff about Satan or God or any of your other worthless idols. Step into the 21st century and realise that we are now educated human beings without the need for such nonsense.”

    I said that you were reciting Matthew, which you did and Vegetarian Cannibal accused me of. If that’s your idea of an attack, you can understand how my religion views your choice of name for your theme pack, which is still “Ubuntu Satanic Edition”. In your disregard of Lord Satan no one is forcing you to use His name for profit.

    “No, it’s about the difference between a common noun and a proper noun.”

    No, Christians also capitalize other words such as lord, as in “the Lord”, where they are obviously used as common nouns. The same goes for pronouns that refer to their god. The pronoun they tend to use for our Gods, is “it”.

    “How do you know what Satan likes or hates?”

    According to Arc’s logic, that’s what it means. I don’t have to prove anything because he has set the standard for what kind of argumentative style to use.

    “***Uhhh….Don’t you do that[insult and degrade] to Jews? And Christians? And Muslims? And Levayans??? Atheists, Hindus, Neo-Pagans(even though most might be fluff)???”

    We give legitimate criticism which is verifiable through documented history and publicly available information. We are not fraudulently using their gods’ names or using any other immoral tricks.

    “But now I understand that there isn’t an Extraterrestrial Satanic Nazi God living on a planet near Betelguese.”


    “How dare you call yourself a Satanist the way you act, and then get pissed when others point out the fallacies in your argument!”

    You have not pointed out any so-called fallacies, you have just answered with utterly meaningless non-sequitors, and rambled on about your opinion of us like a 10 year old whiny boy on crack, saying “christian” a bunch of times because you just like the sound of that word. I’ll let him answer that but as for my own argument, it is 100% infallible due to the indisputable fact that the author of the product named after Lord Satan, does not believe in Satan as he has admitted.

  93. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    HHS and freind of HHS have to be the same douchebag, no way does HHS have a freind.
    Unless of course they’re a couple same-sex married in their two man Church of the Sissies for Satan.
    The gowns must have been lovely.

  94. Da Great und Powerful Chibi! Says:

    By HHS himself. Enjoy kiddies.

    Re: Communists blaspheme Satan for profit

    I could do this all day. The psychotic baby-eaters are getting
    increasingly more desperate to the point of utter absurdity. Yesterday
    they whined like pigs because I spelled Gods with a capital G, and
    they posted fake comments in my name. They are continuing to keep
    themselves warm by urinating in their pants although they know it
    can’t last. I guess their incredible reasoning is that maybe if they
    can just convince themselves for long enough that Satan doesn’t exist,
    He will “forgive them for they know not what they do” or something.

    I think that being called Christian by them is a trophy of magnificent
    honour. It shows how much they secretly envy me for belonging to
    Demonesses when they don’t. They are scratching their heads hard
    trying to think of something inventive they can say about our
    religion. I can hear them whispering! “Arnorath2, who is really his
    own husband, not to mention son, once said that Elvis Presley (aka
    Hitler, Salem and Clifford) who has been preserved cryogenically and
    now lives in Sierra Leone, had told him that he was the incarnated
    leader of the reptilian aliens and that he was going to eat them all!
    It’s true lol!! My uncle read it right there on the Internet somewhere
    in a blog which has now been deleted! And according to HSS who doesn’t
    even know how to spell his own name, praying is the ultimate sin which
    will get you straight into heaven! LOL!1″

    I hope you’re having fun doing that Dann, and Bazazian, while the rest
    of us are celebrating Yule and enjoying ourselves.

    Hail Satan!

  95. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    If there was such thing as Satan im pretty sure it would match up well with South Park’s version.
    Whimpering second rate wannabe god.
    Way to follow the loser in the big picture of the Judaeo-Christian mythology.
    Who would you follow if you were a greek mythology nerd?
    Some second rate doucebag underworld deity?
    Religion is my favorite comic book, please keep writing more chapters.

  96. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    My last post directed at HHS and “friend” of course.
    I really only stick around here for the grammar lessons.
    We all know that without proper grammar your thoughts are rendered totally impotent, so dont forget to cross your I’s and dot your T’s and capitalize your Aint’s and underline your your underlinables.
    Satan is dead, long live Satan.

  97. Cranial Soup Says:

  98. Da Great und Powerful Chibi! Says:

    “***Uhhh….Don’t you do that[insult and degrade] to Jews? And Christians? And Muslims? And Levayans??? Atheists, Hindus, Neo-Pagans(even though most might be fluff)???”

    We give legitimate criticism which is verifiable through documented history and publicly available information. We are not fraudulently using their gods’ names or using any other immoral tricks.

    ***The moral is, don’t throw stones in a glass house. I.E., You can’t really talk trash on anyone without other dumping theirs on you.

    “But now I understand that there isn’t an Extraterrestrial Satanic Nazi God living on a planet near Betelguese.”


    “How dare you call yourself a Satanist the way you act, and then get pissed when others point out the fallacies in your argument!”

    You have not pointed out any so-called fallacies, you have just answered with utterly meaningless non-sequitors,

    ***Ummm….The above comment is fallacy on your cults beliefs. Your Neo-Naziism is a fallacy. Your beliefs are the pinnacle of Fluffiness.

    and rambled on about your opinion of us like a 10 year old whiny boy on crack,

    ***LOL!!! Is that all you can come up with? Besides, must be some good shit if I’m acting like a boy.

    saying “christian” a bunch of times because you just like the sound of that word.

    ***No, it’s because you are acting like one. I don’t really care for the sound of the word.

    I’ll let him answer that but as for my own argument, it is 100% infallible due to the indisputable fact that the author of the product named after Lord Satan, does not believe in Satan as he has admitted.

    ***Well no shit Sherlock. It wasn’t meant to be anything but culturally “Satanic”. If you weren’t so blind to that fact, perhaps you wouldn’t be making a total ass out of yourself here, but else where. It has nothing to do so much with a real Satan, implied or otherwise, and nothing to do with some moronic Jewish conspiricy or Dann conspiricy. Yeah I’m pissing my pants. With laughter.

  99. Her Holy Servant Says:

    My name is Her Holy Servant. My friends call me HHS. But I’ve got no friends.

  100. Cranial Soup Says:

    This flame was is like the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  101. Satan Loves Ubuntu Says:

    Satan Loves Ubuntu!

  102. Das Says:

    Olympic flame was used by ancient greeks. It was carried from special place! It has nothing to do with war!

  103. Dann Says:

    im just learning how to drive and i am gonna drive over your asses with my moms car k? your a bunch of neonazi losers at jos and no1 is gonna take you seriously my mom told me that your joust a bunch of meanies who hate us for being the brightest race on earth who invented matemathic’s and econimy, there are no races except in your little insinginifickant racist cult i have over 30 online friends for christs sake who hate you and think your losers mkay? you idiots worship demons that dont exist and that want to kill you haha, suckers! my gf says that you also rape children and its true cause hes a holocaust survivor and he was raped by your cult during world war 2 and they said it was because hes my grandfather and they didnt like my skin color, you neonazi bastards

  104. Maxine Dietrich Says:

    Voices! I hear voices! In my head!

    I’m going to blow them out with a bullet!

    Jews everywhere! Behind the shower curtain!

    In the closet! Jews!!!!

  105. Salem Burke Says:

    Bees are Wiccan!!! Get them away!!!

  106. HP Willard Says:

    What ever happened to HP Willard?

    Oh he quit. He just didn’t tell Maxine because

    he was afraid she would tell the world he was…


  107. Maxine Dietrich Says:

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Linux is of the enemy Ubuntu is an allegory for a chakra kundalini! They represent the Jewish destruction of knowledge up a kundalini chakra! The sky is falling! Did somebody say kundalini! My aura is poofing out! Beware the allegory of Ubuntu!


  108. Clifford Herrington Says:


    I flaws muh teef with a kundalini.

    I flaws muh nostril with a kundalini.

    I shot a flamin’ kundalini outta muh peter.


  109. babygirlkfor Says:

    you’re just nazi xtains and your joke cult brainwashed me into murdering my ferret with black magic!!! you’re all going to regret this i’m going to pray to it and it’s going to have revenge on you!!!! you just wait! the ferret came to me in a dream and it said it said it hates you all and i am destined to be at one with it and then you’ll all regret it, i swear to jesus!


  110. Dann Says:

    “You have not pointed out any so-called fallacies, you have just answered with utterly meaningless non-sequitors”

    HHS I have clearly and through factual effort completely destroyed the theories at the JOS through my website, if you choose to reject my website, then you choose to accept ignorance, not because you disagree with the information i put forth (on a factual basis) but because you choose not to consider the possibilties outside of your realm of thinking and therefore making you ignorant (which is perfecly acceptable and not ment to be insulting to you as a person considering I was in the exact same position you were at that age as were many other older memebers who left after intelligence was applied to belief). You see an intelligent person actually researches their own religion. They do not see others as an attack to themselves but merely a steping stone to making their faith stronger. And by stronger I do not mean “proving” their faith a factuality but by providing actual evidence which contradicts the meaning of their faith so that they can see the error in their own faith. If Satan is anything, it is a force that provides stumbling blocks in ones path so that they can advance in their faith through strength to overcome them. Your beliefs specifically touch in issues which are hard to prove or disprove therefore making your faith “ultimate” (at least in the mind of its followers). Everything that goes against your belief is of course one of your opposing forces and must be a conspiracy but guess what, I was with the JOS, I was not “wronged” in any way therefore I have no malice towards the JOS(only its actions to recruit children), I left on my own because I discovered the reality behind the beliefs of the JOS and therefore this threatened Maxine, not through words but through my power and influence I had there which she knew I could completely destroy the JOS. So please do not make judgments upon me or why I say such things against the JOS. I care for the minds of those who cannot defend themselves against beliefs which make the child believe they are in an RPG reality game (which is very dangerous, mentally and physically). Please remember that no one is attacking you, they are attacking the JOS and what it believes because frankly, no one really knows who you are we only know what you believe. Instead of believing everything on face value because it “makes sense” believe things when they make sense because factual evidence supports it (real factual evidence used by science and accredited scholars). If it wasnt for factual evidence to support cases, we wouldnt even have a legal system.

    Furthermore id like to ask, you keep throwing around these titles “Communist” “Christian” “Jew” but do you actually know anything about any of these? You claim to hate the jews, why? Because you believe they attack Satan? Do you know how jews even picture Satan? I suggest you do a “Satan in Judaeism” Search on Yahoo and you will see, its quite different than from what Maxine has to say. In fact so different that the Jews think of Satan as nothing more than the left hand of God, Satan (or opposition) is nothing more than the work of God placed in peoples lives to create difficulty, when one overcomes this difficulty they develop a close and intimate relationship with God. Job is a good example of the work of Satan through the power of God to bring him closer to God. Therefore Satan in Judaism is a very powerful positive force. No jew would hate Satan. Secondly, are you judging Christians based on some fanatical Christians who know absolutely nothing about their own belief system? One bad apple doesnt ruin the rest, while America may be the breeding ground for bad apples(which most are of course financially driven), they certainly dont represent the religion they claim to if anyone did any research into the origins of Christianity and what it means to be a Christian, youd be quite suprised(if a Christian is one that follows the life of Jesus Christ and his teachings, why do these people have homes? cars? clothes? why are they not wanderers as christ was? WHy do they not wear simple robes (as Christ did). How can you call yourself a Christian and not follow the path of Christ? I hope you understand that its important to actually research and the fact people disagree with you does not make them part of a huge conspiracy theory out to attack you personally, or really anything of that sort. These people see the faults in your beliefs and are simply aiding you in realizing these yourself so you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions outside of your comfort bubble or what youve been told is fact.

    Finally, I apologize to the owners of this website and all other members here, this conversation should be taken to a place where it belongs which is my board specifically for this :
    If HHS really cares about his beliefs he will go there and ask for guidance in which to point out the errors of his beliefs and not believe that they are in some way a conspiracy or making person attacks against him.

    PS: I would appreciate people not using my name unless I am a member of the discussion, please respect my wishes, thank you.

  111. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    Dann, i just have one thing to say after not reading much of your post because if i wanted to read a book i would have went to the library, BOOOOORRRRIIIIIINNNGGGG!
    You do realize were are talking about fictional beings from a mythological neverwasworld?
    Santa Claus meet Satan, Satan this is Santa, you too have a lot in common such as not existing.

  112. Dann Says:

    DevilsFishinBuddy my post wasnt directed at you. It was in responce to HHS claims that no has provided proof and therefore directed at HHS. No one is forcing you to read replies. I apologize if your attention span is limited but please do not blame me for that.

    Furthmore, I never once stated Satan was real being, nor a mythological being, I simply stated that according to Judaism, from which the TERM Satan came, means nothing more than an opposition to ones path. Christians personify this CONCEPT into a fictional being, just as Marvel comics personifies heroism and villiany into Superman and all the other super heros they create. HHS stated that he hates jews because they hate Satan, I proved that statement false.

    Obviously if you had read my post, instead of making a snap judgment on it youd realize this was what I was saying. It would do you good to have respect for the things other people say, especially if your attention span is limited as you have clearly displayed to us it is.

  113. Baz's lazy slave Says:

    Remember the ‘distro of the beast’ is just for fun:) I for one am here for laughs not a proper debate lol, sorry if that means I have a limited a-

  114. Dann Says:

    Baz’s lazy slave – Hence why I suggested HHS move his questions to an appropriate board ;) I enjoy the laughs too.

  115. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    Satan likes posts to be short and slogany.
    Satanic Linux, its not just for Goth Sissies anymore!

  116. Baz's lazy slave Says:

    Satubuntu, because every geek is emo inside

  117. friend of HHS Says:

    dann, you go on and on about factual evidence etc, but your entire argument doesn’t have a single shred of it. its based entirely on YOUR CLAIMS AND REASONING. likewise, a testimonial from a ‘learned scholar’ does not constitute fact. if i was investigating a murder, and i had video footage of person A committing the crime and a ‘learned scholar’ telling me ‘well from my experience and great learning i can tell you it was most definitely person B’, who am i going to arrest? right now, you’re presenting yourself as a ‘learned scholar’ in that you’re expecting me to take what you say at face value simply because you sound like you know what you’re talking about. interesting that the very format and organisational state of your argument goes against the thrust of the argument itself.

    i am open to new ideas. just not your ideas, because i’ve already decided that i don’t agree with them. being open to ideas doesn’t mean changing your outlook to conform with every new concept that comes up, it means analyzing the new content to verify it’s authenticity. i’ve analyzed your ideas, and i find them to be un-authentic. maybe someday i’ll change my mind. maybe i wont. maybe someday i will become the alien-worshipping crack-addict you think i already am. but at this present stage, i’m not, and i have no intention of becoming one in the near future.

    ps. i’m not actually opposed to the whole ubuntu SE thing if you’re just making it ‘culturally satanic’. what i was objecting to is your slandering and disrespect towards my religion and HHS, who happens to be a friend of mine.

  118. Arc Says:

    “its based entirely on YOUR CLAIMS AND REASONING.”

    I think that’s actually fairly relevant to virtually every post I’ve seen here. Again, I’d like to point out that we’re arguing over a set of themes and wallpapers to a linux distribution. This is about a productive as arguing over our favorite colors, in addition to being extremely childish.

    “Yeah, and you are demonstrating your astonishing knowledge and intelligence by writing counterfeit comments using my identity and picking on a capitalized letter.”

    Yes, I’m picking on a capitalized letter. But someone else wrote the posts using your and other people’s names–and rather poorly I must say, they’d have been wise to wait more than a minute between posts to make it less blatantly obvious.

    “The distinction between capitalization and noncapitalization of “God” in common usage is due to the respect Christians had for their god and their disrespect towards ours. Therefore the capitalization attribute has come to be a way of distinguishing between the Christians’ god and others’ gods in Christian parlour. When you are conversing with someone of polytheistic faith this premise is broken and Gods is always capitalized in formal writing when one is referring to one’s own Gods.”

    No, by very definition a capitol G means singular and plural is always lower cased. You can look it up:

    And there’s a bit of a difference between honestly forgetting to put a period down and intentionally (and repetitively) capitalizing a word in reference to some divine being. If you use a capitalized G on the plural form of the word, you are technically grammatically incorrect, as is capitalizing He and other such words, should you be in reference to anything polytheistic. This is the same rules which apply to capitalizing Mother if you use it like a name, but not when you say Mothers–the capitalization is meant to signify some measure of distinguishment, making it plural is a direct contradiction. If you capitalized He and She for every deity in a polytheistic religion, quickly would it become difficult to keep track of which He or She was being referenced. This has nothing to do with the principals of any religion, it’s just the rules of grammar, made over many thousands of years of (supposedly practical) use.

    I would suggest we take that Dann guy’s (at least from the name I’m assuming you’re a guy, correct me if I’m wrong) advice and keep any argument/discussions on theology in the proper places. I for one honestly don’t like seeing constant bickering over what is essentially a rather trivial reason. We’re all stubborn, nobody’s going to change any of our ideas or beliefs based on any post here. Leave this to honest discussion of the distribution/theme contents.

    On that note: I like the screensaver, frankly it just looks cool. One or two of the wallpapers are also quite nice. I’m honestly not a big fan of most the rest–theme’s are one thing, but some things can just inhibit productivity (should you have anything to be productive about).

  119. Baz's lazy slave Says:

    Arc said:-

    “This is about a productive as arguing over our favorite colors”

    -everyone’s is red and black I hope:)

  120. Dr. Who Says:

    I look at it like this. HHS and his friend are damaging more than their own reputations by what they’ve said and done here. Their ignorance and hypocrisy indirectly (if not directly) reflects the reputation of the Joy of Satan cult if not “Satanism” as a whole.

    I am very turned off by religious hypocrisy. And with minimal exposure to Satanism or Devil Worship, I must come to the conclusion that Satanists, or this particular sect of “Satanism” is no different than Fundamental Christianity.

    HHS’ reaction to the Ubuntu SE reminds me of Tipper Gore and the Washington Wives. Which I would expect from a Christian. But now I can also expect this kind of behavior from a “Satanist”? Who’d have guessed it?

    So, here I’d like to applaud these guys for their representation of “Satanism” and the JOS cult. That the completely idiotic impressions you have left upon me (with your outrageous outbursts) will be left upon many others who Google words from Linux to religion.

    Here’s to ya!

  121. Satanic_Thx_God Says:



  122. Xase Says:

    So… it appears this HHS kid needs to re-read Anton Szander LaVey’s Satanic Bible. ‘Cause clearly he misunderstood the concept of the Satanic religion.

    Lucifer, Leviathan, Beelzebub, His Infernal Majesty; What ever you wish to call him, is not the true actual focus point of Satanism… Learn the internet. K’Thnxbai

  123. Xase Says:

    Oh *heavens* forbid, I may be smited for my misspelling… sorry, I just woke up…

    Magus* Anton Szandor* LaVey

  124. HHS Says:

    “***Same back atcha, Satanic Inquisition Lad! The Internet needs you to wrestle out the heretical Satanists and bring them to Satan’s Divine Justice!”

    That’s funny coming from a member of the Anti-JOS CRUSADE.

    “HHS I have clearly and through factual effort completely destroyed the theories at the JOS through my website”

    Again completely irrelevant since this is not what we are discussing here. You are the ones who keep mentioning JOS. And the claims and reasoning on your website are laughable. As an example I’ll quote: “Is not paranoia a symptom of the fear that one will be caught for doing something that is wrong?” Please leave your medical judgements to someone who has a clue about what they’re talking about.

    I also see a lot of hearsay and unverifiable claims that, when seen in light of similar claims by you and your kin about me that are untrue, have no credibility whatsoever.

    “you choose not to consider the possibilties outside of your realm of thinking and therefore making you ignorant (which is perfecly acceptable and not ment to be insulting to you as a person”

    Oh, you’re so full of shit Dann! After the clergy, I am one of the people who are the most slandered by your little posse with its ridiculous accusations. I feel flattered that you would spend so much time discussing an insignificant fringe member as if I was the big ol’ Antichrist himself. And one of the main activities this religion encourages IS considering possibilities outside of one’s realm of thinking. What we are not interested in is listening to endless elaborations of what-ifs coming from the same person that don’t lead anywhere. Your untruths are so fragile like a house of cards.

    “If Satan is anything, it is a force that provides stumbling blocks in ones path so that they can advance in their faith through strength to overcome them. Your beliefs specifically touch in issues which are hard to prove or disprove therefore making your faith “ultimate””

    This force right now is more appropriately called Dann. And yes you’re (involuntarily, I hope) making my faith stronger, thank you. There are issues that are hard to prove or disprove in all religions, and I believe that we have quite a few proveable non-obvious beliefs that are true, much more so than other religions. You seem to take Judaism at face value, so what’s your point?

    I believe that the “Satan” in your view of Him is exactly who you think he is, and there is a great truth in this but it’s not the same Satan that we worship. Some Christians believe that Satan wanted to steal God’s identity. And they are right too. This is exactly what he did. And this is who is making “stumbling blocks” that conveniently make people stronger as Jews, Christians or Muslims. In God’s name. And who is this God, you ask? The one whose identity was stolen, of course. There, you see, you became so full of Judaism that you didn’t bother to see what Christians had to say about Satan and put two and two together. What’s that 9 letter h-word i hear? (No, not Holocaust)

    Another famous person who stole an identity, by the way, was Lev Bronstein alias Leon Trotsky. You might be related to him, as you sound a bit like him.

    “One bad apple doesnt ruin the rest, while America may be the breeding ground for bad apples(which most are of course financially driven),”

    I am from Europe and have seen a total of 2 “good” apples in my life. They weren’t particularly involved in Christianity, they were just misguided schoolgirls that had been brainwashed. Most Christians I’ve met have been obnoxious, loud and outright evil, and just being in a room with one gives me a very uneasy feeling. Trust me, my research is far more comprehensive than yours or you wouldn’t have made these idiotic claims. Christianity can be judged solely by its teachings and its history and this has been done before, so I won’t go into this here.

    “I care for the minds of those who cannot defend themselves against beliefs which make the child believe they are in an RPG reality game”

    And what beliefs would that be? These kids are to be found everywhere. You are profoundly confused if you think our religion has anything to do with “making” children live in a fantasy world. These children are the product of Hollywood and of American schools that are filled with incompetent Marxist teachers. And their place is not in front of a computer but in a psychiatric hospital. Their attraction to JOS’ public discussion lists is due to the large number of new converts who can’t read properly, and some of them are of course fakers who set out to lower the intellectual level of the lists on purpose. JOS’ popularity in the less mentally gifted circles isn’t something that can be easily controlled, but I refrained from mentioning us on this page before you did, because I didn’t want more of them in there. There is a section for young people which they are supposed to use, by the way, and this is to protect them from frauds and to keep the section for older people free of what you are describing. I should also mention that we are dealing in a relatively unchartered territory unlike established religions that are very developed, especially considering our distrust towards historical records of debatable origin that others take for granted, and people may be a bit too open-minded towards outsiders because of this, which makes the groups a playground for pranksters and deranged people. But these have nothing to do with the intended activities of the lists. These lists are mainly a facility through which people share their experiences, theories and advice based on a common ground for people who have a certain world view and I am sorry if you have a problem with that and feel that you have to spend all your time labeling us a cult. How about getting a real job? I am absent for 3 days to attend various Yule dinners and after ONE day you whine because I’ve supposedly “run back to the JOS for comfort”.

    “HHS stated that he hates jews because they hate Satan, I proved that statement false.”

    No I absolutely did not. Stop making up things. It is correct that I hate Jews, which I have not stated here, and I do because of their actions against the world of which there is ample solid physical proof without needing any metaphysical explanations. The condition that Jews are against Satan and vice versa is not only unnecessary (although sufficient) for my argument, but you haven’t done anything to disprove it. You can’t just take the rabbis’ dubious explanations literally. In Judaism, Jews and people must resist Satan who happens to be the embodiment of evil, and furthermore he is described as an angel and therefore a being. That this is an element of Judaism is undisputably true, but the actuality of him being an angel of “God” has no backing other than the word of the Jew. From this the most obvious conclusion for anyone with a 3-digit intelligence quotient is of hostile intent by the writer of the Torah towards Satan. Any entity who is primarily referred to by a name must be able to make a claim of ownership of that name towards at least everyone who has initiated such referral by the name. In the contemporary Jewish world view, Satan plays a larger role than can be inferred from the Torah and the way they are portraying Him and His followers in the news and in litterature shows that they have large issues with Him. Their actions are much more important than any scriptures because we are mainly focusing on them as a race and not as much as a religion since religious and nonreligious Jews display very much the same immoral behaviour.

    “Finally, I apologize to the owners of this website and all other members here, this conversation should be taken to a place where it belongs which is my board specifically for this”

    No thanks. Not only did YOU hijack the conversation and turn it into a matter of theology but by taking a quick look at the main page I can see that discussing anything with you would be fruitless. You say “members are expected to contribute in a positive way”, why not just say that no one may disagree with you? I can tell where this would be going. At least we are honest about it.

    “I look at it like this. HHS and his friend are damaging more than their own reputations by what they’ve said and done here. Their ignorance and hypocrisy indirectly (if not directly) reflects the reputation of the Joy of Satan cult if not “Satanism” as a whole.”

    Just a little clarification: I don’t know him personally and haven’t spoken with him before, so when he says “friend” he is referring to being a brother in faith. I have also never mentioned JOS by name. What the hell are you talking about? Only people from the AJC have been dragging it into this and wanting a religious argument. You think everything is about what you would like it to be about. So shove your blame somewhere else. I am certainly not the perpetrator of the “religious hypocrisy” that you speak of. That would be your playmate Dann. I have not been discussing the merits of my or anyone else’s religion before he came, but pointing out that the website author makes a fraudulent claim on the name Satan, and this is not based on any beliefs of my religion but on the accused’s confession alone. And there is certainly no law that forbids Satanists from reacting with indignation to the kind of rude remarks you are all making here. We are just people. Some of us are better at expressing our thoughts than others and some are worse. I am not usually bitter in my speech but you people have stepped far over the line.

    “I am very turned off by religious hypocrisy. And with minimal exposure to Satanism or Devil Worship, I must come to the conclusion that Satanists, or this particular sect of “Satanism” is no different than Fundamental Christianity.”

    That’s a good one. You’ve been stalking us since at least March 14th of this year. Of course I know who you are. Gosh, can’t you do anything but lie? (Steal? Envy? Yeah, I guess you can) No one is taking you seriously. I am sorry that you didn’t spend those 9 1/2 months praying to Satan and meditating instead which would have got you more than enough exposure.

    “So… it appears this HHS kid needs to re-read Anton Szander LaVey’s Satanic Bible.”

    Oh you little retarded rat, do I have to explain this again? I don’t need to hear about your stupid book. His real name is Howard Stanton Levey, he is a Jew and his religion is Judaism, wrapped up in a Satanic theme just like this Ubuntu trash. “Learn the internet” yourself. Now go back to kindergarten and discuss with someone at your own level of competence.

  125. Ecstaver Says:

    Where is your evidence to support anything said within Spiritual Satanism to be factual? I seen you used the word ‘faith’ a lot, and I’ve also noted that Christians and Muslims use the same word just as much to give their answers without any proof. So please, give this anthropologist some evidence.

  126. Bringer of Darkness Says:

    Heh this guy HSS which I suspect stands for “Horridly Stupid Sissy” really has no life. Considering anything he types can be debunked by GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA there is no real need to write an expansive reply. I’ll leave a couple of links for the hell of it.

    On a serious subject thanx for the linux guys.

  127. Dr. Who Says:

    The evidence is all in the crack-pipe, my friend.

  128. tommytom Says:

    Satanic Edition??……. I was looking for the Ubuntu Santa Edition!!!
    But seriously folks let the hate mongers fight amongst themselves but resist when they force their ideologies on you!!

    Ps – you should all become anarchist atheists or you’ll burn in hell forever ;)

  129. tommytom Says:

    Sorry i forgot to say, great site and banter :)

  130. HHS Says:

    Evidence for what? I have not talked about any of these things, tried to convert you or used anything “within Spiritual Satanism” as proof. Where the hell am I supposed to have mentioned Hitler, Yezidis or Zecharia Sitchin? You guys endlessly insist on discussing something I am not discussing. It’s not my fault that you can’t read. And you are not going to debunk me with iditotic speculations about my name!

    My argument is based on these simple premsises which are true beyond all doubt:

    - Satan is accepted by Jews to be a real entity
    - The Anti-JOS Crusade regards Judaism as the oldest known religion containing references to Satan
    - The purpose of the theme pack is to dress up and promote a computer software product that is Jewish in origin using Satan’s name
    - The author himself doesn’t believe in Satan

    As you can clearly see, these have nothing whatsoever to do with what Satanism believes but are established facts.

    Those with no lives are you at AJC, who work full time in a crew during Yule trying to “debunk” me with false claims of things I’ve supposedly said. This shows how desperate you are and that you know I’m right.

  131. Bringer of Darkness Says:

    Ah hem

    Man is this pathetic.
    Satan or Samuel which is his real name is NOT an enemy of jews.He’s a servant of yaweh, working angel of death, and is used to weed out the faithful from the weak. Before the Jews even paid homage to him.

    If Judiasm isn’t the first then where is satan as he couldn’t be Enki considering there is no known connection between the two. On your end you connect them with the fictional writings of Zecharia Sitchin which don’t in any place call Enki “Satan”. You merely assumed this as do much of the JOS.

    How can software be “jewish”? It doesn’t go to temple every saturday. It works on saturday. It doesn’t parade around a star of david. It doesn’t quote the Torah so how is it jewish? Oh wait your rationality is that the person who made it is a jew even thought you have no evidence to support this. If that isn’t paranoia then I don’t know what is.

    Man do you have no life. You act as though this take HOURS of study when it’s only a google away, a wiki hear, or a page turn in a book. You christians amuse me so much.

  132. Benihime Says:

    It has to add some 90′s Norwegian Black Metal ogg, coz old-school Black Metal fans maybe prefer a BSD-based OS \m/

  133. HHS Says:

    Bringer of Darkness you worthless piece of rotting shit! You are so pathetic you little stinking loser. Come to my country and I’ll smash your head into pieces. You jews don’t have the guts to face people in person, all you do is whine on the Internet because you’re little pussies! Your extreme mental retardation must have made your parents sad. Why the hell wouldn’t something made by jews be jewish you stupid moron? What else would it be, fucking Australian? It’s no wonder that everyone wants to holocaust you, you are so incredibly retarded. Are you really disputing the clear and well known admitted fact that Richard Stallman is a jew along with Gerald Sussman, Hal Abelson and Daniel B. Ravicher to name a few?

    You deserve to be beaten up so much that you lose the ability to speak. I advise you to go out once in a while, that will quickly teach you to keep your stinking mouth shut when you come home with your ugly jewish teeth all broken. And you can shove your nerdy google and wikipedia crap up your nose.

    Fucking christian yourself, dumbass.

  134. Bringer of Darkness Says:

    Notice how the above post cites NO evidence and is purely based on slander. Ad homien attacks won’t work here. It’s also funny how you call google & wikipedia “nerdy” which by standard eqates to accuracy which shows how correct my sources are. Your the one wining over the internet not me.

    BTW if you really want to see me give me a real life address & I’ll be there to kick your ass or is it true your really just some middle school kid? I’m calling you out therefore balls in your court.

  135. HHS Says:

    YOU started the ad hominem attacks so I answer you in any damned way I want, you little weak pussy. You moron, even your stupid Wikipedia admits that these people are high ranking members of the FSF. And if you don’t know who they are it’s your problem. I don’t have to cite evidence for something even a little retard like you should be able to find on the Internet in 5 seconds. You said you could “debunk” me with google. Are you holding me to a different standard than you hold yourself? They are very well known Jews. Nerdy, by the way, means “unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept”. And Wikipedia is mostly written by little shithead nerds who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    If you want to get your face smashed come to Oslo, Norway. Just tell me when you’ll be at the airport and I’ll come and kill you.

  136. Bringer of Darkness Says:

    And the one above just shows how childish he can be.
    Couple questions:

    If by FSF you mean the free software foundation then tell me again how one member being jewish makes the entire project jewish. As well why would this even matter?

    Can you prove the inaccuracy of wiki & google? Wiki is governed by “intelligent but single-minded people obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit” which ensures accuracy on a wide variety of subjects along with many sources which are always under scrutiny from the THOUSANDS of visitors who work together to ensure it’s accuracy. Wiki being made by nerds just proves it reliability as a source wheras google can show many pages & possible sources allowing harsh critisms by the searcher to prove a fact.

    Why is it that you are PARANOID about jews especially considering you have no evidence against them other that the same neo-nazi & nazi propaganda that has been said for ages which has no basis other than said paranoia.

    Can you prove the jews as a religious group have done ANYTHING against satan? Can you show any type of absolute evidence. What maxine aka andrea herrington has said has NO basis & isn’t in anyway absolute.

    Will you actually answer any of the above questions or will you continue on with childish slander.

    As for you living in Norway that’s way out of my money budget because I work for the money I have. I live in the States therefore considering you have faith in “father satan/jesus” why don’t you meditate on some money to come here an prove your point. Or will you use the retarted destruction ritual to kill me? Com’on do something other than wine, I dare ya.

  137. Sap Says:

    You spend a lot of time over at don’t you, HHS? Not surprising from a sociopath like yourself. You call yourself a Satanist? You are a Norwegian neo-nazi redneck with a wanna-be Satanist complex.

    Your kind isn’t even welcome among National Socialists. Take Clifford and Andrea Herrington as a prime example. As I recall, Cliffy was ousted for his minimal involvement with your Satanic cult. Not to mention that his wife was claiming to sex it up with demons that she likens to Fabio. Ousted by the Christian Majority no less.

    What more proof do you need that Satanism (on any level) does not mix with the very strong Catholic/Christian based Neo-Nazi ideals of Adolph Hitler? How can you claim to align yourself with two groups of an opposite nature and not be a walking example of self-contradiction?

    How can you be aligned to a group like the JOS who claims to be pro-homosexual and pro-black Neo-Nazis and still have a place among the ranks with REAL neo-nazis? You are one racially, sexually and religiously confused little butt-worm.

    It is no wonder that you are so mixed up in the head. You are serving too many fucking masters. You don’t even know on which side you are standing. You can only stand on one side or the other. You can’t be a Satanist and a Neo-Nazi at the same time. What are you, some kind of oxy-moron?

    Christian Satanist. Homophobic Homosexual. How does it feel to be at war with yourself? Thank you for calling. Be sure to come back after you’ve conquered your identity crisis. You Jossers can always take up black neo-nazi homosexuality and bash yourselves in the head.

    But if you want to know why nobody on either side will ever take you seriously, just look in the mirror.

  138. Satanshelper112/Wepzz/Brit Says:

    HHS, I was into the whole JoS thing for the longest. Being 15, it was awesome to think I had found the one religion that matched that I believed, and was perfect for me. What a dream that was. Awnser some questions for me, to make your knowledge and point more clear.
    #1, what do you know about Maxine? (Other than shes married to an overweight Nazi, has a lot of free time, and refuses to tell about her life)?
    #2, How can Satan and the Demons be both on another planet, AND on the astral?
    #3, Why does JoS’s picture of Satan come out of a Christian Kiddie book? Why not a painting or something a bit more real?
    #4, (Something I can’t understand) Why in the world would she claim Satan and Enki/Ea as the same being? I mean, come on… None of them had anything in common.
    #5, Why can’t you feel yourself get more powerful after the power meditation? Seems like its just there for show…
    #6, Monks and everyone else say Void meditation is the most powerful, why wouldn’t JoS tell you that? Why would they tell you to do the power meditation?
    #7, Have you ever researched the books at the bottom of each page? I mean, come on! Look into a few of them (Good for a few laughs)
    #8, Maxine Claims there is no Christian god. If that were so, and Satanism was 100% right, then why would the lies of the bible have lasted so long? Wouldn’t there have to be ATLEAST something as powerful as Satan?
    #9, What got you into the occult? Was it personal gain? Thats something thats all over JoS. Like it keeps talking about in a few years how you’ll start starting fires with your eyes, and how you’ll be able to move things with your minds, and how Satan gives you anything you want. Isn’t that just a way to get people to dedicate?
    #10, Why is JoS the only website that tells you to dedicate before anything else?
    #11, How does a bunch of Muds think Nazism goes hand in hand with Satanism? I never did get that…
    #12, out of all the sites in the world, tell me in 50 words or less why JoS is the only right one…

    Please respond to these, I have millions more… The list could go on and on…
    – Brittney/ A 15 Year Old…

  139. Cult of Secrets » Gigantus Intro Post Says:

    [...] Ubuntu Satanic Edition – The beauty of Linux is that it allows for anyone with enough coding experience to modify the source codes. Satan rears his ugly head in this Distro of Ubuntu. Haven’t tried this version but thought it’d be cool to try it someday. [...]

  140. slayer Says:

    “fucking Australian?”
    That’s me.

    “Don’t you realise that this is actually “Atheist Ubuntu”? I don’t give a stuff about Satan or God or any of your other worthless idols. Step into the 21st century and realise that we are now educated human beings without the need for such nonsense.”

    HEAR HEAR! Now can you please get rid of this fucking religious crap that is desecrating the main page of what is supposed to be a fun little add-on to Ubuntu?

    HHS, someone should kill you now so you can figure out that all of this shit you have left here is for wacky conspiracy theorists like yourself.

    In short, who cares?!?!??!!!?! Please delete all these messages, they are a blight on this otherwise humorous addition to a good OS. And, HHS, stop hating Jews. What the hell have they ever done to you? Or to anyone?!!?

  141. Garry Says:

    Hi Slayer (like the name, by the way).

    I agree with what you have said, but I think it’s been made clear that HHS and his cronies’ views are not those of this site or of our users.

  142. miack Says:

    I like it because of the iron maiden refs. good work :D

  143. roflcopters Says:

    Rolling on the floor laughing my fuckin ass off…

  144. lol.bat Says:


    Thats what I call a damn clever troll. Just enough madness for realism, and just enough obnoxiousness to offend.

    Trolling like that takes a measure of genius.

  145. lol.bat Says:

    He has actually managed to turn a peaceful ream of comments into a flaming match, with both sides confused!

    I am in awe.

  146. /wrists Says:

    Wow, this was funny for a while and then it got boring. HHS… you totally need a life dude :) .

    Hail satan!


  147. slayer Says:

    Haha, I was saying that I reckon all these comments could be cleared away or something :P because it looks straaaange. And also, draws people into reading it for hours. Which is what I did.

  148. Blank Says:

    Awesome work here man! keep it up. World’s in dire need of some humor these days :)

    2 thumbs up!

  149. kiri Says:

    Looks great! Is there any version available for Dapper Drake? I haven’t found anything in connection with Dapper and I would try it, that’s obvious…

  150. Garry Says:

    We’ve no plans to do dapper packages, but the themes can now be downloaded from, so you can install them on any distro you wish:

  151. PRAXIS Says:

    Hey Garry — a fan from Canada. Would you share a PNG or illustrator file so we could make some T-Shirts? Too brilliant not to be on my body… promise to send you one. ;)

  152. Garry Says:

    Hi PRAXIS,

    What a great idea! Makes a change from my faded Metallica shirts…

    There are already 1600×1200 versions of the artwork available here:

    …and also on (link 2 comments above).

    If you want something specific – a certain logo or slogan, let me know and I’ll put it together for you.

    Don’t bother about sending me a shirt – it will cost too much to post it to England – just sent us a picture of you wearing it and I’ll stick it on the site.

  153. Megamanx00 Says:

    That’s cool that you guys made this mod for Ubuntu. While I would only use the spash screen myself it’s still cool that you made this for people who want to use it. I think it’s funny the amount of religious discussion that’s going on here. What I don’t like though is the discussion over scholars too much.

    A good scholar uses logic to derive his conclusions. Often propositional logic is used and if you understand it then you can follow the argumant and see how the conclusion is derived. In order to disprove it you must disprove the premiss and show the outcome is false, or disprove the procedure by doing it correctly with the same premiss and proving a different outcome.

    Well that’s my useless babble. Keep up the good, or rather evil, work. Really though this should be the default theme for the new windows Vista >:D

  154. Dustin Mays Says:

    HHS and “friend of HHS”: You two dipshits give bad names to the real Satanists. Grow the fuck up, nobody slandered Satanism. As one of you mentioned, stupidity is the highest of the Satanic Sins, so why don’t you two stop being stupid?

    Back on topic: I love the idea for Ubuntu Satanic Edition. I’d like to contribute some artwork, if I may. :)

  155. Garry Says:

    Hi Dustin + anyone else interested in contributing anything to the project, especially artwork, drop me an email (my address can be found on the Disciples page) and we can discuss ideas.


  156. Lick Says:

    It’s foolish to believe in satan, for you thereby admit the existence of God. While admitting, you choose not to follow Him but to defy Him. If you think about it, that’s pretty low IQ.
    (As if you were to believe 1+1 is 2, but you choose to say 4 because you think it’s “hot” to be the stupid one.)

    Anyway, nice background-image at the bottom of this page.

  157. Arathorn Says:

    I love the new look to Ubuntu but, as a pagan I do not believe in the concept of the Christian God OR Satan. HHS as a self proclaimed “Satanist” is just practising a perverse form of Christianity. Live and let live

  158. shadow Says:

    Good job!

    Anyway, I still have not downloaded it because my ubuntu version is newer. Can I install it on newer verion of ubuntu?

  159. Garry Says:

    Feisty it not supported yet, but we have lots of great things planned for when it is version is released in April. Watch this abyss.

  160. victor Says:

    hey why there is not a dapper version?

    for me it’s the best X-D

    and if there is a dapper version please let me know

  161. dyeus Says:

    Install what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law…

  162. Garry Says:

    Hi Lick,

    It all depends on your definition of God and Satan. It would be foolish to assume that there is no evil in this world and that none of the evil deeds are committed by those who claim to be followers of God.

    It would be even more foolish to assume that there is a “Him” to defy.

  163. Pato Says:

    Gosh I seem a bit late for this party :( . Still nice theme , pity I missed the war . The Etruscans came up with the concept of Heaven and Hell as we know it today ( and it didn’t do them any good in the end ) . Still some people need religion as not everyone has access to good weed !

  164. Pato Says:

    I accidentally reversed my Karma over my Dogma , nevermind it was getting old anyway .


    This is Evil, i don’t think that the funders of Linux or jesus
    would like that and it would make a bad face for linux
    especially Ubuntu if it got in the news and would probably
    stop a lot of danations to Ubuntu and/or linux for that matter.

    I am sad to see this.



    Final words:This should Stop…NOW!

  166. Azzco Says:

    Actually I really like this idea, I think that you’ll only need a small sence of homour to be able to appreciate this theme.

    I’m a heavy metal person myself and I really love dark themes on my desktop, and this one really suits my desktop! :D

    I might drop by a picture via mail someday as I’m working on a map with a gothic theme a bit.


  167. Azzco Says:

    Oh and yeah, if there’s any plan to make any themes that works with beryl/compiz some panoramas would be nice. :)

  168. Garry Says:

    Hi Azzco,

    Thanks for the feedback. Any artwork contributions would be appreciated.

  169. AntiDesecrationTaskforce Says:

    Though this has been posted quite late, we hope it will make a difference.
    The anti desecration taskforce is an Australian based jewish group that fights against desecration of any religion. We do not see how this satanic edition is desecration of any religion, unless there are specific religious symbols or words directed to a single religion.
    We wish to make the following comments:
    first of all, all jews believe jesus existed, since he is mentioned in our talmud, although his real jewish name is Yoshka
    second of all, it is hard to believe that people fight about religion because of an OS! god, gods(in some religions) or any other deity, especially jewish and christian, since that is what this arguement is about, would like people fighting like this against each other!
    thirdly, a lot of you probably came just for the sake of argueing! the creator of this satanic edition and this website deserves a break from this!
    We will remain NEUTRAL in any arguements, we only wish to stop these arguements peacefully. You may contact us anonymously at

  170. Garry Says:

    Hi AntiDesecrationTaskforce,

    Thanks for your input. I’d just like to say that we support your views and that I apologise for any anti semitic comments posted on this site. As you can see from the other comments – these are not the views of the creators of this distribution or the vast majority of its users. There will always be a few idiots in this world.

  171. thoas Says:

    absolutely great! perfect… keep on the good work :)

  172. racoq Says:

    i’m a ubuntu user (more precisely Xubuntu), and i’ve been watching, this long flaming (laughing a little i may admit). I have some Christian beliefs (not what all the Christians say but my own interpretations), but i respect your perspective, and you are free to build a set of themes, even a entire OS based on your beliefs (I like some artwork), and my favorite color is black, not white ;) . I’m not gonna flame either of you.
    But i really think its really disappointing coming from HHS, the accusations of FSF being a Jewish and bad/good (whatever classification is worse for him) organization. We own a great gratitude to FSF, independent of the religion belief of some of their members (that surely won’t be all), if it wasn’t because of FSF, we wouldn’t have Free Software, or maybe linux => Debian => Linux => Ubuntu, would never exist and have the popularity its having today. I surely can’t tolerate flaming of FSF, coming from someone who is twisted from reality, and what he says can be found in google or wikipedia (the two sites he says is written by nerds). And yes you can chase me here to Portugal, i don’t care. But leave the FSF alone of this flaming war, because it has a great amount of good and honest people, like many organizations. Best regards for all

  173. Garry Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The beliefs of HHS and his cronies are not those of Ubuntu SE nor the vast majority of its users. That he chooses to dwell in his own hell is his problem.

  174. NPFP Says:

    Hello Garry,
    a really nice idea, this “satanic customisation”. I’m writing this
    sitting here in Germany, Mainz, in my kitchen. I hardly got out of breath over laughing when reading the other comments, partly showing us why freedom of expression (and in any other way) is so important. How could some people ever take stuff so serious ? The Wallpapers are nicely designed, and when listening to my “Goatsnake”-ogg-collection the next time. guess I’ll install them and switch out the lights… :-) )


  175. Garry Says:

    “Install while listening to my ‘Goatsnake’-ogg-collection” – that’s just what SE was intended for! :-)

  176. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

    I have a question for Gary : was Ubuntu SE design for entertainment only, or not ?
    I’m not christian myself, but I’m a co-admin on a White Metal forum ;¤}.

    To HSS : Be happy ! Maybe for the very first time of your life, you can talk with someone with Jewish ascendance, and who voted for Besancenot, from the LCR (Communist Revolutonary Leage) at the last election (in France).
    Please, can you give me your e-mail adress ? I found you so funny I could keep on reading you for hours. Please, go on ! I like seeing a pathetic scum drawning in his own stupidities, really. I love you.

    With a lot of love, Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl
    Please take a look at امرتاد’s website, these guys rock !

  177. Garry Says:

    Was Ubuntu SE designed for entertainment only? If by that you mean “do we take ourselves seriously?”, then no, not really. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t be good at what we do.

  178. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

    Yep, that was the question I meant.

    I think some of the best things on earth are made by people not taking themselves seriously ;-].
    If I had to name one, I guess it would be David TMX !

    So, good luck.

    HSS, I can’t wait for you to answer, please, come on !

  179. Lucifer Says:

    Sanguis bibimus, corpus edimus, tolle corpus Satani! Ave Satani! Ave versus Christus!

  180. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:


  181. Ubuntu Satanic Edition (Linux for the Damned) « ZEROAUDIENCE Says:

    [...] Ubuntu Satanic Edition can be installed over any Ubuntu Edgy variant. We suggest Ubuntu Christian Edition, but the standard Ubuntu will do fine. [...]

  182. Abbath Says:


    I consider myself a guy with an open mind and invulnerable to this kind of fear. These gods were created by a high dose of human fear and a ton of laziness to go beyond the first thought. Same goes with ghosts. Fortunately, gods are not eternal, and they will die when people understand they don’t need such a thing for a successful and happy living and finally forget them.

    Worshiping Jesus/Satan/Jehovah (or whatever) is the same to worship Superman or Goku, they are all fake but really fun (except Jesus/Jehovah). :D

    I must say you have done an excellent work. I’m looking forward to contribute as i can to your project. Thanks a lot for this theme pack.

  183. Abbath Says:

    Oh, and please forgive my poor English -_-;

  184. Carlos Says:

    Hi Garry, I’m wondering if you’ve heard of anyone having problems with installed apps after downloading ‘satanic’?
    The reason I ask is that after I put this on my machine OpenOffice stopped working. It may be entirely coincidental so I’m just curious.
    The artwork is great. Is it possible to setup a windows theme with this – icons etc?

  185. Garry Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    I can’t think of any reason at all why the packages would affect OpenOffice. If you look at the files installed (dpkg -L ) you will see exactly what is installed. Very strange!

  186. Garry Says:

    Abbath… are you joking? Your English is excellent.

  187. Freex Says:

    Great work, you guys! The screenshots look wonderful!

    I’ve been aching to try this distro(well, distro-upgrade or whatever); so far, the only thing holding me back is that it’s based on ubuntu, and (for reasons of my own) I really dislike ubuntu and variants. I was wondering if you could put certain packages (like the kde themes) on your site in a format I can use on my PCLinuxOS installation (which is rpm-based)

    Also, I’d like it if you could (maybe in the future) distance yourself from ubuntu and just become “Satanic Linux” or something?

    Anyway, keep up the good work! :)

  188. Garry Says:

    Hi Freex. All very good points.

    It would certainly be an option for us to go down the road towards a more generic “Linux for the Damned” and away from Ubuntu. However, as most of our artwork currently features the Ubuntu logo this would be a big step for us.

    Still, good point about making the themes available as simple tar.gz files. We’ll look into it.

  189. Satanic_Thx_God Says:

    You people are still here!!! I came a few months ago i i really think that you will be close by a lightning strike or a UbuntuCE inquisitor!!!! Glad to see you!!! Hey, just a question, are you sure that you are not breaking any satans´s copyrights? Cause last time i check, he owns every lawyer in the world… Scary….


  190. Jesus Boy 101 Says:

    Hi all, I just wanna say that:

    1.Atheism is intellectual vandilsm! – Atheists must have more ‘faith’ then us Christians to believe that everything was some how created from a ‘Big Bang’ (or Evilution as I call it) as opposed to a creative God – talk about believing in miracles! A lot of people seem to forget that evolution is a THEORY that has not been proven and that most people take as FACTS! “…the fool has said in his heart there is no God…” FROM THE MOST READ AND SOLD BOOK IN THE WORLD – THE BIBLE.

    2.Satanism is plain evil! If anyone could experience hell for even a second, one would not want anything to do with the Devil. Don’t think Satan will be loving and helping anyone soon. “…(Satan) has come to steal, kill and destroy…” FROM THE MOST READ AND SOLD BOOK IN THE WORLD – THE BIBLE.

    3.Aside from the subject of Darkness – excellent artwork! Have u considered doing something more positive with it (doesn’t have to be Christian LOL)? I want to use Ubuntu exclusivly and hope to install a distro soon.

    Anyway, I hope what I’ve said made somebody think more about life!

    “…I (Jesus the Christ) have come that you may have life and life more abundantly (to the max!)…” “…God is love…” FROM THE WORLD’S GREATEST BOOK EVER – THE BIBLE!!!!

    “Christianity is a relationship with God”

    All the best PEOPLE – PEACE!

  191. Garry Says:

    Hi Jesus Boy 101,

    1. Atheism is nothing to do with “faith”. It is about assessing the evidence and making an informed decision. Faith is about still believing when you have no facts whatsoever. Actually, one thing you should believe in is geography because if you were born in a different part of the world then the chances are that you would worship entirely different gods.

    2. If you think that hell is bad, then you should see heaven. What a dreary, dreary place. It’s like spending the rest of eternity attending a boring church service. You must forgo everything you have achieved during life and live in a place where any skills you have are utterly useless – unless you’re good at singing and playing the harp. Plus… no sex at all. What a thing to look forward to – I’d make the most of your time on Earth if I were you.

    3. Thanks, I’m glad we finally agree on something. :-)

  192. Marcus Tulyo Says:

    I’m a brazilian student of “project set” in the Federal University of Pará and I have one question: “how i can to modify the usplash in feisty?”
    I wait for yours reply…
    thank you… and congratulations for Ubuntu Satanic Edition

  193. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

    Hey, Gary, there is no more harp in heaven, you are out of date, nowaday there is only White Metal (like Déborah, check it here : )

    I’m affraid you will never be able to create a true satanic linux. I’m saying that because I tried, I typed “sudo chmod -R 666 /”, and something went terribly wrong ;¤}.

  194. Jug War Says:

    why does anyone know. Since when did religion and computers combine, beyond a personal wall paper that is

  195. Garry Says:

    Since December 13th, 2006

  196. Garry Says:

    Marcus – regarding how to modify usplash screens, I’ll email you directly. It’s too complicated a subject to post here.

  197. Marcus Tulyo Says:

    garry – ok..
    I wait for aid about usplash in “”..
    thank you

  198. Louis Says:

    Is HSS still around? If so I HAVE to know…. What are the rules of his religion? Is it like “You MUST have one gang rape a week and commit sodomy upon thy neighbor every second thursday”?

  199. MoslemGuy Says:

    Well, I’m a Moslem and I do believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell, God and Satan / “Iblis”. In Malay, Satan is pronounced as “Syaitan” (pronounced the way it is spelt) Having said that, I really appreciate your artwork and creativity. Love the colour too. I would love to install it — if only to remind myself of what lies ahead of me if I don’t follow the teaching of my religion. But, alas, I’m using PCLOS. On 2nd thought, that’s shouldn’t be a problem, should it? (sorry — still very new to the wonderful world of Linux).

  200. Aarnt Says:

    HHS (and any other such kid), I used to have a friend that became a satanist together with another guy and his GF. They got baptised satanist by the satanic orders in my country that decent directly from the US and His representative. That for the officialities of the story. Now for the media coverage… they raped 2 women and sacrificed one more, my friends friend wanted to sacrifice my friends sister and then my friend cracked it all up in the police (that is a very short version, it happened after threats and attempts of slaughter and stuff). When arrested, my friends friend told him “Satan will save me, what will your god now do?”. Needless to say they both rot in jail for life. The subject went international so I can support it quite easily. the GF of the story, got through with only 20 years or so, and she left the others in jail, while she lives peacefully now. I recon you and your culties will get in deep shit too and your blond leader will be free while you’ll have to measure the c0ck of the Officer.

    As for your comments about communists and religion, this series of oppinions come from watching tv and are completely brainless…exactly like the politicians messing religion with politics in tv.

    So linux is marxistic and communistic and jewish and all that, Gates is no satanist either (my cousin is a marketing representative in Microsoft and he is deeply orthodox too), Steve Jobs is protestant if I am informed right… so this takes Linux, Windows and MacOS out of your computer… I guess you will have to stop using computers after reading this so that you won’t get infested with belief for god, so you won’t be able to answer… I hate to spoil the fun the other posters had on you HHS… I really do. And you can curse all you want, it will be your own blood pressure raising because I don’t believe in a god the way most religions describe him/her, so I don’t care. If I don’t believe it, it can’t hurt me. Even if this won’t stop you replying, think of that… your keyboard is made in china for a japanese company with stocks buyed by muslims, christians, Jews, satanists (could be), islamists, atheists (masons are not a religion group people!!)… watch carefully, the space bar could be designed by a Jew! Or even worse, it could have been right in front of a muslim while he was praying in the afternoon! I wouldn’t touch it if I were you! LOL to your face.

  201. Brave Heart Says:


    God don’t need the Evil – varmint! :-D

    And the satanism is not any religion!


  202. Abbath Says:

    Hello again ^^

    I really enjoy reading this page :)

    A good “exercise” for those who are sure that there is a god/evil god around:

    If that “God” comes and speaks to you, what would you ask him?

    1. Why don’t you have breasts?
    2. Why the man was created first and not the woman and why our reproductive systems engage so perfectly? Aha! You wanted us to have sex! xD –That means I can have sex anytime I want, right?
    3. Why writing the “Bible” if you could come down and speak to us anytime?
    4. Why “God” and not “Goddess”?
    5. If we have to praise you, why animals do not?
    6. Were we created just to praise you?
    7. Do we need to hear about you only from a human mouth?
    8. How much time did it take to create the hydrogen and oxygen and why both elements to create water and not only one?
    9. Why is our blood red and not blue or green?
    10. If we go to the “promised land” after dying, why are we afraid of death?
    11. Is there a bible for animals? Why is there no commandments for the animals so they stop killing their prey?
    12. And then say “Why?” to every answer that *he* may give us :)

    Here the “*He*” means YOU. Try to answer these questions by yourself. :P The “truth” is in what you think, it is not in what others want you to believe.

    My point here is to remove the Religion’s blinding veil. If you think this is blasphemy or whatever, please think about it twice. After all, you are talking to yourself in this “exercise”.

    (Yes, I know the “truth” is relative).

    Thanks for reading. Until next time. ^^

  203. aantny Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’d just like to say a few things

    1) @HHS: Against my better reasoning, I’m going to assume that you’re being serious, and I’d like to point out that you sound like an uneducated 10 year old. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Jews are normal nice people (I would know because I’m Jewish), and you’re just a stupid bigot.

    2) @Abbath: Surely you’re joking. If you’re not, then please tell me and I’ll explain one by one why everything you said makes absolutely no sense. I’m a religious Jew, and do not have blind faith based on nothing. I can point out several reasons why to believe in G-d if you’d like.

    3) @Garry: Good job! This looks very nice and I can’t wait to try it out. Once I do, I’ll write an article about it on my blog.
    There don’t seem to be any PPC packages. I can create some if you’d like. Just give me some instructions and I’ll do so. Can you also please email me the same instructions that you emailed Marcus on modifying USplash screens.

  204. Abbath Says:

    Aantny, yeah, I think I over acted in some points ^^ but I’m really sure no one can explain why “God” (and not Goddess :P ) is the everything. How about if i ask you why god created us? Please do your best and turn me into a religious man. ^.^

  205. Abbath Says:

    Oh, and “Because he loves us” is not an answer. :)

  206. aantny Says:


    I’m not trying to convert you or turn you into a religious man. I just think that you’re completely misunderstanding religion and G-d.

    I can’t speak for all religions, but I’ll do my best to explain the concept of G-d in Judaism (which is the basis for the three major faiths)

    G-d is not a man or a women. To quote Wikipedia:

    “In Judaism, God (and souls, angels and other spiritual objects) has no gender, since gender is a concept that can only apply to physical objects.

    However the word ‘God’ is grammatically male since Ancient Hebrew, as well as Modern Hebrew, had no neuter gender, only masculine and feminine. Although Judaism uses masculine words to describe God more than feminine words, Judaism maintains that God has no gender. While God is frequently referred to using masculine formations (because of the grammatical gender of the words generally used to describe God), the majority of objects related to worship in Judaism such as the Torah are grammatically feminine.”

    Basically, in Hebrew, the language that the Torah (the Bible) is written in, G-d is referred to with both male and female terms. I assume that answers your question about the Goddess.

    Your other question (why did G-d create us) is a much more intelligent and complicated question. Its getting late where I am, and your question deserves a better answer than the one that I can give you after midnight when I’m half asleep.

    I’ll try to answer it tomorrow, or to find an article that answers it for you. Hopefully I’ve at least answered your first question

  207. Abbath Says:

    Very nice answer for such a stupid question like mine (I apologize). I always start with that question because it stops some weak believers around my city. Thanks a lot for your answer, it is really nice and useful to know that because some religions refer to God as a male.

  208. aantny Says:

    Abbath, to be honest, I couldn’t find an answer to your second question (why did G-d create the world) offhand that didn’t mention anything about kindness or love. I’m going to keep on looking and if I can’t find a website or book that answers it, I’ll do my best to answer it myself.

    In the meantime, I’m going to just throw out a few different ideas that I think might at least give you a partial answer.

    1) G-d is not a human and should not be thought of as such. Love is essentially a human emotion. G-d (as explained above ;-) ) is NOT a male, female, or any type of physical being. Don’t try and think of him (or her if you’d like) as a human. G-d is not bound by the laws of nature (because he created them) and he also can never fully be understood by humans. At the same time, we can understand certain aspects of G-d because Man was created in “G-d’s image” (which obviously is not meant to be taken literally). In other words Man was created similar to G-d in certain ways (i.e. with the unique ability to distinguish between good and bad), but to try to understand G-d completely is like trying to explain sight to a blind man.

    2) Everything that G-d does has a purpose. We may not always be capable of understanding the purpose (although Jews still believe in trying to understand), but that doesn’t mean that the purpose doesn’t exist.

    3) The Jewish concept of G-d’s “Love” for man is not the same as the Christian concept. As far as I know (please correct me if I’m wrong), Christians believe that G-d (and especially Jesus) simply loves everyone unconditionally. (Like hippies ;-) )

    In Judaism, G-d’s love for Man (and in particular for the Jews) is compared in many places to a father-son relationship (and in a few places to a husband-wife relationship). How many fathers do you know that can explain in one sentence the reason they love their child and why they decided to have children if it takes so much effort (and money) to raise them.

    In a father-son relationship (and especially in a husband-wife relationship) both sides have to work hard and give (i.e. time, money, etc.) for the relationship to work. Its very similar with G-d. If G-d just gave us everything (i.e. placed you in heaven to begin with) than something major would be lacking.

    4) I’d just like to throw out a bit of a wild question for you to think about: Who is happier, an average human or an average cow? :-) Don’t worry, I’m not crazy. I intend to explain what I mean when I talk about why G-d created the world this way. (i.e. your original questions #1,2,3,5,6,7,)

    Hopefully that answers at least something (although I have a bad feeling that I only raised more questions :-) ). Tell me what you think.

  209. Abbath Says:

    Thanks again for the information. But in my opinion, if we try to discover all from the roots, my thoughts and your thoughts make no sense at all. If there were a real proof that there is a God, then everyone would be a believer (and everyone would have the same concept about God).

    Here is a quote from a great page I found:

    “God is not really an explanation, only a non-explanation. It is impossible to gain information from non-information so God as an explanation is a dead end. When we have said that the reason for something is that ‘god did it that way’ there is no way to understand it any further. We just shrug our shoulders and accept things as they are. To explain the unknown by god is only to explain how it happened, not why. If we are to investigate the world and build our views of life from the world, we cannot assume a god. Because adding god as an explanation leaves as many, if not more questions than it explains, god has to be removed with Occam’s razor if we are serious in investigating the world.”

    I know my “12 steps exercise” is kind of childish but what i really meant is that we need to doubt from time to time. It is not bad at all to believe in a God, but i think it is a big mistake to suppress our natural curiosity and stop going farther (that is why I like to say Religion is a blinding veil :P ).

    (I’m unsure about my English, if you have any corrections please let me know ^.^)

  210. aantny Says:

    I repeat what I said early: In Judaism you are supposed to try to understand G-d. Furthermore, in Judaism, you are supposed to not only obey G-d’s commandments but to also understand the reasons for the commandments.

    “It is not bad at all to believe in a God”

    How do you define good and bad without G-d?

    “I think it is a big mistake to suppress our natural curiosity and stop going farther (that is why I like to say Religion is a blinding veil ).”

    Once again, I’m not sure what religion you’re talking about. Judaism encourages “going farther” and trying to understand not only G-d but science and the world around us. Many great Jewish philosophers and scholars have also been great secular scholars. For example, the famous 12th century Jewish Rabbi, philosopher, and doctor Rambam ( was (to quote wikipedia) “one of the various medieval Jewish philosophers who also influenced the non-Jewish world.” “He has been adopted as a symbol and an intellectual hero by almost all major movements in modern Judaism, and has proven immensely important to philosophers such as Leo Strauss; and his views on the importance of humility have been taken up by modern humanist philosophers, like Peter Singer and Iain King.”

  211. aantny Says:

    “If there were a real proof that there is a G-d, then everyone would be a believer (and everyone would have the same concept about G-d).”

    Well if there was 100% irrefutable proof about G-d, then everyone would believe and what would be the point in heaven and hell?

    Furthermore, the reason I haven’t even provided any proof is because you didn’t ask me. As I said earlier, I’m not trying to make you religious. I’m only trying to correct some of your misconceptions about G-d.

  212. Abbath Says:

    It seems that your God is perfect. If G-d is so perfect, why did he create such an imperfect universe?

    If God is perfect, nothing imperfect can come from him/her. And if you talk about an imperfect God, it will never make sense. I know you are doing your best to defend your opinions, but you will NEVER be able to understand that God and give a correct explanation.

    “What did God do during that eternity before he created everything? If God was all that existed back then, what disturbed the eternal equilibrium and compelled him to create? Was he bored? Was he lonely?”

    “To explain the unknown by god is only to explain HOW it happened, not WHY.”

    “A God who is perfect does nothing except exist. A perfect creator God is impossible.” –Something Perfect lacks nothing. Needs nothing.

    “The absurdity of this infinite punishment appears even greater when we consider that the ultimate source of the human’s imperfection is the God who created them. A perfectly just God who sentences his imperfect creation to infinite punishment for finite sins is impossible.” (Not sure if it applies to your religion).

    “A God who knows the future is powerless to change it. An omniscient God who is all-powerful and freewilled is impossible.”

    “The perfect God lacks nothing. An omniscient, omnipotent, and perfect God who experiences emotion is impossible.”

    “A perfectly compassionate being who creates beings which he knows are doomed to suffer is impossible.”

    “The presence of imperfections in the universe disproves the supposed perfection of its creator.”

    (Yes, compared to you, I’m totally ignorant about religions because I was free to choose what I wanted to believe in.)

    I wonder if you can show me a real proof of God’s existence, because it is easier to refute a god than to prove his/her existence.

  213. Raval Seojattan Says:

    I hate you bastards, I just got copies of 7.04 from Connical like a week ago and now I

  214. Raval Seojattan Says:

    I hate you bastards, I just got copies of 7.04 from Canonical like a week ago and now I see this. The Dapper LST on my Dual boot is about to be sacrificed.

    BTW I found this this site in Google while searching for Satanic Wallpapers to use for promo for an upcoming Black Metal party to be held on Friday 13th. of July 07. If three ppl come together wearing black they pay $666 at the door lol. 1USD is $200 of our money

    Greetings from Guyana South America. Looking forward to chatting with you guys in hell one day.

  215. Garry Says:

    Hi Raval,

    Who the hell doesn’t go to a Black Metal party wearing black anyway?

    Have a great time, headbangers!

  216. Cecil_T Says:

    How come no widescreen wallpapers? 1600×1200 is great for 4:3 because it can be used directly or easily resized, but most laptops are widescreen now – mine is 1680×1050. Nice work though.

  217. Raval Seojattan Says:

    Linkin Park & Avril Lavigne fans.

  218. Augustus Says:

    finally… an OS from hell…lol. but anyhow heaven and/or hell is only created from our individual perceptions and/or indoctrinations of societal beliefs. put a human in the middle of the rain forest and take away all contact with civilization for one year and if he/she survives see how the perception of good and evil has developed or been modified. anyhow this is my contribution… we are destined to come to an end one of these days so lets have as much fun along the way and to those who think my brand of fun is satanic/evil/twisted/sick/mad/crazy/doomed/ whatever… to you i have to say – live fast die young leave a good looking pile of ashes, go to hell and have as much fun as possible along the way, to the metalheads out there… hail the metal kings and let the music play fast and loud and to all others…

    \m/ — HAIL SATAN — \m/

  219. Bernard Marx Says:

    First off, I’d like to commend HHS for taking a break. This comment section has moved from an entertaining flame war between fools to a deep and interesting theological discussion between people of dissenting opinions, which is quite possibly the only time an argument has ever gone in that direction. Well done.

    My view on the Tallest is that he has no control over the future or the universe, he simply is. He can see what is going to happen, but does not change it. The best description of what I’m trying to put forward here is sort of like the central character in Slaughterhouse Five. There is suffering in the world, but what happens happens. There is no other possible option then what happens, in the same way you cannot chose a different past.

    Of course, equally likely we are dealing with a trickster god. Think about, this is the same guy who invented irony, the platypus, and marijuana. You can not honestly say that something somewhere isn’t laughing at us.

    The interesting thing about most people of faith is that they completely do not comprehend how morality can exist a godless universe. The whole base of athiest morality is to work not towards personal happiness, as with many satanist sects that are often lumped in with it, but towards the betterment of human understanding and happiness as a whole. To find a set of rules in which we are comfortable living in and then to live by them, allowing others the same chance. Christians wonder how athiests can love their children, when in fact if anything they love them more. Those little screaming poo factories are going to outlive every manifestation of the parent, and as such are much more important then the short lived creator.

    Right now I follow christianity, in part as a sort of modernized Pascal’s Wager. According to Judaism, as I have heard it, non Jews can get out of hell by basically not being horrible people. According to Islam jews and christians are protected, though less so then muslims. I guess I only one virgin. According to buddhism you can go up if you just think straight and don’t kill anything, and according to athiesm you can benefit society and still be religious. Scientology just requires you to be rich and stupid, and I’m working hard on the first part. Now all I need is to make Vishnu, Satan, and Thor happy and I’ve got everything covered.

    In closing my absurdly long comment, I would like to direct your attention towards an informative article I found about religious relations:

    Also, the theme looks neat, but I’m having troubles with drive space so I’ll have to admire from a distance.

  220. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

    Garry, I have a suggestion : did you planned to make cursor theme ? It could be great ! I did not found any cursor theme to replace the default one yet.

    Oh, and I have a link for all those who like Black Metal here :

    Listen to !

    Holy Unblack Powaa !

  221. Garry Says:

    Hi Hybrid,

    There are a few cursor themes available on gnome-look:

    I agree that a satanic one would be cool. I’ll add it to the long list of things to do!

  222. aantny Says:

    Garry, where are the desktop wallpapers installed to? I’d like to use one for compiz fusion.

    Thanks in advance.

  223. Garry Says:

    Hi aantny, they’re in:


    Quick tip: to find the contents of a package, use:

    dpkg -L satanic-wallpapers

  224. aantny Says:

    Thanks a lot.

  225. aantny Says:


  226. aantny Says:


    There is a bug with the comments system. I’ve submitted several comments that haven’t shown up.

  227. Neo-Leper Says:

    Well, it was only a matter of time. I use to travel down the left hand path at one point, I no longer travel on it but I am also not a Christian either. But I think it is a great idea to have Ubuntu Christian Edition, Ubuntu Muslim Edition and this one, Ubuntu Satanic Edition. Its about freedom and freewill, no matter what or who on this planet gets annoyed.

    I like to suggest an idea. Ubuntu doesn’t come with Automatix, Ubuntu Christian Edition does. I think all Ubuntu flavors should come with this, including Ubuntu Satanic Edition. If anyone is familiar with Automatix you will know why I am fond of that program.

    Also, as with any specialized distro, more then art should be added. Maybe different, free, pdf’s or text files and preinstalled links about the various beliefs of Satanism. Again, freedom and freewill. Let the people choose, not the government or any group.

  228. Garry Says:

    Hi Neo-Leper,

    I’m not a big fan of Automatix. In my view, Feisty is easy enough to configure using proper packages which will upgrade with the rest of your system without having to be hacked around by a script.

    Having said that, we’re working on a CD release and Automatix will be installed and ready to go if people wish to use it.

    There will also be other stuff besides just art! :-)

  229. enantiodromia Says:

    echo “do as thou wilst” >> ~/.plan ; cat ~/.plan | wall ?

  230. thoas Says:


    keep up the good work!! its great!!! may the devil be with you!

    greets from berlin…

  231. Garry Says:

    Hi Thoas, glad you like it and I hope all is well in Berlin.

    Greetings from the ninth circle of hell.

  232. abaddon Says:

    hss i dont know what using linux or ubuntu se has to do with being jewish i use both and im not jewish i have been a satanist for a very long time 19 years now. and no i didnt get into to it cause i thought it was cool i didnt belive anything written in the bible and from the way your attacking people on this sight is showing me that you dont understand as much as you think you do or are not really a sataniist well thats all for me
    shemhamforash hail satan

  233. King Leoric Says:

    All praises to Diablo Lord of Terror and Survivor of The Dark Exile. When he awakened from his long slumber, my Lord and Master spoke to me of secrets that few mortals know. He told me the kingdoms of the High Heavens and the pits of the Burning Hells engage in an eternal war. He revealed the powers that have brought this discord to the realms of man. My lord has named the battle for this world and all who exist here the Sin War.

  234. Dyslexic 666 Says:

    I just saw this site for the first time.
    (1) fun idea – good sense of humour
    (2) I’m astonished at how easy it is to get some religious nutcases wound up. Is the planet out of Valium?
    (3) as for religion, I stopped believing anyone but myself (and even that is occasionally hard :-) . So don’t bother me with your interpretation of whatever Holy Book you read. If I’m wrong I’m damned, and I’m fine with that. I don’t need rescue and/or lectures at a preferential rate either.
    (4) Now, I think I’ll have to investigate how to install this stuff
    (5) Does anyone have a raspberry sound for logins? Seems like the best sound for people that get easily wound up (evil grin).

  235. Herby Says:

    Crap!!! Gary I’m really pissed off. Just when I decide to move to Yellow Dog Linux because of the continued lack of support for PPC, I stunble onto your site.

    Great job!!

    But with Ubuntu SE and Yellow dog batteling it out, I’m going to need an Excorcist edition

  236. Satanas Says:

    Maxy detrich and the JOS is going down. Just as they have risen sho shall they fall. Dont doubt for a second that the american governemt would let an orginisation pretending to be a religion, fund the NSM activities.

    You really think that the JOS is satanism? Its A neo-nazi recruit program aimed at teens and it takes people’s money and funds neo-nazi activities.

    10,000 members (so they say) You do the math


  237. Rebel Says:

    Garry & Crue …

    First off I would like to say thank you. Your graphics and screensaver package really compliments my choice of styling for my Ubu machine. After spending 10 years married to a Christian preachers daughter, I can honestly say that when it ended I was so tired of having beliefs that are questionable at best crammed down my throat. I really appreciate this glamour pack for what is typically dull and kind of boring until you sit down and design your own themes and graphics.

    Great job, I will be back often to look for updates and such, as well as possibly share off some graphics if I can get good enough with Xara, and Gimp to be creative on here. This is all about a learning curve, but its coming along well.

    Thanks Again.

  238. Garry Says:

    Hi Rebel,

    Thanks. I look forward to seeing your work!

    The Gimp takes some learning, but it’s a very powerful tool.

  239. koastone Says:

    anyway.. UBUNTU kick ass !!

  240. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

    Hy Garry.
    I have a question about the screensaver : I like very much the burning logo, and not as much the other. Is there a way to configure Eternity to use only this video ?

  241. Florsie G Says:

    Why not add the satanic bible and the divine comedy? The christian version has the bible and many other tools related to it.

  242. Garry Says:

    Hi Hybrid: you can change the screensaver to use just the pentagram logo by following the instructions on the following page:

    Post back if it’s not clear!

  243. Garry Says:

    Florsie G: Nice idea. I’d like to put together a distro if I can get enough software, any more suggestions would be welcome.

  244. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

    Thanks a lot, the file content is pretty self-explanatory.
    So I can also easily create my own version of Eternity, now. Thanks you.
    By the way, is this an usual way of configuring screensaver, or specific to Eternity ?

  245. Garry Says:

    Screensavers used to be configured through the Xscreensaver Demo GUI. However, Gnome Screensaver has dumbed-down the interface to remove all the options – I guess to make it appear less complicated. So, I had to resort to a config file. Most new screensavers have no config at all due to the recent changes.

    I placed the config in /usr/share so that it is shared between Gnome/KDE/Xscreensaver etc.

  246. Josell Says:

    Ubuntu satanic edition? is not the junk of windows?

  247. gfbvbxv Says:

    people are stranger

  248. vivosz Says:

    Altough not my cup of tea, I must admit, that the work you have done is great! Creative, aesthetic, high in quality.

  249. FUkSATAN Says:



  250. FUkSATAN Says:

    p.s. – There is no god.


    @HSS – LOLOLOL @ u

    —- Proud atheist —

  251. Ronnie Kaos Says:

    The best distro I have ever seen^^

    Hail Boss

  252. Shelley Goodman Says:

    In the name of the Lord, stop this insanity! You all need to turn to God and listen to the Gospel of the Bible! I am praying for your soul!

    Shelley The Republican

  253. Satanic Ubuntu and other religious themes. « I Am Chaos, I Am Alive. Says:

    [...] enjoy… [...]

  254. Absurd Says:

    Kewl. Do you have a Fedora edition of this?

  255. Garry Says:

    Hi Absurd,

    In theory, it would be possible to install the themes on Fedora. However, since all the artwork is Ubuntu-based, there’s not much point. We could come up with a Fedora Satanic Edition and some new artwork, but we have enough trouble keeping up with all the flavours of Ubuntu!

  256. Absurd Says:

    Because Fedora is white/blue colored in contrast to Ubuntu which is brown/yellow, the Fedora theme shoud be freezy & gothic i think.

  257. obscure Says:

    this is probably the only desktop I’ve ever seen that has a theme in the true nature of the word. Whether people like it or not, at least you had the imagination and talent to actually create something incredibly eye catching.

    If you’re serious about getting this on peoples PCs then I think you ought to find some way of advertising it a bit better than you have. I only found this site by complete accident while browsing for screen-shots of Ubuntu. Not being daft, but given then nature of the theme, perhaps you ought to get this shown in heavy metal/rock sites and magazines.

    Anyway, may Beelzebub never bite your bottom.

  258. Garry Says:

    Hi Obscure,

    That’s a very interesting point. All we’ve really done to promote the site is a couple of posts on There was quite a stir when it was first released – we got a lot of hits via, etc.

    Still, I guess that this mostly focuses on the Linux/Ubuntu community. It would be cool to spread the word amongst our heavy metal brethren…

  259. luis Says:

    i have been griped at since the day my parents and friends found out im satanist what would you guys/or girls do im fine but it gets annoying haveing them not leave me alone !
    regibus et pau lista ringen

  260. harru Says:

    do you have a re-birth name?? mine is harru my real name is aaron though,what branch of satanism are most of you .
    are there any armations out there

  261. harru Says:

    always have i wondered if there are any armations out there??

  262. luis Says:


  263. sophie Says:

    My friend Luis is a real freak but he’s cool anyway. he is sexy

  264. luis Says:

    wow, youre all the way in phoenix and still on this ? well i never knew you felt that way ,cant wait till you come back to C.V.H.S

  265. Onegawa Says:


    You should know if there are any other armations in Camp Verde, tis such a small village. . .

  266. harru (aaron) Says:

    true this is sucha smal town

    let me say this, the path you have so wrongfuly choose
    makes me feel so alone as if our coming together was a mistake but it wasnt you are the only one in my life right now,you dominate my thoughts and dreams ,i desire you so much more than life its self,come back and defy fate ,you are fit to be with me please take this and place it in your heart.i wish only to be with you . 4 ever

  267. luis Says:

    by the sound of this you two are neglecting your feelings ,you should let things go ,wow i never have understood love but i know when i read this you guys are in deep love ,or at least he is, call him let him know you want him and only him make your true colors stand out, not fade.

  268. Onegawa Says:

    But, Harru…the choice was made…

  269. Onegawa Says:

    You said that by choosing to be with you, that something dire would happen…I was wrong for choosing to be with you, and what? leave you in pain, misery, and woe?

  270. matelot Says:

    stupid shit
    go to fucking hell

  271. luis Says:

    wow such wulgar stuff leave if language does nt stop you

  272. Michael Says:

    Even if this is satirical, it’s still not a good idea to even play with. Sad, for someone who did good work on the MythTV.

  273. Jesus Boy Says:

    This is great … cool Themes and a religious fight … can life get better than this?
    Awesome work … I love it!
    Keep up the good work…. I hope Satan looks up at you smiles! :)
    Am I evil Yes I fu%king am!

  274. Garry Says:

    Diamond Head lyrics! That’s the kind of comment we like…

    “My mother was a witch, she was burnt alive!”

  275. Jesus Boy Says:

    I love Shelley the Republican ….. She is praying for all the souls … Too bad for her when she dies and goes nowhere she will have realized it was all worthless love she gave to her god.

    tsk tsk … I hate religious people!!! :) But they are great for entertainment. :D

    Jesus was a carpenter in a land with no trees .. he had nothing to do .. so he made this god crap! :) F Jesus…. F Catholics and F god hehehehe

  276. luis Says:

    i believe that religions are but a piece of candy in the world of sweets,but if too much is consumed harm is due

    armations ,they are the essence of religion they are neutral in this world i am and armation those who engulf themselves in fallacy are the ones who go mentally insane .
    th one thing that annoys me ,in this world is the posers they think worshipping satan is cool ,its not it is only for religion not personnal gain
    but remember love is a fallacy that burns the brain!! asomne omnia ,aut bibat aut abeat

  277. harru Says:

    you , i despise you to no end , hatred and loathe and my friends would not hesitate to strike a god lover down

    satan is the only salvation

  278. Onegawa Says:

    Why would you say that Satan is the only salvation Harru? You use him to make something of yourself, and to say that you have something worth living for, when you aren’t a follower of him at all. How are you able to do such a thing? Do you think that no one will be ever able to figure you out, even when you give them a chance?

  279. Absurd Says:

    What about Satanic section on Slashdot? It will be nice flame-feast LOL }%)=-

  280. Goolvewessems Says: residential teen behavior modification

  281. harru Says:

    in all you dony truly know who i am ,(pardon me people who have to read such a thing) i gave you numerous chances and you have blown all of them,to you i say sorry ,luis is right love is a fallacy ,and i have followed satan since i was 7th grade
    i have studied moveris ora ,tento ora,sareilio ora all of this
    you ma’am are an emotional wreck.thus i have lost interest i you since you became what you are now maybe if you were the same person, luis i would like your input

  282. luis Says:

    well i have no thing to say, really sounds like she is a clinger,
    oh,my god did you sleep with her???!!!! if you did than i hope you wore a jimmy.i think you should just go to her tell her sorry even if you dont know why. geese dude sorry ,is she even attractive?? well ill drop a line , apage deus!! hail satan

  283. Onegawa Says:

    Harru, you have given me a few chances, I will agree with that. But you don’t see, if I can judge you, just by what I know of you, like I just did in the previous message, why do you backlash towards me, and I don’t when you judge me? You call me an emotional wreck, and yet I try and stop it. I will tell you the same thing I told Chad, I am sorry that I take anti-depressants, I am sorry that I went through therapy for almost a year, I am sorry that I have been suicidal most of my life, and I am sorry that I love you. I am sorry for all the stress I have put onto you, when I just try to show that I love you Harru. I know I suck at showing it, but I have breakdowns because I am confused about how and why you liked me. How anyone did. I am sorry that Pagans aren’t the best of companions to Satanists, and I am sorry you ever had to meet me.I can guarantee it was and will be the worst part of your life, and that what you said at the very beginning of it all would happen, well, it happened.

    Sorry for being someone who loves you Aaron.


  284. Gareth Doutch Says:

    What would Satan download?

  285. Garry Says:

    He doesn’t need to download it; he creates it.

  286. harru Says:

    who cares ya know your right satanist/pagans/
    satan would disagree but if youd would just wait id probly take you back one more time

  287. Onegawa Says:

    irrelevant note:

    Has anyone ever heard of the phrase ‘proper grammar’ ?

  288. Gareth Doutch Says:

    What would the Prince of Darkness download?

    To Garry et al:

    Congratulations on a superb linux edition. I’ve just installed it and I love it!

  289. harru Says:

    thanks for the cd all tracks are awsome and ya know maybe armation or satanism is not all it is cracked up to be .maybe light is not real either, satan ,god maybe they dont exist

    love is not a fallacy it is what humans need to survive in a world where no one is truly happy

  290. Onegawa Says:

    No problem, I would have put on more, but I didn’t want to have you have to carry around two discs ^_^. You never know, maybe nothing is what it seems. Maybe love is the only thing that is keeping us ‘mortals’ from knowing the truth…I am glad it is there Harru. I hope you are too.

  291. harru Says:

    my oppinion is this you see a book and then you see a cover
    you open it and then you see words you read he book and you delve into what you never expected what do you think of that??

  292. Wolf Says:

    I think this is such a good idea that I am going to email the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter Gilmore, and make sure that this website has the full support of the CoS. HAIL SATAN!

  293. Onegawa Says:

    I think that that is exactly what happens every time I read an old-fashioned book.

  294. harru Says:

    enari ,all hallows eve is upon us ,hey!. children come my way wouldnt you like to see somthing strange come with me and you will see this old town of halloween , A.P so tonight was sorta fun if i hung out with you luis will be with me

    apage deus
    teca tot diaboli
    all hail the corpse god
    all hail satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. Onegawa Says:


    Boys and Girls of every age
    Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
    Come with us and you will see,
    This, our town of Halloween.

    This is Halloween, This is Halloween
    Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night,
    This is Halloween, Everybody make a scene
    Trick or Treat till You die of fright!!!!!

    Greetings from one of the lovers of All Hallows’ Eve!

    Blessed Be

  296. harru Says:

    yes your version is the good one mine is the one that makes you think WHAT!!??! “children come my way ?? woulnt you like to see somthing strange?? “what the heck!!
    well last night was fun and this morning was a waste of my mind set almost hey.tomorrow ill do it ya know hug (not) well till next time

    all hail satan!!!!!
    amo te april inacubiilis pardeton

  297. Onegawa Says:

    Osa ke aes tuorrd de da, ret nali da?

  298. Wolf Says:

    HHS, that sounds like a challenge. If I am ever in Oslo, I would be happy to stomp a good old fashioned Southern mudhole in your soft European ass, Marine Corps style.

    Man internet tough guys annoy me.

  299. harru Says:

    yes april yes and finnaly i can get online at home can you believe this?? its so awsome
    and by the way where were you? did you leave school?? well , see ya at school

    TECA TOT DIABOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amo te inacubiilis april inacubiilis!!

  300. Onegawa Says:

    I left early because I dislike the school, the people that go there, and the curriculum.

  301. Poohma Says:

    Killer distro! I put one of the backgrounds on my vista desktop immedeatly :P

  302. harru Says:

    dont feel like writing so hi good bye

  303. Onegawa Says:

    …okay then.

  304. harru Says:

    so im back and i have to say im way too attached to a certain some one and i want to say somthin but i dont want to lose what i finnaly found so special some one what do you say ????? i really like you but you are not sure you want me so what do you say? huh ?? well im not doin anything so if you want to its fine not really so bye

  305. Onegawa Says:

    I don’t understand.

  306. foobar Says:

    It runs great on my dead badger

  307. Shelley N. Goodman Says:

    Shame on you!
    How dare you to promote evil?
    I am going to write an article about you and I will bring you down!
    I have started to pray for your death, too!
    Shelley N. Goodman, Iowa City, IA

  308. Garry Says:

    Nice try, Shelly.

  309. Onegawa Says:

    Just by posting that, Shelly, you are contributing $1 to Satan’s National Fund for the Damned. Thank you for your help!

  310. Dynamo Says:

    Hell of a distro!!!
    System sounds are missing, but I found a nice startup sound – the one frome Quake 3 Arena, when you choose the “nightmare” level…

  311. Garry Says:

    Official system sounds are coming shortly… Nice choice, though!

  312. harru Says:

    so my friends people like shelly are looking for trouble ,
    and alas they will get what they so rightfuly deserve.
    people should not put down what they do not understand .
    justify your rights to worship and not be judged but who can stop it so ya

    side note april i still feel the same about you and if youd rather hate me then so be it inacubiilis amo of course

  313. Onegawa Says:

    First off, yes, that’s what she deserves. If she truly was a pure Christian and proud of it, she wouldn’t have even gone to this page and commented on it, for she would fear her “god” would be disappointed in her.

    Second, I never said I hated you. You hate me because you were the who broke up with ME. You thought I was too much of an emotional wreck, all I have to say about that is if you can’t handle me and my worst, how do I know that you can handle me at my best?

    Third, Oi Miano sar te laqe!

  314. ButtBadger Says:

    Great theme! i love it :)

  315. harru Says:

    we got each other wrong i still love you and the only reason i left you was because my cult , if you still love me im sorry i cant be with you ever your bring me emotion something i cant and dont want to feel we can never ever be together
    this is it this is how it goes in the world of satan from my studies you are not supposed to feel this way i guess the only thing to do now is move on .this is a day where liberation begins a new life is abroad live life and love it that is all …Teca TOT DIABOLI


  316. Onegawa Says:

    I still love you…

  317. ^_^ Says:

    i love how little christian bastards cry about their lord xD
    death to religion

  318. christian repent!!! Says:

    you guys should stop being gay and love god
    your soul can still be saved
    love god he loves you go to your local church and pray that you have not gone to far

  319. 666 ( SERG Says:

    i want the devil to bone me up the ass hole

    YES !!!!!! YES!

  320. Onegawa Says:

    Okay first:

    I know huh! Its very fun to sit and laugh! ^-^

    christian repent!!!:
    Seriously. Dude. You suck at this. Might as well stop trying, because there is no hope for you.

    666 ( SERG:
    What the hell????????

  321. FSM Says:

    Where is the FSM Edition, Don’t be dissing Him or he’ll touch you with his noodly appendage. Ramen Pastafarian, out.

  322. Garry Says:

    I ate Him for breakfast with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Bobby Spagnostic, out.

  323. harru Says:

    holy crap!!! i cant believe people like that
    well christian guy if we wanted to be like that we would of well… been like that so stop trying to change what is great

    666 guy u r a fag sorry for language but you have to be gay

    tis the season to kill others faa laa laa laa la la la tis the time to commit crime this is the end of all that began!!

  324. Dynamo Says:

    I think we`re entitled to a forum for the damned. Is it comming in the near future in this hell-hole?

  325. Garry Says:

    Your wish is my command, Dynamo. I’m working on adding a forum as we speak…

  326. ehtetur Says:

    This is great,, Not only do I get to use a damned good Ubuntu Satanic Edition (Great great job, Garry!!!) but as a bonus I can read funny posts from whacky people…

    I’m pretty sure the eternal souls of Christians that post here are on a one way ride down to the hell fires.

  327. Onegawa Says:

    I know how you feel with the ‘whacky people’ stories, (and its wacky) but …..ah screw it.

  328. Garry Says:

    Hello everyone,

    You may have noticed that the size of this page is getting rather large. If you’d like to continue posting religious discussions or random love letters or anything really, then please feel free to do so. However, please consider doing it on the new forum:


  329. Onegawa Says:

    Sorry about the love letters Garry, I can’t help it ;)

  330. Garry Says:

    There’s no problem with the letters, it’s just that this page is getting pretty large!

  331. Onegawa Says:

    Ah, true.

  332. You shall burn in the hell Says:

    what kind of joke is that? huh
    idiot children…
    praise ur fuckin lavey

  333. HHS babysitter Says:

    @ HHS: I know you think of your mom when you jerk of don’t you? – she’s not that hot you know!
    …or is it dad!? – more understandable! I sücked him blue the other night!

    What a LÖLCÖW!

    When you start school you will learn a few things, enough said!

    Löck ‘n Löäd!

  334. ANTI-JOS Says:

    To HHS:

    Guys, this idiot claims he will curse me hahahahahahahahahahaha he told me to pray to angels ot hell use gray fog on me hahahahahaha

  335. MeatPop Says:

    Better than using brown fog. Better for you anyways.

  336. Onegawa Says:

    Wait a minute…new ‘winter’ banner….no flames….Holy Shit! Did Hell freeze over??????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..*shivers*

  337. Garry Says:

    Don’t worry – it’s only the ninth circle which is at Hell’s frozen core…

  338. Picture Of Emo Girl Hair Style Says:

    About…I think that this is a great lead in to discussions about Picture of emo girl hair style, what do you think about this angle?

  339. Onegawa Says:

    I’m concerned…don’t read if you don’t want to, but I need some help. It’s Harru.

    He broke up with me not too long ago, saying that at this point in time he cannot be in love with someone, due to his cult. And yet, he goes and asks out another, someone who has no interest in his purpose in life. She seems not to care at all…

    Harru has even stopped coming on here. He was the one who introduced me to Ubuntu Satanic, and I’m glad he did. I just need help.

    Oi. I need to stop spreading my thoughts. >.

  340. Garry Says:

    Hi Onegawa,

    I’m really sorry to hear that. Your letters on here have been an unusual but welcome addition to Ubuntu SE. I’m no agony aunt, but it seems to me like you should move on and meet someone else and introduce *them* to Ubuntu SE! If he’s lied to you and gone off with someone else then it surely was not right and you should not mourn the loss too much…

  341. harru Says:

    well onegawa
    i never lie ( if i do i only would to protect my other bretheren)
    but i must show to my brothers that i am capable of controlling…. never mind that.but one day im gonna atone for my crimes against you and dearly sorry i am but if a wa to make up i would gladly do so , you are right she does not care for she cant she does not know, u cared and i am and was greaful for that , my love does not die for those who hold my heart .
    and Garry, sorry for the stuff ive been writing. I have no excuse but i am the leader adn i shall not let others down,though i have through april ( weeping for the dead will only end up in more pain )

  342. Onegawa Says:

    I’m sorry. You are right, I should (except for the fact that they are not open to learning about the wonderful religion that this has to offer…idiots) move on, but I cannot let go of the ones that I truly love…

    If what you say is true, why do you remain with her? I know I might be a little younger, but who cares? Age doesn’t matter when it comes to how I feel about you…For once in my life I actually felt happy around you, and I can’t let go of you…I’m not saying I’m obsessive, I’m just thinking of ways that I could hopefully attract you to talk to me…even though when I’m around you, I see her and all I can say are mean things…I just really want you back….

  343. harru Says:

    garry; i might have came off as a bad person, but when duty calls,the job must be tended to, lately an uprising of satan haters has confronted my bretheren and I and its too dangerous to have a true love in play in the game of haters.
    i dont want them to know so i have a cover up,HER.and are you a satanist??

    love, remember that day i said that love is a weakness?? it is and although i want to be with you it might be a while before i can even attemp to to talk more private go to
    AIM4HEART forum site thing
    and if i said anything that was true is that i said i love you

  344. harru Says:


    are you gonna put a satanic bible page on here ?
    that would be SO awsome

  345. Onegawa Says:

    So you go to her?

  346. Garry Says:

    I’ve had no response from the CoS regarding bible copyright or software.

  347. Onegawa Says:

    Harru has a point, having the Satanic Bible up here would be awesome!! I hope that the CoS gets back to you soon. It would be a great installment.

  348. CCNA_student Says:

    Who comes up with all of these weird themes for Ubuntu. Ubuntu Satanic, Ubuntu Christian, Ubuntu Muslim, Ubuntu Klingon, is this just so people can have different pictures and a different look, or are people who use these think they can spread Christianity, or that they can get people to join the Church of Satan? I was just curious. I am Baptist myself, I just wanted to see if this website really existed. I think I will just stick with the themes that Kubuntu 7.10 gives me.

    Sin Cere,


  349. harru Says:

    wow youre not like the rest of them.
    i dont think this is promoting satanism…
    its just a theme, personnaly i think all of them are great
    but i favor this one ( for personal reasons)

  350. Corro69 Says:

    This is in response to the argument about satanism…..
    Satan is a fallen angel because he questioned the way god did things.
    In the eyes of god questioning and reasoning are evil.
    satan does not implicitly indulgenge of blood, flames or the like. That is a christian propoganda engine designed to frighten people into gods arms.
    Satanist use this in a mocking fashion to “poke fun” at christianity and their simplisticaly rediculous views of good and evil. Terms and ideas that are created by man to imply imperfection and to create the ideaology of right and wrong.
    When it comes down to it, everyting that we know does not really exist until we give it a name. If we eliminate the name and idea of good and evil, and right and wrong, we come to the true meaning of satanism. Being HUMAN.

    By the way…..I love the themes. Fuckin KIKZ AZZ

  351. Chomsky Says:


    anyone seen an atheist edition? :)

  352. harru Says:

    chomsky guy if you still go to this site that is the truest thing ive ever heard wow my looks on life has just changed

  353. Хули Ган Says:

    Эй, мартышки бля! Завязывайте всякую поеботину распространять. Уроды злоебучие… Готовы все в сатанистскую сторону развернуть ублюдки.
    Короче говоря, это вам мой ультиматум: или вы ебычи пегие закрываете свой “проект”, или не сносить башни сначала вашему сайту, а дальше виднее будет.

    Ибо, как гутарять злоебучие янки “In god we trust”! О, как!

    “White Angel”

  354. Zubin Bhuyan Says:

    ……….and the Wrathchild runs free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great work!!!!!

  355. Zubin Bhuyan Says:

    Running free in an OPEN world!!!!!!

    M thinkin of makin a distro (Live CD) for Maiden fans. Its time I repay them with some more Open respect!!!!

    Up the Irons!!!

  356. Garry Says:

    Hi Zubin,

    You already found it: The Distro of the Beast!

  357. Stephen Says:

    You should make this as an actual Distro that you can install the ISO and burn it to a CD (not DVD)

  358. ryan Says:

    I need a distro with a speaking in tongues translation. I have a friend looking for a jihad distro as well.

  359. Anonymous Says:

    Deserved congratulations to the creator of this ‘distro’. I’m sure It will convert a few metallers to the good cause of free software.

    ‘Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here’ (Dante Alighieri, Inferno, Canto III, line 9) doesn’t seem to appear anywhere when I log-in…:-)

    Long life to you all!

  360. Garry Says:

    That’s the idea ;-)

  361. Ace Says:

    Odd how this looks EXACTLY like the Ubuntu Islamic distro …..

  362. Rook Says:

    Gee… I’ve got a theme for Window$ that would go GREAT with this…

    As soon as I get home where there’s no studio in the way of wireless internet, I’m downloading this…

  363. George Zues Says:

    I thank your edition is very creative . It’s sorta’ cute, not quite as good as the new disney anime available in theatres. Is Milton not quoted at all, Paradise Lost was published in 1667, and interestingly, Milton, at this time was blind. I wish Satanism was this lighthearted and fun. It terrifies me often, looking back over the years, what horrors I’ve drawn comfort from. Dark miracles causing me to wretch and grab for dollar bills at the same time. A gentle hacker culture youth that was spared the 1970′s, groups of peace loving, altruistic, logical aetheists (and agnostics). Thank You for a little light in a VERY DARK FLAME. Anyway, I’ll go back into the shadows, and the crevices, and the spaces between the spaces. (I am grateful for Linux). Have a nice day!

  364. saghaulor Says:

    A] I think this project is a bit childish. I don’t think the religious distro’s require a response like this. They need to be ignored.

    B] HHS is a f’ing whack job. I find it ironic that he claims this site is offensive and then blabbers on and on with antisemitic messages and fire and brimstone hogwash that curses everyone on this site.

  365. Wolfie Says:

    # Jorge Says:
    December 14th, 2006 at 4:48 am

    *waits patiently for
    Ubuntu Jehova’s Witness distro :) *

    Yeah… that’ll be a real PARTY!!!

  366. idrak3 Says:

    Well when i see this name of distro that make me had the wind up ;-)

    Thanks for the screenn shoot..taht was very awsome

  367. RioStyx Says:

    WOW…what an interesting read this has been. Can’t we all just get along? LOL…its funny you dont see Atheist and Satanic people flamming the CE version on that site.

    Hey, like ive seen here a few times already, How about an Atheist version? I think it would complete the collection of ubuntu distros and create the final balance needed in this galaxy.

    You have done a very nice job on this version, very creative and original.

  368. DarkTrucker Says:

    Just installed it. WAY THE F*** AWESOME!!!!! The artwork is beyond awesome! (I really, really like this “Distro”!!!) Thank you VERY much. Shortly before I gave up on reading all of the above I noticed your comment (Garry) about not taking it seriously. I am a bit skeptical of that comment. Artwork as mucho excellent as this requires more dedication than I can muster. I think you DO take it seriously. Just not the religious garbage. Again, Thank you Garry et al. for Ubuntu Satanic Edition.

    Praise Bob!

  369. Garry Says:

    Hi DarkTrucker,

    Glad you like it… and you’re right, I do take it pretty seriously. I’m putting *a lot* of work into the new stuff and I hope you like that too. Should be ready for the Hardy release in April.


  370. Iamiko Says:

    Love U:SE, a friend in the Linux forum at college told me about it earlier this week and I thought I’d try it out. Wonderfully good fun and great for baiting the any overly zealous Christians around my area… is there anything more fun than zealot baiting? I think not…

    Anyway, looking forward to what you do in the future!

  371. Zubin Bhuyan Says:

    Had a “Summon the Beast Fest” at the college CS Hobby Hall; 13 laptops running Ubuntu SE and people coding and head bangin’!! Gluttony was also seen!!!

  372. lamy Says:

    Could you make a theme for e17? You seem to know how to make good themes, e17 needs one like yours.

  373. Interceptor Says:

    Jehova is a pussy!!!! and its only in ur mind !

  374. Wicked Says:

    Thanks for a great theme. A great answer to the CE hypocrites. They profess christianity yet watch porn on their “Cristian” distribution. May they eternally burn in the hell fires for their hypocrisy.

  375. FiXXXer Says:

    Good point, Wicked! You’re damn right with that! =))

  376. Arlenn Says:

    Curious about the origin of “Bathory”?

    Free domain image, or your own photography? Its a great photo, i mean outside all the sexyness, the use of shadow is really amazing.

  377. Garry Says:

    Hi Arlenn,

    The Bathory photo is by Klemens. I asked if I could include it and he gave his permission. See the credits page for links to his deviant art pages and the model’s homepage.

    I agree that it’s an amazing photo.

  378. TheAddict Says:

    All I have to say is WOW! This looks amazing. If I were running Ubuntu and not Window$ I would definitely be loving the shit outta this. Anyways, I reckon you should create a Myth theme. That would get my Myth box, installed with your help no less, rockin’ just the way I like it!

  379. Garry Says:


    By the way, I’ve already done some Myth themes (just wallpaper and usplash):

  380. Detructor Says:

    Hey guys,

    this edition is great (no I’m not a religious(? is that correct written?) guy.
    But I really like the style and what you’ve made with the Ubuntu logo (have you used GIMP for this?) maybe you could send Canonical your theme so they would make a better theme then there standard theme (it’s not bad…but your theme is much better ;) )

    Thanks guys for this great artwork ;)

  381. blob Says:

    Welcome to inferno!!!!
    Ubuntu Satanic Edition!


  382. Garry Says:

    Hi Destructor. Thanks. Some of the artwork was done using GIMP, but Inkscape and POV-Ray were also used. All open source tools running on Ubuntu.

  383. jorge Says:


    The best Linux distribution of Hell! …o como se diga en ingles :)

  384. Conquest-HELL Says:

    Thank you for all the work and hard work! Very good job!!
    If i could ever help with SE, Please just let me know…

    Now, If Microshit did thier fuck’en job,,,, for christ sake,,,,
    then you’d not find a OS like this pick’en up the slack,,,, plus it’s just badass,,,
    fuck christ, fuck most of you and fuck microshit!
    So, shut-up, sit-down and wait for your paycheck.

  385. JoshC Says:

    for God sake why worship devil if he knows “because he knows the time is short…”???
    he will loose like big time, and all the ppl who take mark of the beast and worship him… do you really want to be trown in to the lake of fire and be enternally unhappy??? i think it wont be much fun… Beter recive Jesus and though you will get persecutions in this life you will be happy! here and after!
    ok, i’m praying for you ppl!

  386. XII Says:

    this UBUNTU variant is awesome and i’m reeady to take my rightful place in hell!!!!!

  387. Hardak Ura Says:

    Hail Satan(ic Ubuntu ^^)!

  388. vern Says:

    lol this is great.

    … waiting for this to become an official version.

  389. Stoo Says:

    Fire & Brimstone right on your desktop! winblows will never look as shit hot as this!

  390. numahel Says:

    grrreaaat ! I use opensuse (on mac ppc), but I’ll pick some pieces of your theme !

    About religion and other not really important stuff to live …

    “Chomsky Says:
    December 26th, 2007 at 6:03 pm
    anyone seen an atheist edition?”

    maybe it already exists: the official ubuntu or other distro ?

    for HHS:
    believe whatever you want, we can discuss, but do not try to convince me !
    be open mind !!

  391. wayne Says:

    this is a way weird site I personally don’t think god or satan give a damn about any of us

  392. 6205 Says:

    I want Ubuntu Scientology Edition :)

  393. ledzepvn Says:

    Ubuntu Sex Edition is the next step … lol

  394. engambament Says:

    great job :)

  395. Ubuntu Satanic Edition: Linux per i dannati | FDS Says:

    [...] In realtà non è necessario per forza essere dannati per poter utilizzare ed apprezzare questa versione di Ubuntu. [...]

  396. szandor Says:

    everytime someone installs u:se, jesus kills a kitten…so far i’m responsible for the death of 4 kittens…

  397. Josh Says:

    Want it? ,

  398. jorge Says:

    Ubuntu Satanic Edition. For people who want to make a statement, but are too lazy to actually create a whole new distro themselves.

  399. Demon from Walmart (where all hi-quality, lead-based demons come from) Says:

    Kitsch got a home.

  400. death metal Says:

    This absolutely slays all other forms of operating system. I have thrown out my Macintosh and now run Ubuntu Satanic Edition on a masculine PC.

  401. quack Says:

    HHS is obviously not even a christian… more probably a neonazi/KKK cult follower. Anyway… away with this Satanic Edition, I want my Galactic-Emperor-Xenu Edition!!!!1!ONE

  402. Truth Says:

    HHS is an ignorant slave to the system and really needs to watch this movie which explains the origin of religion itself.

  403. greedkillings Says:

    Great distro, thanks.
    Every religious zealot should be forced to watch the first part of zeitgeist.

  404. modematic Says:

    alt.religion really, really
    needs to know about this distro.
    I just informed the goddites of it.

  405. Gaunt Beast Says:

    This Ubuntu Version totally rules!!!

    As a Black Metal Artist I would like to have my music on that distro. I am vocalist on Thorny Woods, a Black Metal band from Brazil. Our music is under no license at all since we’re unsigned but if you think it’s a good deal, you can have our latest material. It is a promotional mini CD that we’re seeding free of charge over the web.

    You can download it from:


    and myspace:

    Hope you enjoy

    Thorny Regards, my friends!

    Gaunt Beast

  406. Garry Says:

    Hi Gaunt Beast,

    Thanks for the music, I downloaded their EP and it’s great. I’ll definitely consider including it with the next release.

    Please note that you do not need to be signed to have your music under a license. If you want to distribute it freely, you can license it yourself by simply choosing a Creative Commons license. There are various levels of license from “All Rights Reserved” to “Some Rights Reserved.” For example, you can grant the right for people to distribute it as long as they attribute the work to you:

    You can also share your CC-licensed albums on sites like

    Keep it heavy!

  407. Fuck hhs Says:

    HHS: “Ram your religion so far up your ass…” if you don’t like it, go to masturbate with a jesus picture or someting.

    excelent idea, garry for the distro

  408. Ehtetur Says:

    I haven’t been using the Satanic Edition for while… I had to use RHEL for business reasons… But now that that’s taken of, I’m back and the first thing i did was to install Satanic Edition…
    I don’t even practice Satanism or know much about it…
    But I sure as hell a know a good distro when I see one and Satanic Edition is sleek, easy on the eyes, and has some good features… Plus I really really like the color red!

  409. carl Says:

    Ok, I just heard a Capuchin Monk singing heavy metal on the radio. I was relieved to hear him singing in Italian, rather than Latin. Now, I find this, and I am worried again. Perhaps I should look for someone singing heavy metal in pig latin.

  410. Meerkat Says:

    first to Garry thank you for making this theme pack and now live distro i know many people who now use linux bacuse of this :) they have seen the light or well in this case the dark

    and as for HHs grow up!!!
    this was ment to be more of a joke or even just bacuse you can in true spirit of linux ill do it bacuse i can :P
    if you dont like it dont use it and go away there is no point in showing your “views” here bacuse not many people will relate to them bacuse from reading this my personal opinion is well do you really have to much time on your hands to wite all this crap just grow up move on and leave this site no one likes you on this site

    and to the other members be nice to “hhs” its not polite to insult retards or closed minided people

    but for evey one rember a open mind learns and accepts a closed mind creates hate and war

    and once again thank you garry for making such a nice thing its a shame some people ruin it or well in this case at least we get free entertainment

    and as for my spelling sorry if its horibal its 3am and well i cbf typing properly i just got home from work

  411. Devil Says:

    support Satan!
    seed the iso and spread the word!
    down with distrowatch, down with the established order!
    Support chaos and chaos will support you.
    Trust not in the heralds of light, for they only wish to control you.
    Let this message run far and deep, because believe it or not, we are all part of the game. So are you one of them, or one of the independent? Satan will set you free.

  412. Yeshua Says:

    Two years after the comments of HHS and people are still rambling on. At least the distro has a clean theme. How about Xubuntu SE?

  413. Garry Says:

    Yeah, I should get round to doing that,

  414. HHS Says:

    im sorry for being an ass im turning gay

  415. Alan Says:

    I don’t think I’m your target audience as I’m more of a Slackware/Fluxbox guy. I’ll gladly borrow the graphics and definitely tell my friends about this distro. If you have to use one of the Ubuntus this is definitely the best one (unless you have no sense of humor).

    My setup is already pretty evil as I’ve always got death metal or deathcore playing in the background. I’ll add these wallpapers to my system… they are pretty sweet.

    Haha, thanks, man.

  416. mo0ks Says:


  417. Oten Yawa Says:

    Pisting yawa!
    Lo-Lo ninyo!
    Bayot si satanas ni chupa ni allah!
    Nya nag 69 dayun silang duha!

  418. Shelley Says:

    Hail Makers of SU!
    The music link is dead:


  419. Garry Says:

    Fixed! Cheers.

  420. antichrist Says:

    religion sucks. it’s opium for the masses.

  421. HHS Says:

    Im back and our Divine and Holy Daughter of Lord Enki who deserves to rule the world and with every human following her great perfect demands has ordered mje to destroy your website as this is a blasphemy to the Great Lord and to her great power and beauty!!!!!

    I just have sent a curse on you Gerry Parker using JoS spells, the most powerful spells in the universe and expect that you will die on December 21,2012

  422. Thanatos Says:

    To HHS- WTF is your problem dude? Christianity and Satanism, what exactly the the big differences other than the fact you worship each others opposing forces?
    They believe the same thing for the most part, and the funny thing is that Satanism has a Pope.

    Tolerate each others religions, I’m not Satanic but I have the bible, and it does make more sense then Christianity does, but then again I’m 100% none Christian, so chill out.

  423. Immanuel Kant Says:

    Liked the graphics. Very amusing distro. Maybe somewhat offensive, though. By the way, regarding this post,

    # antichrist Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    religion sucks. it’s opium for the masses.

    isn’t this a quote from Stalin? Furthermore, atheism is a religion, isn’t it? So too, Satanism? Therefore, reconsider your stance or else being a ninja master I will hunt you down and eat your skin.

    By the way, grate cheese tomorrow and you will be lucky. And I want what she is having and the offer has just been revoked.

    Also, Hail Esperanto.

  424. Vincintosh Says:

    is it REALLY satanic? or is it satanic just for it’s graphic theme?

  425. xircon Says:

    Excellent, Headless Horseman is vast improvement of Unbunt beige. May I suggest Infernal Incantation as the next edition.

    I am a Pastafarian (for I have been touched by his noodley appendage) and as a Pastafarian I believe heaven contains beer volcanoes and a stripper factory. Hell is similar, except that the beer is stale, and the strippers have VD.

    But hey, I drink vodka and if your dead the clap is nothing to worry about.

    Anyway got to go, the voices are calling me and I am all out of chickens and virgins (but the local Tesco is now 24 hour).

    Behold the Flying spaghetti Monster, for he is lord.

    Keep up the good (or evil) work Garry, the internet needs more free thinkers like you.

  426. Spookshow Baby (Onegawa) Says:

    Oh wow. I haven’t been on Ubuntu for many a moon.

    Gary! How art thou?

    Hell of a site you have more of now. It seems increasingly larger than last I saw.

    Blessed Be
    (tis almost All Hallow’s Eve! Woo! >:D)

  427. Garry Says:

    That it is. We’re a full blown distro now.
    Nice to hear from you again!

  428. AnilM666 Says:

    Whatever Religious ppl say, who cares, Ubuntu Satanic Edition is an Elite Edition meant only for the Elite amongst us!!!

    A Distro finally that reflects the Creativity and Excellence in Linux History!!!

    We all stand and praise Ubuntu SE 666

  429. Spookshow Baby (Onegawa) Says:

    It’s good to hear from you too!

    I’ll say it is! It looks amazing.

  430. Rex Says:

    HHS said:
    > Don’t you dare calling me names like that. [Jesus,boy] … and the whole followup thread …

    Methinks I sniff a troll.

    Remember, “Advocacy of Christianity is indistinguishable from parody of advocacy of Christianity.”

    Good day!

  431. NeiL Says:

    This is a funny idea, i like it so much. Good work !!
    I’d love to see an atheist edition so all the religion trolls over internet will come to teach us how much wrong we are. lol

  432. awitcheskid Says:

    HAIL SATAN! oh and ubuntu too…

  433. B.EL.Z.BUB Says:

    There is no god. There is no devil. Anyone who thinks either exists is bonkers. Anyone who’s offended by Ubuntu SE, Ubuntu ME or Ubuntu-frigging-CE needs to get a life, whether they be Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, whatever. Keep your mentalist ideas and thoughts to yourselves, all of you – you’re all as dangerous and deluded as each other.

  434. Spookshow Baby (Onegawa) Says:

    I agree completely with B.EL.Z.BUB

  435. Eviscia Says:

    Okay, I know this is late as balls, but I’ve got something to say, so there.
    1. This is an operating system and not Satan possessing your computer (or is it? Hee hee)
    2. If I had a dick, I’d tell HHS to suck it. Quote:
    “And Kman, you believe that Jesus existed so obviously you must be the Christian”
    *Ahem* Um, no. No, no… no.
    I am a Diabolical Luciferian Satanist. I believe that Jesus existed. How in the Hell does that make me a Christian? You have to worship the bastard to be a Christian, you moron. I know atheists who believe Jesus existed, not necessarily as God’s son, more like a Life of Brian situation.

    Hehehe Jesus Boy. Funny shit.

    Um, they called you Christian because you said “This is very insulting to my religion. I really don’t think you should misuse the Lord’s name like that.”

    Fucking Christ, I can’t even read the whole page, I’m laughing too hard. May we all burn in Hell, you guys. Ouch. Since when are Jews communists? This dude, or wtf ever, may not be a Christian, as it claims, but it’s definitely a Neo-Nazi. What is so wrong with Jews? Honestly, I don’t hate anyone for their religion, I hate people for being assholes. I think it’s so funny how someone can get so offended. Make fun of Satanism all you want, I don’t give a damn, that’s me, so whatever, ya know? If you’re so insecure about yourself, then maybe he should just move on into a suicide cult. There’s no point living if you can’t make fun of life, for fuck sake. I hate extremists, they’re such cunts. Woo! Satan! Oh an Vincintosh: it’s just a Satanic theme. It rocks like all Hell, but it’s just a theme. Unless… the creator is a Satanist?

    HHS is a moron. Virtual high fives to those of you who established that. I don’t think he or she or it or heshe, as was said before, quite understands that they have the I.Q. of a stump, but hey, whatever smokes your boat man. If it doesn’t say my profile site, it’s myspace/eviscia, if anyone would like to say hello. I’m the nicest cunt you’ll ever meet, except to morons like you-know-who.

    Ave Satanas,
    Drace Eviscia
    Initiate of the Brotherhood of Satan

  436. Eviscia Says:

    Oh wait a minute… isn’t Jehovah supposedly God’s name? Wow, dude… you REALLY need to get your facts straight. Besides, Satan likes to suck the brains out of ignorant mortals and eat their toes… oooooooooooh… hahahahhahah fuck

  437. Nightcrawler Says:

    Xavier attributes his paralysis to “a childhood accident.” That’s quickly forgotten about, and issue #9 substitutes the canonical explanation: he was injured in a battle with a supervillain called Lucifer.

    Professor X has a jet that he can guide from the ground! “By thought impulses!” – FROM THE #1 MOST POPULAR AND BEST SELLING COMIC BOOK OF ALL TIME – X-MEN #1!

    Mutubuntu will fight your evil forces, even Satan won’t stop Xavier!

  438. Garry Says:

    You’re mad.

  439. HCK Says:


    XD Awesome relase! ;-)

  440. foundonthenet Says:

    JoyOfSatan is an excellent site. After reading it I gained +5 sexual dexterity points and became a 15th level Aryan mystagogue. I also have the ability to cast a sexual impotence spell on anti-racist activists by rolling 12+ on 1d20.

  441. Jeremy de STABWOUND Says:


    thanx ofr supporting the french underground metal!!!
    It really surprised me to see my band on this website while searching for some website on google!!!
    Thanks again and again



  442. Garry Says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Great to hear from you.

    May I also thank you your great music!

    Your album is my favourite one on the whole of Jamendo and it gives me faith in the underground metal scene and creative commons.

    If you’re even in the UK we’ll have to go for a beer!

    Keep it heavy, man!

  443. Morion Says:

    I read some of the comments here, no all of them… and i suspect that HHS… is Bill Gates himself!!! Beware of that evil tongue! jeje.


  444. Descubre tu lado oscuro con la versión satanica de Ubuntu Says:

    [...] les dejo la web Tags: satanica, ubuntu, ubuntu [...]

  445. Hugger Says:

    Why can’t we all just hug? If there is a christian ubuntu, there has to be an satanic one too. And there is no need to flame others, leave that to the christians, they are so good at it. HUGS 4 ALL AND EVERYONE!

  446. The Doctor Says:

    There’s already *two* Satanic OS’s. Windows & Mac OSX. Think about it: what better way to get people’s money then by turning their computer’s into “dumb terminals”?

    Did you think Satan would stop with just *one*?

  447. The Doctor Says:

    Wow. After I’m finally able to catch a breath after laughing about this bullshit flamewar unfolding here I just want to throw out a few quick notes:

    We’ve been programmed since day one to accept certain beliefs as “truth” … the first one is the concept of “time.” Then, good & evil, God & the Devil.

    Both “religions” are just control mechanisms.

    “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration.” == m=E/c-squared. Do you think Bill Hicks was extolling the Theoretical Physics for a reason? Once you truly *understand* this principle, it becomes so much simpler, yet complex, that the natural conclusion is:

    God can’t break a paradox.

    If God can’t break a paradox, then logic dictates there *is no* God.

    Then again, everything I say is a lie.

  448. johnny Says:

    just so you know,,,, HHS and friends… when your messing around playing musical chairs in the form of smooth trigonometry shapes talking about Lord Father, Oh Holy Night and studying stuff that was written by the world greatest morons…. ITS CALLED A CIRCLE JERK!!!

    I truly hope the point of this distro is to have flames and cool graphics on your desktops… because if its not… may God [of your choosing] have the strength to stop himself from laughing uncontrollably at you and take a minute out of His not so busy day to reformat your tiny brains and give you a second chance at life.

  449. Sergio Says:

    I love the fact that you can install it over the christian edition. Just thinking of it gives me the creeps…

  450. Onegawa Says:


    Who said getting the creeps was a bad thing? ^..^

    Merry -[almost]- Yulle!


  451. Ulysses Says:

    This is awesome

    I haven’t even finished installing this and I know it will be awesome

    Thank you and God bless

  452. あいきら Says:

    今日は。お元気ですか。私はUbuntu SEが大好きです。

  453. Onegawa Says:

    Maybe you haven’t exactly looked up into this…it’s a SATANIC program, so I’m not exactly sure you would want to have ‘god’ bless us…I mean we’re not exactly followers of him.

    It’s very kind that you enjoy and like the way that it looks, but…>.< You may want to look into something before you start to download it. XD

    May your god have mercy on your soul, because frankly you’re going to need it.

    We don’t anymore, we have the greatest entity to worship.

  454. Lord of darkness Says:

    love tis distro

    availble for 8.10?

  455. Lord of darkness Says:

    sorry for the missssssssssssssssstakkkkkkkkkkkkkkesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  456. Garry Says:

    Finally available for 8.10!

    Sorry for the delay…

  457. Bhudda Says:

    laughing my ass off as I download. Anything that generates this much dislike is obviously worth having.

    Bizarre and strange belief systems are amusing, hell is actually a Platonic concept, and Christiany a rip off from the Zoroastrians including the Eucharist. Oh and get ya christian hands off Yule too!



  458. Tsukasa80 Says:

    Being a reformed wiccan turned atheist I have to say this distro is quite beautiful graphicallly. I also find that the slanderous comments by various religeous people here are a complete waste of time and should be considered spam.When the government says that christ is right more than they have now and make the most dangerous book ever written in history the all knowing law then you can come here and complain.Otherwise get off your high horse.Christians are and have always supposed to have loved thy neighbor blah blah blah and instead you kill beat or publicly humiliate anyone you come into contact with.Need proof? take a look through history the crusades the spanish inquisition, the witch trials, and as i recall didnt even find a real witch there.So thanks to you (the developer) For some serious eye candy and kick ass metal.(whoo its hot down here) You rule!

  459. Diablo5 Says:

    I gotta admit, I thought I heard it all, with the 250+ differient Linux distro’s but this one (LMAO) takes ‘da cake.

    I’m downloading it right now, but what I’ve read so far its basically “Ubuntu”
    Who cares if the distro name is peeenis-head or whatever ?
    I usedto luv playing “DiabloI/II/LoD”.
    But just because of the name “DIABLO” Blizzard Software has been trying to slowly put the kybosh on the most legendary multiplayer game ever written -imho.

    I abhor people who think a couple letters in an alphabet mean you might get corrupted uttering them. like the number of the beast “666″ -ohhh how scary !!!.
    comon’ gimme a break ! even the most steadfast religious catholic priest “today” can’t possibly give credible damnation to that ?!!!
    Since 1991 ? the little FreeBSD beastie has been the mascot for FreeBSD/Unix. so what?. Before you criticize that understand how “unix” works with running process’ called “daemons” NOT “demons”!!! -before you open your ignorant big mouth’s.
    Sure, as far as UbuntuSatanic goes, they could have come up with another name like “fuzzy-pink” linux distro -oh but wait doesn’t fuzzy-pink possibly have a harmful-double-meaning-sexual sound to it ?
    Well then, by Gawd we cannot allow that on DISTROWATCH.ORG either !

    No, but i’m sure if UbuntuSatantic “donated” wink-wink-nod-nod lots of $$$ to DistroWASH then it would probably be rated the #1 linux distro download of the year.

    Anway, for you “religiously-sensitive” people out there, think about this one written 2000 years ago by a man who was explaining to the so-called top-dog-religous-big-shots at that time why it doesn’t matter if you eat pork, or drink blood, or even have a KFC chicken meal be it Sat or Sunday …”
    basically, it is NOT really important what you put in your mouth to eat or when. It it not what you put in your mouth that will hurt you. It is what comes OUT of your thoughts and MOUTH that can potentially hurt you and OTHERS !!!

    Simple, but to the point and true I’d say.

  460. Renzo Says:

    ahahaha, this is hilarious, I don’t really like ubuntu among the other linux distros, but SE convinced me to install it on my pc.
    Long live Heavy Metal!!!

    PS: what permissions does chmod 666 give to a file in ubuntu SE?


    kill this post………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspvFUCK YOU SATAN..

    BUT YES WE ARE UNPREDICTABLE… LOL , FOR the lord is my shepard Ill shall not want, he maketh me to ly down in green pastures


    am i in the box still










    Click here

    This is a CSS Popup that can be positioned anywhere you want on the page and can contain any test and images you want.





    1 00100011 over here better


    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….YA …………ITS NICE AND LOVING OVER HERE



  474. mister_playboy Says:

    This is pretty sweet. Thanks Garry!

  475. IamAlsoAChristian Says:

    He loves you all and wait you repent. He died on the cross to set you free.

  476. some dude Says:

    Lol religious people make me laugh xD

  477. Sanctuary666 Says:

    This is a fuckin BLACKMETAL distro for fuckin people.
    If you don’t like it LEAVE this site and do anithing else.
    No one says that you MUST install on your computer.

  478. Strokes Says:

    this is awesome. I’m gonna boot this from my portable HD. There should be a Metalocalypse Ubuntu.

  479. Bob... not really Says:

    nice name…

  480. Wtfisthis Says:


  481. HAHAHA Says:

    Pinche bola de chupapitos. god doesn´t exist motherfuckers, i.e. satan neither. This kind of discutions are very funny!

  482. あいきら Says:

    Sorry, about my bad English!

    Can I suggest that perhaps you want to delimit this message board somehow; the number of entries on it has grown inconceivably long and it takes a very long time to load on slower internet connections.

    Nice to see this project is still going. By the way, I follow Oomoto (大本) and find the somewhat naive entries on this board highly amusing; Atheism, Anton LaVey’s Satanism etcetera are not light, “godless” concepts but complicated philosophies embodying a particular way of life and system of belief; requiring a degree of “faith”. Strictly speaking, only Agnosticism as a philosophy requires no faith. So a lot of these entries seem quite hypocritical. Mind you, one must admire the counter culture.

    Lastly, I see no offense in your project and would like to see translations.


  483. boxfullofheads Says:

    I am new to Linux and setting this up has show me
    some things i did not know how to do. thanks for the
    step by step… by the way there is NO God …
    If no one beleaved in God then they would do anything
    they wanted with NO paying for it in the end, so God
    is just a scare tactice to keep the world from becoming
    a mess with everyone doing whatever they want.

  484. CJ Says:

    My face is God and God will eat some noodles soon for He is my face. Nark, nark, nark what an emo spark. Go fuck a rockboy.

  485. felipe1982 Says:

    When will we see Jewbuntu?

  486. Arcangel Says:

    Freebsd, is the major satanic linux. This is for babys, long live to Freebsd satanic linux..

  487. Garry Says:

    BSD isn’t Linux, you idiot.

  488. zm8 Says:

    OLOLOLO PSTO IS CAPTUREEED!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  489. gamerdude Says:

    Man black metal is so fail. You are the black, cavernous, well-penetrated asshole of music. Someone prove me wrong.

  490. lavish Says:

    what the hell is this?.. or … is this the hell ?

  491. windows burns Says:


  492. Int13h Says:

    Flashy desktops with funky themes and large colorful wallpapers never really appealed to me, though I have to say I admire your ability to keep up with the large stream of attention this product is getting. Good work.

    As for the website, I’m with あいきら. This thread is way too long to be readable for most people. I’d suggest grouping posts on separate page, maybe 10 or 15 post per page. I’m pretty sure WordPress has an option for that.

    PS. It might also be a good idea to remove/edit the posts by “IAMCHRISTIAN” and “Lord of darkness” for they use long words without spaces, it screws up your WordPress theme. (on firefox at least)

  493. Dumb13H Says:



    What a bunch of fools

    You must be mostly americans to have that dumbarse conviction


  494. 30Mil Says:

    Oh man you guys suck!
    I ran the distro backwards and it installed Windows Vista! WTF!

  495. N1nj4_bLu3 Says:

    i love the distro of the beast

  496. Ubunter Says:

    Ubuntu SE?…nothing productive….just CRAP!

  497. In nimina Satanus Says:

    In fact there was a “real” evil linux distro way before Ubuntu-bubuntu-shit-do-i-care-canonical-linux.
    It was called Evil Entity Linux and it was amazing looking distro in those days.

    Btw,tnx for a great looking theme for ´buntu linux :)

  498. Garry Says:

    Evil Entity – looks good. I like it.

    Only problem is that distrowatch seems to like it too ;-)

  499. Pat McGroin Says:

    What happens if you install it backwards…?

  500. mariuz Says:

    it will install Windows Satanic Edition Vista :P

  501. W Says:

    I like the idea!

  502. Umar Says:

    For all those who don’t like this Ubuntu SE: “why are you here? This is a free world (and especially true for NIX/Open Source) so any distro can be made and distributed.”

    For the Ubuntu SE team: “Nice work! I like the style… :)

    This post is unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humour or irrational religious beliefs.

  503. God LOVER Says:

    Fuck off suckers.. you think you can call attention by saying you suffer and all that fucking stuff? well, let me tell you something.. If you really like it, just go to hell! know what? I’m glad canonical went against you.. you are pure shit.. I know saying all this bad things just contributes to you, because satan is glad I’m bad, but know what? right now, I don’t care.. God is the light and salvation.. You’re a group of geeks that feel important by being aparted from society.. Wish God Bless all you so you see the real light.. bye

  504. Spanky Says:

    All Hail The Night!

    His(torvalds) was the Will to Power
    and Everything besides.

    Take this Linux Sword, and may it serve you well.

  505. sm Says:

    and all of this heaven-hell discussion started with just a Linux forum????? man, these guys need some life…

    @ubuntu-se: keep doing the excellent work guys, that is what open-source means after all.

  506. Lilith's-Oncle Says:

    Hey it’s a great Distro!!!
    I love the black theme, it’s my favorite since Ubuntu 7.04!

    Hail to Satan!

    To all the christians: You are insulting my religion by posting comments!

  507. Louis Chiffre Says:

    Yaaah, finally i got my own distri !!!!

  508. bug_0v3r Says:

    …..!! Niic3 ..

  509. up1x Says:

    I luv this style…

  510. axel Says:

    exelente trabajo está muy bueno,quiera saber cuando esta disponible la version kernel 9.10 ,espero noticias

  511. axel Says:

    ya lo istalé

  512. Creative Linkz » Blog Archive » Ubuntu Satanic Edition » About Says:

    [...] here ‘Ubuntu Satanic Edition’ for more [...]

  513. W666 Says:

    I finally installed it on Jaunty today.

    I downloaded livecd too. I hope there will be a Jaunty one based sometime.

    May the light of wisdom of the Master of Dunedia, Mighty Behemoth, to guide your steps!
    May the determination of the Master of the Infernal Seas, Prince Leviathan, to wipe the obstacles from your path!

    In the name of the Infernal Dragon,
    and In the name of Great Harlot,
    and In the name of the Unholy Spirit,

    May Samael be with You! ;-)

  514. Jean Chicoine Says:


  515. walter giardino Says:

    Sos groso, sabelo!

  516. tuxxic Says:

    great site, great post, great theme, great WW………..
    see you all in hell(ever) you will be in :)

    btw: for the makers of Ubuntuse thanks

  517. Jon Jermey Says:

    I see that both the Christian and Muslim versions of Ubuntu come with web filtering software to screen out sites containing material unacceptable to devotees of their religions. Does Ubuntu Satanic come with web filters to screen out religious rants, apologetics, pious and devotional material? Seems to me it should…

  518. Lakisha Hadis Says:

    I love this and I want to install this over my Ubuntu Linux OS. This will keep those christians that live in my house off my computer. They will be too scared to go near it, it be cool to have evil loud growling sounds too when it starts up hahahah. This is the most evil Linux muhahahahaha. Hail Satan!

  519. name Says:


  520. Maxine Dietrch Says:

    Joy of Satan:

  521. Ilsahec Says:

    Muito fraco. God bless you

  522. Orgia de Traveco Says:

    Essa é minha vida, cheirar pó e queimar pedra
    Trepar com os travecos e depois fumar minha erva
    Usando altas drogas e adorando o cão
    Praticando o satanismo e fazendo a felação!

    This is my life, breath dust and burn stone
    Fucking with gays and then smoke my weed
    Using high drugs and loving satan
    Practicing the satanism and doing a felation;

    (U.D.R – Bonde da Orgia de Traveco )

  523. Marcus Says:

    Satan apt-get install antichrist >:D
    This distro rules!

  524. wouerner Says:

    Hi i’m brazilian, hehehehe

    it’s site is not very good (exercising inglish)…….

    GOD fire for all people in the world, vitual and reality.

    God bless you.
    next step CristoLinux is comming……hehehehehehe

  525. Mariano Says:

    Bringer of Darkness, is Dead

    Large portions of have been considered, dissected and declared
    fallacious on very many levels.

    Two examples of this fact are as follows:

    Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding rape,
    for some odd reason, neglects to mention the most relevant biblical text
    related to the biblical view of and law about rape. Why this omission? Who
    knows, but it would certainly have gotten in the way of a good session of
    emotive expression of prejudice-it would have discredited to
    reference this most important text. Indeed, those annoying little facts have
    an annoying way of getting in the way of good fallacious assertions.

    Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding human sacrifice, for some odd reason, neglects to mention that the Bible does
    not command but condemns human sacrifice., for some odd
    reason, neglects to mention that when the Bible reports that human
    sacrifices did take place they were carried out by Gentile Pagans who were
    not worshiping the God of the Bible but various false gods. When “Jews” were
    performing human sacrifices it was only when they turned away from the God
    of the Bible and joined Gentile Pagans in worshiping various false gods.
    Yet, in typical militant activist atheist fashion, does not
    condemn Gentile Pagans but only condemns the Jews.

    Further evidence of this is found at this URL:

  526. Garry Says:

    Thank you for that link! You have succeeded in converting us to Christianity. What a wondrous life we have ahead of us, worrying about what that perfect creature might think of us, trying to please him, knowing that if we don’t then one little sin in our finite mortal existence may lead to an eternity of suffering.

  527. Slacker Says:

    Ubuntu CE is more evil than this one in the asshole way, it has parental control. I always hated the fucking parental control, though it’s normally VERY easy to break, except on well secured routers.

  528. Prescient Plebeian Says:

    Damn you! Damn you all!
    I demand **Beelzebub**, not some cheap, generic *Satan*!
    To the torments of Tartarus, with all of you!

  529. Samael Says:

    Hah, excellent edition of ubuntu! Admittedly, it would be a little cooler if this were an “authentic” Satanic edition as opposed to an atheist edition (the humanist view of satanism proposed by LaVey has gotten old D:).

    Anywho, was curious if there was any kind of help you were looking for in lieu of future releases? I don’t have many skills, but I’ll help in any way I can. :P You have my e-mail address, so shoot me one!

  530. DarkPegasus Says:

    This is an amazing distro and I would definitely install it if I didn’t already have Ubuntu running. I may grab some of the packages though.

    I seem to have stumbled into an all out flame war on religion O_o. Woo! Christian fanboys are just as bad as console and OS fanboys. Of course, this could be said of any religion. There are several gods that are older than the Christian god. In fact the (weak) Christian mythos is a conglomeration of pagan deities, so what makes you think you’re so special?

    Erm…before I go on ranting: Awesome distro! I’ll be following it ^_^.

  531. Electric-Wildflower Says:

    I was interested in this distro but looking closly i realised it seems more like a doom skinned ubuntu with a pentagram here and there.

    Being a Spiritual Satanist my self alot of this i find offensive maby if you themed it more on satanism and less on dark images and heavy metal i might be more interested.

    Then again i ain’t had the joy of installing it ive seen the screen shots and read a few articles so will download it and try it sometime.

    How about creating different types of this distro like.

    Spiritual Satanist – Links to The joy of Satan and other spiritual Satanic sites maby even have the sounds less evil and more light well Spiritual Satanism is based around Meditation Less dark themes and more lightened stuff.

    Lavayan Satanist – Just keep this distro as it seems to fit perfect.

    Devil worship, Rebel type people – Same as above keep the distro fits perfect.

    anyway this was just a few ideas time to go test it lol.

  532. Satanic_Thx_God Says:

    My annual tribute to you, oh great UbuntuSE

    (yeah just a message… I thought about buying the Ubuntu SE Inferno Coffee Mug(tm), but the shipping to Argentina cost more than my soul and blood) XD XD XD

  533. TOSNA I ERIP Says:

    arogancja, aranżacja, szitaka
    Makieta,szitaka, namiastka, podróbka, niepełen oryginał,

    muzyka sakralna,

    żabot, baki,

    podnośniki hydrauliczne

    arogancja, aranżacja,

    Ja z kolei uważam, że “dziury” (ja nie wiem gdzie Wy tam widzicie dziury, mógłbym Wam pokazać dziury, ale tego widoku moglibyście nie znieść) są integralną częścia ekosystemu Oporowa, mają swoją historię i niemałą dozę uroku. Tak same “dziury” jak i “ciemność” (ja nie wiem gdzie Wy tam widzicie ciemność, mógłbym Wam pokazać ciemność, ale tego widoku moglibyście nie znieść) otaczają wieczornego przechodnia przytulnym i nastrojowym klimatem, żyją z mieszkańcami w symbiozie i nie ukrywam, że są wielce pożyteczne:

    a) Stojąc w “dziurze” człowiek znajduje się bliżej wód termalnych, korzystnie wpływających na układ krążenia i ogólną kondycję psychofizyczną

    b) “Dziury” z racji swego kształtu działają jak talerze anten satelitarnych, zbierając pozytywną energię Drogi Mlecznej i pdbijają ja promieniście w kierunku ulokowanych wokół domostw

    c) Również z racji swego kształtu, tyle że od dołu, niczym, soczewki skupiają w sobie prądy telluryczne, zasilając nimi biosferę

    d) Dzięki “dziurom” na osiedle nie mogą sie dostać nisko zawieszone VW Golfy I z przyciemnianymi szybami i naklejkami Pioneer, którymi jak powszechnie wiadomo poruszają się dealerzy narkotyków

    e) “Dziury” są naturalnym efektem ewolucji “drogi”, jak mówi przysłowie “co kiedyś było płaskie, stanie się dziurawe” – z ewolucją się nie polemizuje (tzn. są tacy co polemizuja, ale pozwolę sobie nie komentować ich rysu psychologicznego)

    f) “Dziury”, oprócz “gór” są znaczącym urozmaiceniem powierzchni naszej planety, co jak wiadomo niesie za sobą pozytywne skutki wobec odwiecznego ludzkiego pragnienia zaspokojenia potrzeby urozmaicenia (nie mogłem się powstrzymać od napisania tego dziwnego zdania), gdyż nie ulega wątpliwości, że Ziemia jest płaska, wobec czego każda wypukłość, lub wklęsłość terenu jest zarówno nam, jak i każdemu żywemu stworzeniu potrzebna.

    g) “Dziury” to wina Platformy. Lepiej mieć na osiedlu coś, co jest winą Platformy niż pisu.

    h) W jednej z “dziur” mieszka tajemnicza postać – Szitaka. Nie zakopujmy jego domu ! Chcielibyście, żeby ktoś zakopał Wasz?

    i) Jako jeden z niewielu wątków, argumentując doszedłem do litery “i”, co takze nie jest bez znaczenia. Nie deprecjonujcie mojej pracy, ja Waszą szanuję.

    Nie mam juz niestety czasu, aby przytoczyć więcej argumentów przemawiających przeciwko zniszczeniu dziedzictwa Oporowa. Jeżeli uznam, że dyskusja rozwija się w tonie merytorycznym, nieomieszkam podzielić się z Wami resztą hermetycznej wiedzy na temat “dziur”.

    PS – co będzie następne? Najpierw zniszczycie “dziury”, a później? Operę? Halę Ludową? Wieżę Eiffla? Zrozumcie, są rzeczy na niebie i Ziemi o których zniszczeniu nie powinno śnić się nawet filozofom!

    natchnienie, upomnienie, przywołanie do porządku, porządek rzeczy

    zachowanie odpowiedniej kolejności podczas wykonywania bardzo ważnej, nie do pomylenia czynnosci takiej jak rozszczepianie

    jądra atomu w celach amatorskich

    równanie zwierciadła kulistego jest takie samo jak soczewki

    sraty taty, archeopteryks

    aldehydy, kwas dezoksyrybonukleinowy

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    unerwienie gałki ocznej, operacje plastyczne, silikon, pistolety, broń,


    zakałą, czarna owca, jagnięcina, szynka, wędzenie, swędzenie,

    drapanie do krwii pomimo świadomości robienia sobie krzywdy bądź komuś innemu niźli sobie ( ufff )

    przerzucanie odpowiedzialności na kogoś innego,

    zwyrodnienie stawów, nadciśnienie tetnicze w bardzo zaawansowanym stadium,

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    pożadanie, szybkie

    niepokój manipulacyjny

    Cannibal, grozi Ci zastrzyk adrenaliny.

    Strach. Ciemny las. Krzyki wygranych… i pokonanych.
    Pasja. Fascynacja. Podekscytowanie wojownika.
    Zazdrość postronnych?

    To wszystko zapewnia tylko jeden sport:

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    bezwyrazowość osobowości – ale taka mocna ze brak jest osobowościw tym wogóle


    święconka, Wielkanoc,


    ultraiso, winamp, total commander, nero, kosz, śmieci,

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    płynny marmur,

    czy wiecie,że… do wytworzenia pary chińskich trampkek potrzeba zużyc 28 litrów wody ?!?!?!



    poczęcie i poród i do tego połóg

    werble, instrumenty klawiszowe i perkusyjne i inne smyczkowe równiez chociaz
    czy ja wiem Hmmmm to chyba nie sa instrumenty

    Instrumenty wymuszania egzekwowania swojej władzy


    siema? Szitaka ?

    Tosnaerip, pireansot ?

    przyczepy gastronomiczne
    uklady wydechowe
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    kolo fortuny
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    mapa sochaczewa
    brykiet i wegiel
    fajne tapety
    polska mapa
    sciagi z
    rozrywka mazowieckie warszawa
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    grupy i zespoly
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    Po prostu taka wskazówka z zewnątrz Twojej głowy.

    banicja, zesłanie,

    Czy wiecie, że…… na świecie co siedem sekund kupowana jest nowa toyota !!!


    pogrążanie, pognębienie, udeptywać,

    Witaj w Nowym Roku!

    Horoskop na 2007 rok:

    Od pewnego czasu zespół pracował nad zmniejszeniem ilości spamu docierającego do Twojej skrzynki pocztowej. Mniej spamu to:
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    2) większe bezpieczenstwo,
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    W trosce o Twoje bezpieczeństwo z końcem roku wprowadziliśmy nową wersję systemu antyspamowego, co pieciokrotnie zmniejszyło ilość niechcianej korespondencji przyjmowanej przez nasz system pocztowy.

    Życzymy dobrego i spokojnego Nowego Roku 2007.

    ‘Szitaka – syndrom wyrodzenia nerwowego. Poziom absolonu 83-85%. pojawia sie jedynie przy świetle od 2 – 4 luxów. Po 28 krotnym użyciu Szitaka nadaje się jedynie do regeneracji, gdyż zużywa sie cały zapas Szitaszahny. Najnowsza metoda galwanizacji na chłodno za pomocą pierwiastka szitaki. Szitaka jest odkrytym pod koniec lat ’90 pierwiastkiem uzupełniającym układ okresowy. Jej niezwykłe własciwości zostały potwierdzone przez jej odkrywców dr Roberto Mansiniego i prof. Antonio d’ Amato. Szitaka umożliwia galwanizajcę plastiku i styropianu juz w temperaturach “chłodnych” ( czyli od 5 – 17 stopni C ).

    premedytacja, medytacja, stacja, tacja, taca, kelnerowanie, duzo naczyń niesionych przez
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    świeżop, gryka, kapusta kiszona, kwasokiszonka, uprawa roli,

    Szitaka. Jedyne oficjalne przedstawicielstwo znanej szwajcarskigo konglomeratu.
    Zajmujemy sie syntetyzowaniem absolonu, oraz wytwarzaniem paneli diagolnalnych

    marazm i niechęć, nadużywanie,



    ekstremalna intensywność doznań


    rzecz kotrej nie ma w google : “to do żonglowania ”

    demaskowanie, ujawnianie niechcianej prawdy,


    uzmysłowienie sobie faktu, iz ideały z młodości to sciema i nie da sie ich zrealizowac :(

    ekstremalny country-blues, efemeryczne disco.

    Kałmanawardze Dupagadabzdury

    masz liszaj? a za ile oddasz?

    praktyki znachorskie,


    pofatygować się

    urwipołeć, urwipołć,

    strapić sie, utrapienie,

    dziwne rady i dobre prawdy przez telefon 3.,66 zl/minete

    zwada. wodzic, wzodzisz mnie, uwodzić,


  534. Judas Iscariot (Yes, that Judas!) Says:

    Is it eviler than Microsoft Windows 7th level of Hell, that was released a couple of days ago?

    And I would also like to know, is there is an evil project planner and some world domination mapping software for it?

    Oh, and if I may suggest a feature for future versions. I would very much like a button on my desktop that takes me straight to fornication, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and all that shit on the internet without the hassle of looking for the really good stuff. Preferably it would say “Get it here! ” Or just a big red button that destroys the entire world would suffice.

    Cursing you most cordially,

  535. Ozz Says:

    Ubuntu Chtulhu Edition OWNs all!!

  536. Tomsyco Says:

    When will Ubuntu 9.1 be supported?


  537. ALnatVoeny Rox Says:

    First, and Most Important: Gary, keep rocking the U:SE!!! Great product!!! I’ve been enjoying various details you have added!! Patiently awaiting additional releases. GREAT JOB!!!!

    Second, IAM(not)Christian: If the lord is your shepherd, that must make you the sheep, right? /Does BAHH mean no?/ Feels so good!! See you in Hell, and save you a seat!!

    /U:SE FTW!!!

  538. Greppo Says:

    I installed the “Ubuntu Satanic Edition” and was very disappointed to find it boot up as Windows Vista :-(

  539. KilledGod Says:

    Oh fucking Shit!!!
    This is AWESOME!!!!

    Why don’t you add some Music (like The Arrs and other free Death Metal), Sounds, free dark Wallpapers, free e-books, and so to it. A few weblinks to satanic stuff would be great!!

    God is dead. God was dead. And we have killed him.

    But God is also only a illusion of the human fantasy.

    Try not to think on Unicorns :-)

  540. KilledGod Says:

    Oh fucking Shit!!!
    This is AWESOME!!!!

    Why don’t you add some Music (like The Arrs and other free Death Metal), Sounds, free dark Wallpapers, free e-books, and so to it. A few weblinks to satanic stuff would be great!!

    God is dead. God was dead. And we have killed him.

    But God is also only a illusion of the human fantasy.

  541. Garry Says:

    Cheers. We already include CC licensed metal music, wallpapers and sounds!

  542. Lakeshore Says:

    What’s the difference between this and the Mormon Gold Plated Doctrine and Covenant We Support the Fiat Paper Money within Admiralty Jurisdiction Scam Where Everyone Has Forgotten Over Time that Labor Could Never Be Taxed at the Constitutional Common Law But Now Since 1933 We Have Everyone’s Personal NAME Incorporated and Operating in Commerce So That Their Labor is Represented as Corporate Income and Taxable and Used to Support the American Empire Edition?

  543. BobTheBuilder Says:

    Oh my soul, this is a great concept. This will be downloaded!

  544. E Says:

    I miss all the funny retards… HHS, come back!

  545. Frenchy Says:

    No shit !!! Satanic Ubuntu ??? hehehehe

    That will look good in my Resume !!!

    I support Satanic Ubuntu hehehe. Cuz I’am a horny f*** hehe

  546. Raistlin1313 Says:

    So when are we going to see the Pagan edition or the Wiccan edition?

    Yeah, I just installed this here and I have to say that I fucking love it. <3

  547. Garry Says:

    Raistlin! Cool name. Are your pupils shaped like hour glasses, too?

  548. mox Says:

    what about a ‘raelians edition’ ??

    btw, fine work guy!

    ubuntuSE rocks!

  549. asmodeus Says:

    I just read through alot of these comments. I think for the most part that HHS and his buddy aren’t true satanists. I think that they have read alot of books. Just because a person is Jewish or Christian does not make them a communist. I think that you have religion and politics mixed up. I personally think that you are a bit of a racist. I think that you are more of an Aryan than a Satanist.
    I believe that the two of you need to take a better look at yourselves before you start throwing stones at others, oh yeah, grow up please. If that is possible. Im not afraid of you either. Your hollow words are just that, hollow. You are a dog that barks, but has no teeth.
    I have met true satanists in my day. They don’t go ranting and raving like a little child over an OS. True Satanists keep to themselves and don’t advertise.
    Just to let you know, I’m an ordained minister, your words and thoughts, chants and magic have no power over me.
    If you have nothing of intelligence to say just keep your yap shut and go play in your sandbox. Just give out a yell and someone will come and change your diaper.
    One more thing, I will be loading this up on my PC. I had it before. I want it again!!!!!

  550. Kate Says:

    Impressive. Nice work on the graphics. Finally a user experience that feels like home. I am very impressed with the work that has been done on the GUI.

    Free the Beast.

  551. Faeryan Says:

    A nice set of themes and fantastic sense of humor. :) =
    Downloading as I’m typing this.

  552. tugodoom Says:

    Duuuuuude, total Metallocalypse theme!!!

  553. Aizenix Says:

    bloody-hell!! what a blood-soaked demon!!
    wanna try this, but iam not an ubuntu user..
    hope your make for other distro..keep cool man!!

  554. Sanket Says:

    Plz update for lucid asap……

  555. Skullcrash Says:

    Me fascina esta distro, sigan adelante.

  556. Lord Sólyom Says:

    I was never drawn too much towards Linux-based OS, but this one I must try… Thanks for such this gloriously blasphemous theme. ;) )

  557. VK5OX Says:

    Mariano, so what?

    AntiDesecrationTaskforce, as an Australian like me, haven’t you got better things to do?

    God LOVER, you’re a wanker.

    HHS is a fascist troll.

    Religion, I have to call it something for the benefit of this post, and all the associated words good or bad are totally meaningless to me. It is that simple.

    Excellent front end for Ubuntu though. Better than the boring muck Canonical put out.

    Garry, please develop one for Debian.

  558. void() Says:

    Do i have to install it backwards??

  559. Eldridge Pidcock Says:

    Spitze Design hat dieser Blog. Woher hast du die Vorlage ? War bestimmt sehr teuer.

  560. ? Says:

    I’m installing this purely because… I want to.
    Shit, I forgot to backup by art!

  561. world cup 2010 betting odds Says:

    That was a great post. It is inspiring for all. Thanks for sharing that piece.

  562. completed cross stitch Says:

    I’m the Diablo. Ruler of the Hell. Nice themes guys.

  563. HATRED Says:

    Can this be ran on windows 7 ultimate? please responsed by email

  564. Garry Says:

    Of course it can be run *on* Windows 7. You just install it over the top.

  565. Communication Says:

    That was great information. You have done a good job communicating your message. Keep up the great job.

  566. PixMedial — Design & Geek » Ubuntu Satanic Edition – la distribución Linux para no religiosos Says:

    [...] [...]

  567. motivational Says:

    This is by far one of my favorite post you have done, i disagree on some points but most of the points you made i can respect. Keep it up!

  568. HHS Says:




  569. idiotnesia Says:

    Great Ubuntu Edition :D

  570. Blackout Says:

    To HHS: Please note that I am Jewish and that you are offensive to me. Also note that I probably bench you and can amost definitely punt you through a wall or two. Therefore, stop insulting Jewish people and pissing off everyone else.

  571. Jay Ar Says:

    I believe Satan is real because the Bible is true. I believe that the “Lake of Fire” is real a place where Satan is to be cast into. There is only One True GOD, the Almighty and Holy GOD. And He will punish Satan into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

    Revelation 20:10, “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”

    If you are under the influence of Satan, it’s not too late for you to repent. Repent from your sin and put your trust on the Lord Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ can saved you from the eternal torment.

  572. Jayar Says:

    I believe Satan is real because the Bible is true. I believe that the “Lake of Fire” is real a place where Satan is to be cast into. There is only One True GOD, the Almighty and Holy GOD. And He will punish Satan into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

    Revelation 20:10, “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”

    If you are under the influence of Satan, it’s not too late for you to repent. Repent from your sin and put your trust on the Lord Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ can saved you from the eternal torment.

  573. OM SHIVAYA Says:

    WOW! this is the HOTTEST Ubuntu distro! Great JOB:)))
    The community even comes complete with delusional Chaplains
    too! Hillarious!!!

    Why don’t you guys go plant trees, instead of cutting them down to make your own stupid versions of the bible… promising a heaven
    in the sky whilst destroying what’s already been created by
    the good Lord himself!?!

    Man! If it aint cocaine, it’s religion… it makes you feel all holy and shit… unfortunately, there aint no rehab for that! hahha!

  574. OM SHIVAYA Says:

    A Fundamentalist ( by personal definition ) is someone who is “mental” with a lot of “funds”.

    I’m sorry Jayar, but threatening people is old-hat marketing.
    There are so many McDonald’s religions out there as there are Linux distros, so you gotta come up with something more subtle and creative in order to get a competitive edge over your competitors.

    So stick that up your pipe and smoke it!

    Cheers mate:)))

  575. Jayar Says:

    Satan’s future is eternal torment. Hotter than this fire and darker than what you see on your screen’s background. There’s no chance for Satan to scape that eternal punishment. If you are a follower of Satan OM SHIVAYA, and if you are bright enough to understand where Satan came from and who is he before, then, you will know that he (Satan) is powerless and hopeless to escape His future, “THE LAKE OF FIRE” with his angels (demons) and followers.

    Don’t be sorry to me OM SHIVAYA, I challenge you don’t let him (Satan) to forever blind you with his lies and deceits.

    By the way, if you have time to talk to Satan, try to ask him about his future.

    But if you will hearken to the truth about The True God and believe His Son Jesus Christ who died on the Cross of Calvary and put your trust in Him, you will be saved from that eternal torment. There’s power in the precious BLOOD of The Lamb of GOD. I know and I believe that Satan trembles to this truth.

    It’s not too late OM SHIVAYA to repent.

  576. OM SHIVAYA Says:

    hahha! Hillarious! No Jayar, I don’t worship nor speak to Satan…
    if I did, well… I guess I’d have to see a psychiatrist^^

    Man! It’s 2010 for the love of Christ! Anyone would think the
    inquisition were still on!

    Anyway, I’m sure you meant well and I thank you for your
    concern for my soul. You and I are God’s creation after all,
    so I’m sure He understands us both…

    Take it easy brotha, don’t get too worked-up on all that hoolabaloo
    e.g. The Cross of Calvary, and ( wtf!?! ) the precious Blood of The Lamb of God?!

    Man! I mean come on!! You actually believe in that crap?!
    ( hmm.. anyone got a syringe? )

    Well, you’re entitled to your opinion as I am to mine…

    Peace man! I’ll catch you later… I’m gonna take this distro for a ride!!!

  577. Faggot11 Says:



  578. FarKorE Says:

    Thank you very much, this site is excelent!

    Congratulations from Chile =)


  579. Feck Says:

    No where in the bible or any historical references (That I am aware of) is there mention of a “lake of fire.” The hell you are referring to comes from a fictional book, called “Dante’s Inferno.”

  580. Garry Says:

    You imply the bible isn’t fictional

  581. h3nd7 Says:

    I am neither a religious person, a satan follower nor an atheist. Yet reading people flame each other over the word “satanic Edition” makes me LOL ^-^. I am definitely going to try this.

  582. Satanic Undead 666.9 « Lothars Blog Says:

    [...] interessiert, als ich diesen Torrent auf dem Linux Tracker entdeckt habe und ich musste mir doch die Webseite mal anschauen, was das ist. Satanic Undead ist ein Ubuntu 10.10 für Heavy-Metal-Fans. Auf der [...]

  583. babygirlkfor Says:

    December 23rd, 2006 at 11:32 pm

    you’re just nazi xtains and your joke cult brainwashed me into murdering my ferret with


    December 23rd, 2006 at 11:32 pm

    you’re just nazi xtains and your joke cult brainwashed me into murdering my ferret with black magic!!! you’re all going to regret this i’m going to pray to it and it’s going to have revenge on you!!!! you just wait! the ferret came to me in a dream and it said it said it hates you all and i am destined to be at one with it and then you’ll all regret it, i swear to jesus!


  584. babygirlkfor Says:



    December 23rd, 2006 at 11:32 pm

    you’re just nazi xtains and your joke cult brainwashed me into murdering my ferret with black magic!!! you’re all going to regret this i’m going to pray to it and it’s going to have revenge on you!!!! you just wait! the ferret came to me in a dream and it said it said it hates you all and i am destined to be at one with it and then you’ll all regret it, i swear to jesus!


  585. babygirlkfor Says:


  586. rapos Says:

    this version is the fucking best shit ever dude…….

  587. dummy Says:

    What’s this? I’m serious, the about page doesn’t say why is there a satanic edition, why should I download this one instead of the main? it’s just because it have some music?

    Metal it’s not necessary satanic… this thinger seems like “I’m pretty bad ’cause I don’t listen to my mommy when she say ‘eat your vegetables’”…

  588. Alan Says:

    Waaaaaaa! The baby cries, apparently.


    Here’s the thing about being a *real* Satanist: eventually, you realize, thru enlightened eyes, that religious adherence to rules is the complete opposite of your belief system’s goals.

    The idiot that is screaming about “you’ll never get through hell’s gates with ….” blah de fucking blah …. is obviously still stuck in some old religious (read: Christian) programming that he has yet to relinquish.

    If you’re going to be a Satanist, be a fucking Satanist and live your life. Quit interfering with others’ stuff just b/c you think that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander … cause it ain’t, dumbass.

    Hail Satan! Shemhamforesh!

  589. Hecatior Says:

    I was wondering when the torrent will kick in. At last a distro that dares to do a theme or look that kick ass!

  590. ercole Says:

    This ditro is amazing! I installed it already in my 2 laptops and I will do the same on the desktop as soon as I will finish building it.

    Keep up the good work guys because it is currently the best distro around!

  591. exgenmeikoj Says:

    garry this is what i been looking for :D this is bad ass i love it and i also love the comment wars :P

  592. Joe Says:

    I just spent 3 hours reading all the comments, It was fun, but now I am going to go shoot myself

  593. sespela Says:

    Wow, the comments here really didn’t have much to do with the distro.. But this seems cool. I’m gonna download this and give it a shot. Looks like a fun twist to Ubuntu.
    Whish there was a Ubuntu Norse Edition..!

  594. RobinDean Says:

    Just read about this distro from Hardforum.
    Didnt know of this nor the “christian” edition.

    might just dual boot this with the ce and see if my HTPC will either go up in flames or grow wings.

  595. Satanic_Thx_God Says:

    Good to see you still here!!! (and not in hell… :P ), WOW, my first post was in 2006 and you are still getting some heat hate mails!!!! (i think that mean you keep the same great “evil” path!!!, and there are really too many wakos out there…)

    Anyway… you are awesome…


  596. CRL Says:

    lol so much flames and debate and fighting going on here…….I’m a Christian myself and i actually agree with some of you guys on here yeah most Christians take things too seriously and it can be annoying when you come across the ones and try to force it on people sadly too many go too far with it =/ as for them I gladly consider myself one of the few who don’t cause hey we all have the right to believe what we want lol and if others don’t like it then hey its not their style but that doesn’t mean we should start flaming on each other =/ to others it can seem like its fun bashing on each other but after a while it can become hurtful and such =/ but from my personal opinion i think people should just lighten up on the flame wars sometimes cause people can really get hurt from it sometimes and i can honestly say for all the people who will read this comment and respect my input without trying to start anything I can say I respect you for being mature about the situation but anyway for those of you who like this distro good on ya and those who dont…..just find another distro theres plenty out there in the linux world =P most likely my comment may raise some heat with some people and for those who may take this the wrong way i apologize just thought id put my 2 cents in here is all but none the less i best be off later lol

  597. vironwee Says:

    hahahahahahahahaha I love this creation

  598. Albert Newton Says:

    Ohh c’mmon… Belief is Belief we have to respect each other but I Strongly disagree to this Stuff… i know your reason for this Ubuntu SE, but come to think of it…Ubuntu is an African term for “humanity”. Its quite disappointing that whenever we talk of humanity, were dealing with our selfishness. Yes were are becoming selfish and i believe you know why… Whenever we coin of the term humanity, what we must do is to give and give and it is actually the foundational principle of GNU/GPL, we’re giving in circles that’s why we are also benefited. I wonder what would be the reaction of MIT, AT&T, The Canonical, Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds regarding this. But on the other side, considering humanity, this is a work with effort. this must be appreciated… well, think there are some who did it.

  599. Albert Newton Says:

    The number 666 doesn’t represent ‘satan’ but a “MAN” it is a man Guyz.. Satan can never use any physical manifestations to seduce here in earth.. he has to use Human Intelligence in order to do so… I wonder Satan is compiling his customized linux kernel… or typing some commands into the terminal or Programming in C/C++ like a geek either…hahaha

  600. Joshp406 Says:

    Atheism/Satanism+The greatest OS ever (Ubuntu) FTW

  601. PizzaGuy Says:

    Well one things for sure,
    you will never see an anarchist version of linux.

    Keep Going Garry!

  602. Grymskaft Says:

    Thank you Garry and crew for making this great flavor of Ubuntu, my life is now complete.

    Having spent almost 2 hours reading the comments made here my chest and stomach hurts from all the laughing. Too bad that HHS stop’t writing, his rambling about the Jews was a hoot. And the discussion about god and Satan was just as amusing. I’m a follower of the ancient Scandinavian religion, but have read the bible a few times just for laughs, and I must say that many of the commentators here are very confused when it comes to the concept of God/Satan. Satan is a fallen angel who became jealous of Man being created in the “image” of God and given the power of free will and choice. He was then thrown out of Heaven and condemned to spend eternity among those he hated most, namely MAN. Hell is a creation of the medieval Christian church to scare people, and as a way of controlling the masses. As far as I know hell is not mentioned anywhere in the bible.

    Well that’s enough rambling from me.

    Yet again, a BIG thank you to Garry and all others who has made this great dist of Ubuntu. I will never use anything else ever.

  603. Garry Says:

    Thanks! Although I have to disagree with one of your points. Hell is mentioned A LOT in the bible. Revelations is my favourite, of course…

    Revelation 20:13-15: “…hell delivered up the dead which were in them…And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”

  604. umbralx Says:

    free software… free mind… satanic ubuntu… free world forever :D … live satan xD



  606. Grymskaft Says:

    Hi again!

    Yes Garry you are absolutely right Hell is mentioned in the Bible but it was not until the dark ages that the term “Hell” was put in the bible. Before that it was just the burning lake of fire. The word Hell comes form the Nordic mythology where Hel is both the Goddess of death and the place of the dead. Hel just like Hell has nine realms depending on how you lived your life, if you where a good person that respected the gods an did your best you ended up in a sort of paradise. But if you where a bad boy in you life you would end up in one of the other eight realms where they ware tortured in different ways. That is actually where the priests an monks got the idea of Hell and it’s nine circles, they ripped it right of the Nordic mythology and adapted it to the christian believe system and also put it in to the bible. If you get your hands on a bible pre 900 ad there is not a single line that mentions Hell. Only the bravest warriors ended up in Valhalla all the other went to Hel.

  607. six6six Says:

    606 responses, who will post 666?? :-p

  608. Crytek Says:

    why everyone believe to the God who have die..?

    i think, God is weak, and human is powerful….

  609. jfrwtf Says:

    Just doing my bit to get to 666 posts.

    Fantastic job, keep up the good work ;D

  610. Naac Says:

    This can only be kidding

  611. ubuntu demon Says:

    Gary i love your distro and wish i was geek enough to know how to create these great programs so I could help develop it in the future. I do however guarantee that i will be using your version of ubuntu for as long as it is available. Keep up the great work!!!!

  612. Garry Says:

    Thanks for your support ubuntu demon!

  613. sKary Says:

    Dude, If you take this distro and run the binary backwards it loads a chatroom to Satan!

  614. Power Metal Man Says:

    This is a distro for GAYS.

    only gays uses ubuntu se.

  615. Meq Says:

    If you want to create a genuine Satanic distro, you could include some copyright free writings (in PDF) pertinent to actual religious and philosophical Satanism. There are some black rites not under copyright.

    To appeal to philosophical and intellectual Satanists, perhaps include some Friedrich Nietzsche (e.g. “The Antichrist”), Machiavelli (“The Prince”), Sun Tzu (“The Art of War). Perhaps some fragments of Epicurus. Some of these have free audio versions too, e.g. at

    Although it’s not really my bag, some “Order of Nine Angles” writings have been placed under GNU copyleft.

  616. serper Says:

    This is awesome, Demonic Linux Distro.

    I have to admit this is very alluring. I’ve been looking for something worthy enough to nuke my old HP xw9300 Workstaion with. Many thanks for this, from the City by the Bay. Home of the Satanic Church, San Francisco CA.

    Hail Satan

    Mayhem, Burzum, Deicide

    Burn in the fire of Hell POWERMETAL. For you art the gayth one of BhALL!


  617. Anuro Croador Says:

    Hail, I waiting for the next version 11.10, but I hope a version directly for Kubuntu please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  618. Vibe X the home of gossip Says:

    Wonderful goods from you, man. I’ve take into account your stuff previous to and you’re just too great. I actually like what you’ve bought here, really like what you are saying and the best way during which you say it. You are making it enjoyable and you continue to take care of to stay it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a terrific web site.

  619. Giulia Says:

    ‘Thanks you seeking this blog. That’s all I can say. You most to be sure suffer with made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You apparently know so much round the angle, youve covered so profuse bases. Giant kit from this share b evoke of the internet. Again, sometimes non-standard due to you for this blog.”

  620. Man fired for not wearing "666" sticker Says:

    [...] [...]

  621. yoursurprise-bellatio-4 Says:

    Wonderful post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Appreciate it!

  622. eGaTS Says:

    What does Tolkien’s Tengwar script have to do with Satan? You used it in your main banner.

  623. FABIAN Says:

    I am about to install Xubuntu or Lubuntu, in a partition, and I would like a Satanic Edition for them…or maybe a Luciferian edition for Lubuntu..

    Good job !!

    Greetings from Uruguay.Southamerica

  624. TheOne Says:

    Guys, seriously.
    It is true that satan and God exits.
    the truth is that God loves anyone, and I really mean ANYONE!
    He changed my life, so I know what i’m talking about.
    If you u guys want to be satanist or whatever, then be it. I totally respect that.
    But in the after-life, u will burn for the rest of your life. but those are the decisions.

  625. lul Says:

    HHS was trollin so hard…

  626. Andreas Says:

    Please listen to me because I want the best for you:

    I believe satan really exists and he wants the worst for you:
    He wants to bring you away from God which would mean your death.
    Only God can give eternal life.

    The great dragon was hurled down- that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
    – Book of Revelation 12,9

    He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.
    – 1Joh 5,12

    JESUS WON AGAINST THE DEVIL: Matthew 4,1-11.

    Rom 3,22-24:
    There is no difference,
    23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
    24 and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

    There are many informations about Jesus on the net, for example

    If you have time, please look at it. I really want to help you.

  627. Jonathan Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious, I love it! I’m happy with secular Debian for the time being but maybe I’ll get Ubuntu SE going in a virtual machine just for shits and giggles. At first it seemed like a frivolous exercise of the rights granted in the GPL to bother with making a distro like this but I’m glad someone responded appropriately to the Christian edition.

    Also, all the absurd fanaticism going on in this message board makes it all the more hilarious. I can’t believe people would take a distro with some firey themes so seriously! What’s better is that these satanist kids somehow portray themselves as being at odds with christians while worshiping the same fuckin book! Classic!

    Anyways, keep up the good work. Funny project!

  628. Evil-K Says:

    Now that I’m done with reading those rantings from those Joy of Satan freaks (funny, funny stuff), I can weigh in on this.

    Quite honestly, while many real Satanists (referring those who adhere to the philosophy of Anton LaVey) would bristle at Ubuntu’s core philosophy (humanity to others), I think just as many would get a lot out of Ubuntu Satanic Edition. However, let’s be honest – this was made for goths, black metal fans, and geeks who want to piss off their parents (“I have fire, naked girls, and pentagrams on my OS… I’M SO EEEEEEEVILL!!!”).

    That said, I dig it a lot. Mainly because I dig heavy metal, naked girls, pentagrams, but most of all, I dig Ubuntu.

    “Other angels have made this war because they hate you, you and all humans. God has put you in his grace and pushed them aside. They’re desperate. They’ve never been able to conquer the other loyal angels, and so this war has remained in stalemate for thousands of years. And while this state of affairs endures no soul can meet its god. Your parents, and their parents, and so on from the beginning lie still in wormy earth. Of course, some of them do come to me eventually, for while heaven may be closed I am always open, even on Christmas.”
    -Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer, “The Prophecy”

  629. me Says:

    I was born in the deep south. I left, however, because it smelled funny.

    I did visit recently, and was looking for a way to keep my netbook from being stolen.

    this was perfect.

  630. Ubuntu Satanic Available Says:

    [...] however it exists and cannot be ignored. If anyone does try it then let us know how you get on. Ubuntu Satanic Edition About __________________ My master plan is to live forever….. going to plan so far Despite the cost [...]

  631. Confused Says:

    When I clicked “About” I really wasn’t expecting satanists to sling shit at each other over the comments section.Dude’s,really,I don’t judge you or your religious beliefs or any fucking thing you might do or say,but you’re more divided then the the Christians you love to hate so much. That’s why I denounced my faith to my whole family. I can’t stand fucking Hippocrates. My point being,some of you are liars,some speak the truth. Flush the assholes and liars or risk becoming a cliche… (Love the design of the site and the gnome interface though. True art.)

  632. Confused Says:

    Oh,and in case anyone was wondering,”Ubuntu” means the acceptance of all mankind. Just saying…..

  633. Confused Says:

    Maybe Debian will be a better representation… Or Open Suse or some shit. It’s quite ironic if I think about it now. But thanks for entertaining me for a few minutes.

  634. Dark Shmoo Says:


    What?! A person such as Richard Stallman is invaluable to the dark lord! You think Hell (United States) can ever have too many scheming Jews? Silly tits.

  635. Light Shmoo Says:

    I have just installed Ubuntu: Christian Edition, and I now see the light. What a fool I have been. Oh Heavenly Father, please forgive me.

  636. obetar Says:

    How about Buddhabuntu :)

  637. Natt Nutt Says:

    This is awesome…

  638. paul walker Says:

    hahahahaha. delete this post to you bitch. fuckin literal flamin ass devil monkeys

  639. paul walker Says:

    don’t worry i will keep comin back just out of pure boredom. fuckin dumbasses. i don’t go to church but man you all are some serious RETARDS. just leave this post finally and we will see who hates it and thinks that the devil is cool. LOL OMGod. suprised your catchpa isn’t set for 665+1 all the time

  640. paul walker Says:

    come on you devil worshippin FAGS. write somethin to me

  641. Dave Says:

    The retarded religiots that speak in this thread are hilarious. So are the people that got trolled. OMG. This was so funny!

  642. Dave Says:

    Haha, the satanists are the funny. How retarded do you have to be to believe in all that mythical bullsh!t, and then you take that retardedness to a new level by believing the religious bullsh!t and then picking the losing side.

    OMG.. people, stop fucking and help clean the gene pool.

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    mother fuckers

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  649. Tengwar Says:

    Someone mentioned the Tengwar in the banner before, and I wrote it down to try and have a crack at what it says; then it hit me that there are NO VOWELS, it must just be jibberish lettering then… :/

    So much for that.

  650. Daniel Says:

    Satanic Undead CD here was on my main pc for 10 months. Never had any problems. Its kicking ass. It should also kick the ass of judgemental people (I should say detrimental rather) who bash this distro just because of the name. I was 110% satisfied with it and I would recommend it. Indeed Gnome 3 is total caca. Gnome 2 was the best! still about the best…today. I like Also XFCE or openbox, I would love to see some updates of this distro, It was good on my old desktop but once on my laptop (new purchase this year) a total deception because; ni Wifi!….no updates….but…was a awesome distro for 10 months on my P4 desktop.

  651. Baphometh Says:

    Needs 15 more replies!

  652. Marcheziora Says:

    Why hasn’t no one updated this yet? It’s still on 11.04…

  653. cr0 Says:

    oh my god what is this

  654. KingPaimon Says:

    This distro is too much fun. Thank you.

  655. Ken Says:

    What happens at 666 replies?

  656. 16aR Says:

    @Ken: Don’t even think about it !

  657. Bathory Aria Says:

    Woooooow! I am Luciferian and this, was hilarious! I was initially searching for a satanic logon screen for WinXp, and not sure why I was directed to this one for Linux? Anyway, if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be swell. Thank you for the laughs by the way, it’s refreshing to see such banter about religion and such. Tah tah Boys ;)


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