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Annus Horribilis

Happy Birthday Ubuntu Satanic Edition.

It was a year ago today that the dark side of Ubuntu reared its ugly head and we’d like to thank all our users for your fantastic support.

Let’s crack open a beer and drink to many more years like this one. Thanks to Ubuntu and the entire open source community for giving us all the freedom to be better.

May we continue to reign in the blood of lesser operating systems!

9 Responses to “Annus Horribilis”

  1. samael Says:

    Happy Fuckin Birthday!!!
    Looking forward to see whats coming next…

  2. Rei Says:

    A lil late but … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    And what ugly head??? Its beautiful :)

  3. kdarkentity Says:

    And what a good year it was, Let us rejoice in the dawn of the new year and wait patiently for the coming of the next evilution of the satanic themes.

  4. DeAdfLoW Says:

    Yeeahhhh!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the new era of UBUNTU.
    This is the best Theme i ever have.
    Waiting for next version…. next will be great if have some animated backgrounds with demons frying around, a big hell of lightning storm in the sky or something like that!!!!!!
    Outstanding job guys. I will continue supporting you and promoting our legion.

  5. maradr Says:

    WOW..A satanic Theme!!! I just found this and thought it was a wonderful contrast to the CE (gag) version. I am still waiting for an Ubuntu A (Atheist) version for all us complete non believers. I must say this theme looks awsome, Happy Birthday.

  6. Sniffcrisps Says:

    Screwed me up bigtime, thanks. Had to boot into safe mode kernal just to boot up, and then had to uninstall it. Still messing with my logon as we speak. Load of shite.

  7. Garry Says:

    Hi Sniffcrisps,

    Sorry that happened. As it’s a bootup issue, I guess it’s something to do with the usplash. SE doesn’t do anything differently to any of the other usplash themes, such as Ubuntu Studio, Kubuntu, etc, so if this problem affects us then it’s probably a generic thing also and needs investigating.

    I can see that you’re upset, but it would be nice to have the more constructive criticism we are used to in the open source world. Raising a bug on launchpad and helping us fix it would be the proper thing to do.

  8. DarkTrucker Says:

    This is way cool! Just found it yesterday after looking for a pic I lost, (road sign sez caution, hell, 1 mile, and down the road everything is in flames. Don’t remember where I got it but google doesn’t have it) and found THIS!!!! Mega props to you guys! Thank you!

  9. pbp Says:

    Make that 2.