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Banned from Distrowatch

Ever wondered why Ubuntu Satanic Edition is not on Distrowatch, the popular guide to the world of Linux? We contacted Ladislav Bodnar, the maintainer of the site, and this was his reply:

There is no way I am going to add this distro to DistroWatch. Two reasons:

“1. I don’t consider the name “Satanic edition” as an appropriate name for a Linux distribution. Believe me, there are many very sensitive people visiting DistroWatch who would be offended by the name of your distro. There is a line between what is and what isn’t an appropriate name for a software product and I believe that you’ve crossed that line.

2. Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical. You need to show me an official permission from Canonical that grants you the use of the word Ubuntu in your product’s name.


When we’d got up off the floor, we send the following response:


What about Muslim and Christian editions?! It seems that your worries about trademark infringement and offensive material don’t stop you from including those.

I thought Distrowatch was supost to be a list of Linux distributions. Surely it your purpose is to reflect the world of Linux and not dictate it.”

So, it seems you won’t be seeing your favourite distro on “distro”watch. At least until hell freezes over.

175 Responses to “Banned from Distrowatch”

  1. 6r00k14n Says:

    What about changing the name to Devil-Linux? Oh wait, that’s not only taken, but it is also listed on Distrowatch, with its latest update being posted within the last two weeks.

    What a fucking hypocrite.

  2. Garry Says:

    Funny, I said the same thing to him myself. And what about the BSD logo? I’m sure some hicks would be offended by that, too.

  3. 6r00k14n Says:

    Strangely, even if you could meet his second condition (something Fluxbuntu didn’t have to do), the first still stands. BTW, does an article with Mark Shuttleworth saying that he doesn’t have a problem with UbuntuSE count?

    If people were offended, wouldn’t they just not go to that page, thus relegating it to the bottom of the Page Hit Rankings?

    Oh ye, of little faith!

  4. Distrowatch поддает дистрибутивы цензуре | ubuntuновости Says:

    [...] на сайте разработчика дистрибутива Ubuntu Satanic Edition появилась [...]

  5. mmk Says:

    What a joke. You put together a fantastic distro here. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and sharing it. This guy only discredits the distrowatch site when he discriminates for such ridiculous reasons.

    Please keep up the good work and we’ll keep coming to the source for updates. The torrents still work for distribution and you likely get less hate mail from the ignorant.

  6. Murphy Says:

    What a great idea for a distro!
    I surely will check it out!

  7. DavidONE Says:

    What a hypocritical, humourless dickhead. Distrowatch now deleted from reader.

  8. Baal Says:

    I understand “Lady slave”, I was very offended when I heared about “Christian editions”

    … keep the good work!

  9. El Casey Says:

    Maybe if you mentioned the fact that Satanism is a religion recognized by the US Armed Forces he’d have to…ahhh, who am I kidding?

  10. Wolf Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me a it given the liberal nature of open source software. God forbid you offend anyone, no pun intended. Fuck him I’ll be finding out about new distros elsewhere.

  11. Masta Says:

    How silly. This is a fun project, not something insane based on brainwashing like Muslim and Christian edition… I mean seriously, bible/quoran-quote programs? Religion on such a level is deeply offensive to me.

  12. Alien Says:

    I think its Bullshit, Distrowatch should be fair to all imaginery friends. Not just the most popular ones :-)

  13. Binx Says:

    What A Dickhead.That’s Surely What Open Source Is NOT About. Keep Up The Good Job!!

  14. Buly Says:

    I’m actually looking for an Ubuntu Atheist Edition, but couldn’t find one.

  15. gerald Says:

    You Suck!

  16. mmk Says:

    I second Alien’s comments. We should be fair to all imaginary friends, not just the popular ones :D

    I’m currently looking for someone to put together a Sith edition.

    Seriously though, I think the fact that there are muslim, christian and satanic editions of linux just go to highlight one of the most beautiful things about this os and that is it’s potential for customization. Yeah, you can build *overlays* to Windows but you can’t distribute a Satanic Windows (because Bill already does….er …oops).

  17. kmonk Says:

    I never liked distrowatch
    now i hate it even more, we need a new authority for a linux list, any ideas?

  18. Loki Says:

    What a load of rubbish. Don’t let idiots like that take a shit on you(r distro), Gary. He should be tortured, and executed (ok, maybe I’m being a little over the top here, but still, *he* is the one being offensive here, not you).

  19. well? Says:

    So… do you actually have the official permission from Canonical that grants you the use of the word Ubuntu in your product’s name? All this bitching over the religious discrimination aspects are moot if you don’t.

  20. Garry Says:

    Ubuntu Christian Edition got permission, so as far as we’re concerned that applies to us, too.

  21. IceD Says:

    Let’s send him complains about chri*tian edition – it surelly offends me as well, I’m sure, as you.

  22. Wolf Says:


    Mark Shuttlesworth was asked about Ubuntu SE and he was amused and said he didn’t have a problem with it. I’d say that is as close to getting permission as we are going to get without requesting it officially.

    Besides if they won’t give us permission, they might as wel admit it’s only open source if they like you, which goes against hte whole open source movement.

    Hey Garry, I found a website that makes custom case badges for 10 cents a badge. Interested?

  23. Garry Says:

    Sure, send us a link.

  24. 10wattmindtrip Says:

    This is by far the best idea ever! Love this fucking distro. Don’t you even think of stopping the development!
    Fuck Distrowatch!

  25. Eremita Says:

    1) Fluxbuntu is listed. However, the name isn’t endorsed by Canonical! Why Ubuntu SE need to?

    2)If all that Distrowatch babble is about being a Satanic distro… WHY A MUSLIM AND A CHRISTIAN DISTROS ARE OK, BUT A SATANIC NOT?


    Forks aren’t very nice, and even the K/X/Ubuntu fork only makes a bit of sense if you realize that desktop environments like KDE, Gnome and Xfce are too big to include all in just one CD.

    Religion-based distros are senseless. It’s the same engine, with the same software (except, maybe, one or two programs that come pre-installed, but readily disponible for all Ubuntu users in the repository).

    Ok, ok, the visual is different. So, why don’t launch a theme, with wallpapers/icons/animations/bullshit-like-this?

    In FLOSS, there’s already distro war, let not put religions in the cross fire.


    My opinions about Ubuntu SE are mixed. A Satanic distro is as worthless as a Christian and a Muslim distros.

    HOWEVER, as a critic, I like it. And the visual is great, seems like your guys put a lot of effort in it.

    And YES, I saw that it can be installed in a already running Ubuntu – quite clever idea.

    Farewells to everyone, and sorry by the “scold” LOL.


  26. Garry Says:

    We started off as just a metapackage for Ubuntu, but lots of people *wanted* a CD. Some people are newbies and find the CD easier, others just like the convenience of it all being done for them, others like the fact that it’s a live CD and they can boot it up on their friends’ PCs and show it off.

    There are also things which you can do with e CD which is difficult with just packages – such as make sure all new users get the Satanic theme.

    You say that forks are bad, but providing an alternative CD does not fork Ubuntu; once installed, you can easily change back to standard Ubuntu or even Kubuntu by installing a few packages.

    Also, CDs include specific bundled software. This is very convenient for the end user. Many users aren’t into trying out 5 music players to see which is the best, they just use whatever’s there. With CE, those users love the included bible and parental control software and it attracted them to Ubuntu. Getting more people to try it out can only be good for Linux and open source.

  27. Tsofa Otin Says:

    suya lang to cya kay gamay cya ug otin pero mas gagmay pagyud inyo nya samot na si satanas! bwahahahahaha!
    pisti nang mga relihiyun ngyawa! sila ray nadato! pisti!
    kanang kristo sa buwangan na.
    kanang mohammed, iyot na ug kanding, kamel, karnero ug uban pang mananap! bwahahahahaha!

  28. steve Says:

    I knew it!

    Shuttleworth is a Baphomet worshiping anti-christ! And Ubuntu is his legion!

    I’m glad I changed to Debian, it’s agnostic! ;o)

    seriously, SE is an awesome piece of work…I had to have the skydomes… ;o) cheers

  29. f Says:

    nobody cares. go have your sissy slap fight in private.

  30. Garry Says:

    Nobody cares that Distrowatch is playing God and deciding which distros should be included and which not? It’s about time they made the site a WIKI and let the community decide what should be included.

  31. f Says:

    if that’s what “playing god” is, no wonder people don’t believe in him.

    By the way, I’m a complete tosser.

  32. Garry Says:

    “Playing god” is me editing your last post.

  33. Dude Says:

    You don’t need a distro for this, it’s just a couple themes and wallpapers and some music. You’d have a much easier time getting an official package made that can be distributed with any version of ubuntu. I’m certain this would be possible. But why make people download an entire distro if 99% of it is the same as regular ubuntu? What a waste of space.

  34. Dan Says:

    Dude: he just explained exactly what you asked about 7 posts up from yours.

  35. cjk Says:

    Because people would be offended by the “Satanic Edition”? Well ok. I am offended by standard Ubuntu, now remove it from DW kthxbye.

  36. f Says:

    not offended, bored.Bored by the satanic edition.

  37. srs75 Says:

    I can’t tell the difference between the Muslim and Satanic editions. Both are evil.

  38. J-man Says:

    Is this the only distro that has been banned from Distrowatch? That would be awesome.

    It’s, like, the Linux equivalent of blowing up Alderaan or smoking cigarettes. Just so everyone knows how badass we are.

  39. PvtRyan Says:

    I emailed him about it and basically he said the only difference between ubuntuSE and the muslim/christian editions is that they have written permission to use the trademark ubuntu.

    So the simple solution is just email Canonical asking for persmission to use the ubuntu trademark. Once you do that distrowatch won’t have a leg to stand on.

  40. Garry Says:

    I doubt Canonical would give us permission. They regret the fact that they gave CE permission and have since been much more protective of their trademark. They would not let us be called Ubuntu Satanic Edition on Launchpad, which is why we are listed as Ubuntu Satanic Theme on there.

    However, as far as I see it, if they let CE continue to use their name then they can’t stop us.

    As far as Distrowatch is concerned, I’d rather not be included, thanks.

  41. Stefan Says:

    You could always go the Ultimate Edition route and just remove Ubuntu from the name – although it wouldn’t have the same ring to it as Ubuntu Satanic

    I suggested a while back that SE could use some custom software – perhaps a preinstalled theme for Firefox, some Tor/proxy software (in case you want to get up to anything “evil” or similar things. All the Christian Edition is is a distro with some bundled preacherware after all.

    Hmm…Are any of Lovecraft’s works public domain yet? that’d make an interesting counter to the Bible program in CE

  42. Garry Says:

    We’ve decided to focus on media content, such as the included metal music rather than particular applications.

    Lovecraft is a good suggestion…

  43. HalfSight Says:

    I say we all start mailing these containers of douche at DW and let them know that Muslim and Christian Editions Offend us, and About that Ubuntu Wiki thing. Maybe you should make your own. Trump DW WIth linux watch or something. Honestly I just got into linux about a year ago and had never heard of this site, so they don’t really matter to me. I know That I love SE and so does the lady of the house. I complimented it by adding about 20 more gigs of metal music and metal video. I wonder if you can get DethKlock to endorse this distro.

  44. wolf Says:

    You could at the very least demand that if you’re not allowed to be on the list, then you won’t allow the Christian and Muslim editions to make use of daemons.

  45. Garry Says:

    Distrowatch is dead.

    Long live Distropedia…

  46. drummingdemon Says:

    Hey everyone!

    Been using the satanic live cd for a while, and I must say: great distro – hellish music! Not even a bit less than I was hoping to get! Keep up the good work, if you want, I can do hungarian translations for you guys:) and never forget: KEEP IT HEAVY!!!

  47. rmccurdyDOTcom Says:
    I think distowatch is for noobs anyway but that link is funny along with yer email…

  48. David Says:

    I only just found your site by accident last week. I love the artwork. Hope you keep on trucking despite Distrowatch’s bias to “Christian” editions. It’s especially hilarious to me, because at least your site has links to the Christian and Muslim editions.

    Some people can’t take a joke, and others, like Wolf, attribute Distrowatch’s attitude as liberal, when it more reflects the close-mindedness of the religious right.

    I’m going to hell anyway, heck, I’m even driving the bus.

  49. Tomcat1965 Says:

    Any credibility Distrowatch had has gone forever. Hopefully a large number of links to this sad tale of censorship will generate interest in SE whilst condemning Distrowatch to be removed from every browser bookmark.
    Distrowatch should have a banner stating ‘We censor so you don’t have to!’

  50. Linux User #5312 Says:

    If the name is the problem, just change it into something else like Devilbuntu, 666buntu or Satanicbuntu. You might come up with a better name.

  51. MegaJim Says:

    I just found this site by searching for “ubuntu dark theme”. Its at both brilliant and hilarious concept at the same time, I love it!!!

    “Inhuman” theme cracked me up – “linux for the damned” is just genius.


  52. Monkeyboy Says:

    Satanic carries such negative connotations, perhaps something more positive like Inquisitor or Crusader Linux would reflect more positively on the mythos.

  53. Atsuko Says:

    Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.
    Blaise Pascal
    French mathematician, physicist (1623 – 1662)

  54. Don Says:

    It is so funny that you would get upset at this. I mean come on you started this distro as a spoof of Christian Linux. That in its self shows you have no respect for anyone else but your own views. To get upset because someone does the same thing you do is a joke. I say ha you get what you deserve.

  55. Garry Says:

    Come on, Don – don’t get the irony?

  56. iyot manok Says:

    Loslos ninyo, gagmay mo ug mga otin wui!

  57. Josh Says:

    You know what’s the difference between CE, ME and your distribution? Ideas connected with CE, ME and SE are totally different. Good (im not talking about fanatics, that is not true religion) and pure evil (that’s what people think when they see “satanic”). Do you really think that people should tolerate these ideas?

  58. drummingdemon Says:

    People need not tolerate…it’s linux, it’s free distro, You have the choice to use the distro of Your heart’s desire. If you feel like learning quotes every day from the Bible, then God Bless. As for me, i just love the theme, and the compiz out-of-the-box. And it has metal to boot \m/

  59. AnilM666 Says:

    Well it seems very ironic and stupendous from the DistroWatch folks. They are just being biased and fear that “Ubuntu SE” will overheat their servers and This will be the most Downloaded Edition in the History :) .

    I am whole heartedly supporting this Distro and plan to have its Linkback to my site soon.

    The Bottom Line, People just do not have a creative taste anymore….

    Garry We stand by You!!!! And Support your Distro!!!

    Ubuntu Satanic Edition RULES!!!!!!!!!

  60. AnilM666 Says:

    Ubuntu SE name need not change,

    Since it is your creative pursuit and deserves recognition!!!

    Ubuntu Satanic Edition RULES!!!!!!!!!

  61. ert3 Says:

    while the ubuntu half of the name has some legal ramifications the rest of his reasoning is bogus.

    Satanic Edition for the masses

  62. Blood HaZaRd Says:

    Ok Ok guys let’s em talking Shits as much as he Can, Just One Thing i wanna say. You Made The Best Looking for the Linux never seen Before !!! I Like Thais Edition. I Freezed All my works just for downloading this Satanic Edition. I visited the two other Ubuntu edition (muslem and christain) and sincerly They are a peace of Shit, You Rock Here!!!

    Keep it Brutal Men, I supporte This Edition and I ll Install it on evry PC on my Lab ;)

  63. Bokkie Says:

    ROTFLASTC! (Oh, wait, I don’t have a cat…)

    What a silly reason. BTW: can someone send me that article with Mr. Shuttleworth?

    I’ve been pondering different names for this distro (not that I think it needs one), but “Pastafarian Edition” or IPUbuntu (Invisible Pink Unicorn-Ubuntu) don’t really cover the load…

    You stick to your guns. I like this distro lots.

  64. Loving Christ Says:

    You do understand that you have managed to do what you set out to do, insult people?

  65. Garry Says:

    You do understand that you have managed to do what you set out to do, insult us?

  66. EVA-00 Says:

    This is a bad news for me, you know that i’m very f@*?ing love ubuntu SE. change name??? please don’t do that.

  67. heethen Says:

    fuck them, what else could I say :)

  68. asylum Says:

    Hey Garry, love the theme. Thanks. People need to realize this is all in fun. If you don’t like it, don’t download it.

  69. vermaden Says:

    Fuck them mate.

    Keep your name and continue to work and improove it.

    “Satanic Edition” is great name, especially comparing to those opposite ones, CE and ME (Millenium? :p).

  70. the_incognito Says:

    Great themes and superb kdm theme :) . I feel offended by muslim and christian editions. I wonder if they’ll get banned too…
    Anyway keep up the good work !

  71. Rashivanto Says:

    There are many who would be every bit as offended by the names Christian or Muslim Editions as they would be by Satanic Edition. I, personally, can deal with these names, but what offends me is discrimination and Distrowatch is discriminating.

    So, he says there are many sensitive people.. and thinks that these sensitive people might get a tad bit offended by the name… so, we are now catering to these few idiots? These people need to open their minds a bit…

    I have Ubuntu Satanic Edition installed… find it to be a fun name with some great themes… I’m not religious at all… am an Atheist.. so I’m NOT worshipping the devil here… clearly, as far as I can see, the dude doesn’t exist, but is just a good bit of fun folklore…

    Tell these distrowatch people to quit trying to be the offense prevention/morality police, as THEY are offending alot of people with their bad judgment…

    BTW, there are many very nice, productive members of society who claim Satanism as their religion… the negativity associated with their religion/life philosophy will only continue with the type of bad behavior that DistroWatch is displaying…

  72. Rashivanto Says:

    Bit of anger and alcohol… while my previous comment was sincere… probably not the best approach. We need to recognize something… the fact that there’s a Christian and Muslim Edition of Ubuntu and a Satanic Edition gets spit on by DistroWatch, show that there is a problem… getting into these specific religion distros is tricky business… but this is Linux and if someone wants to maintain a themed version of a distro.. more power to them, but we need to also recognize eachothers projects… this means DistroWatch needs to acknowlege Satanic Edition just as it does the others… if not, the open source movement fails.. we hafta work together…

    Peace, Love, Equality… Respect!!!!

  73. Shanice Says:

    Tammy, You have a lovely site with so many wonderful accolades.,

  74. God Says:

    Think news exposure. Sites like that allow user summited news, do it tastefully and tactfully and let the world begin to see how foolish distrocrotch is being.

  75. Plad Says:

    Hi, to honest I’m a bit supriced to see this type of behaviour within the open source community. I have seen your theme before, not using it myself but I actually think it looks nice and I know for sure I could use it to attract some of my friends to ubuntu or linux in general. So keep up the good work and hopefully we will soon get rid of these kinds of discriminating ideas within the linux community.
    As I see it it’s like shooting yourself in the foot, if you like to limit development and creativity, then you shuoldn’t be using linux or any kind of open software. Microsoft has done very well in that arena and I think then that their products will suite your needs better.


  76. Satanic_Thx_God Says:

    This is just the reason for SE to be. To piss off all those stupid closed minded jerks of the world, that think they can decide whats rigth from wrong… Little sad man…

    Keep the good work!!!


  77. Joao Rainha Says:

    let’s vote to the end of all religions, I’m not comunist, but with all this nonsense discution I’ve think is better.
    PS.: all the wars have religion besides

  78. Ninja Says:

    As a note, distrowatch is changing editors now.
    Perhaps in a couple of month’s time just resubmit and see if it gets picked up as any other random ‘new’ distro would. Don’t let one person’s prejudices stop you from reaching out …

  79. Royce Says:

    Thanks for all you do in helping me fulfill my dreams.,

  80. Satanic Death Says:

    This is a masterpiece here … you guys don’t bother with them they are retarded UBUNTU SATANIC EDITION IS A MASTERPIECE

  81. jb Says:

    New objective

    1. Create Ubuntu: Stovokor Edition
    2. Submit it to distrowatch.
    3. Get it rejected on the grounds that it may be offensive to some Klingons.

  82. Lucifer Actual Says:

    Fuck Ladyslave Boner! Tell him to get over his lady feelings and grow a fucking pair! I’ll try Ubuntu Satanic it, if I like I’ll support it.

    Why does he fear sensitive people? I’m tired of sensitive people effecting normal life. Fuck Distrowatch!

    I’ll be back with my verdict on Ubuntu Satanic…..

    Lucifer Actual

  83. JJ_Buntu Says:

    How about to change it’s name with Dark edition???

  84. Garry Says:

    How about changing its name to “sell out and cave in to The Man” edition????

  85. Knarfonicus Says:

    Check out this thread I started at DistroWatch:

    It starts at comment #74. Watch the weak and pitifully fearful spread their usual Christian cheer (ie: “Hate”). Apparently, if we support Ubuntu Satanic Edition/freedom-of-speech-and-expression, we are pretty much saying we support terrorism, pornography, paedophilia, serial killers, and general apocalyptic chaos. (And don’t laugh about the porn… there are still many people out there who see sex between consenting adults as just as bad as child rape!).

  86. Miq Says:

    You might be interested in checking out the recent exchange at DistroWorld (, especially reply #139 by Ladislav:

    “USE is a complete OS prepared for heavy metal fans.”

    Ah, so they’ve changed their orientation recently. That’s good, that certainly is positive development, which I wasn’t aware of. Unfortunately, I still have a problem with their violating a registered trademark. If they can change their name or obtain a permission from Canonical, I might reconsider my position.

    Note that though I really like heavy metal (including some black metal bands) I am not an advocate of Ubuntu SE (in fact, I don’t like Ubuntu at all). However, I *am* against hypocrisy, religious bigotry and censorship. Thus, if CE and ME are allowed on DW then USE should be too.

  87. Lucifer Actual Says:

    As for Ladyslave Bubblefoot over at Distrowatch- It was said best .. “Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.” –Ayn Rand.

    Religious people hide behind their gods and lies to keep them in check. If they deny the existence of an invisible overseer they would have to actually take responsibility for their disgusting and pathetic lives. They would have to grow up and join the human race. That scares them into the loving arms of ignorance and forces them to kill all that oppose them. To keep their secrets hidden in the dark. Religious people are the worlds real demons and devils incarnate, true pedophiles and murderers and abusers of the weak and defenseless all in the name of a long told fairy tail. If indeed Lucifer was nothing more than an opposer to the word of god and punished for disagreeing with the old man, than I say he was a revolutionary to stagnant controlled thinking. The first and only true free spirit.

    Distrowatch is now Dead, long live freedom!

  88. Alex Sanders Says:

    Watch a VERY “enlightening” documentary called “The History of the Devil” to see how The Satan (“The Accuser” – God’s obedient henchman) was slowly turned into The Devil as other schools of thought (like Zorastrianism) influenced the early Jews… and how afterwards Christians used this figure as an excuse to kill each other (most heretics were actually good, God-fearing Christians who didn’t agree with the “official” version of Christianity, which was voted upon in the 5th Century).

  89. Satanist Says:

    I’m satanist now…dude, great distro, don’t take the shitty critisism from nuzers

  90. Drovien Says:

    absurd…and it makes me laugh…people that thinks this or that is the true religion are only the first to be slayied by a divine judgement…the people don’t take in consideration that sometimes the things say by TV are only words escaped from an ignorant mouth that doesn’t know what is really a thing…’cause it’s easier to judge by themselves without know really what a thing is then think with their own brain and eventually revalutate this thing…I only know that we are on an ignorant world…with ignorant people(not all of course,but most of them)…at this checkpoint i think:

    leave ‘em think what they want,and do their considerations but better to reign in hell then serve in heaven!! have you been banned from a distro site?they didn’t merit to have this distro in their link list…just saying what they have sayied it’s evident where is the superiority…hold on with this project guys you’re the best!!


    Brother Dru

  91. stranger Says:

    Hello, I’m really offended by Ubuntu Christian Edition!
    Keep up good work, guys :)

  92. V8VNTV 54T4N1C 3D1T10N !!! Says:

    I like the good (evil) idea of your distro!
    Why not to burn in hell the Distro Watch site???
    An unholy campaign to make U-SE in the damn list with a big number of email requesting the distro? only to get Lady Slave mad? … and then rise the demon up to the 10 first distros?
    Im sure people will “hit” the U-SE for to reasons: 1) For curiosity … 2) and for morbo
    For sure I will visit less the Distrowatch page only for punishment.


  93. Um...TE Says:

    Nice looking distro. Thanks.

  94. Daniel Martins Says:

    Fuck distrowatch!!! keep hacking..!

  95. Ladislav is an asshole Says:

    Ladislav is still an asshole. he refuses to believe his site isn’t perfect. It’s the only thing he’s got going for himself. He has a huge fucking ego. If you post comments critical about distrowatch, ladislav and his friends will attack. I’m boycotting that piece of shit site from now on.

  96. Boogers Says:

    Fuck Distorwatch the linux community has become such pussies,


    keep up the work,take out all that lameness out of the linux community

  97. Baboseiras – Ubuntu Satanic: Tem gosto pra tudo! | Tomás Vásquez - Blog Says:

    [...] a Ubuntu SE 666.4, é Jesus Jugular.  A distribuição já foi banida de alguns sites. Segundo o endereço oficial, até o Distro Watch, o famoso catalogador de distribuições Linux, retirou de sua lista o sistema [...]

  98. Daniel Says:

    Here in Brazil we have the right to praise whatever we want. It’s guaranteed by Constitution. Acts like that are considered intolerance and can put people in Jail.

  99. The Yeti Cave » Blog Archiv » Just a Quickie Says:

    [...] existance of this particular distro.   For more information about it head over to the UbuntuSE news story.  Having learned of this I know I am taking DistroWatch off my reader and [...]

  100. Uncle Bill ( Godfather ) Says:

    Thanks to Ladislav, hopefully he´ll discriminate more & more LINUX distris, so WE will continue to dominate & rule the WORLD with our SHIT and make money.
    Ladislav, thx again and send us your liechtenstein bankaccount, will ya ?

  101. Greenpen Says:

    I had a similar experience when I tried to get the UK.religion.pagan newsgroup up and running in 99. (I succeeded eventually) The religious fundies are everywhere. The christains accused me of being a devil worshipper. They all seem to forget that that Satan first appeared in that well known book of fairy stories, the bible. In fact I do believe he’s actually running the show, judging by the past two thousand years. F*** em,that’s what I say. Keep on coding folks.

  102. Ubuntu Satanic Edition assusta até marmanjo « Zona livre - INFO Online Says:

    [...] a Ubuntu SE 666.4, é Jesus Jugular.  A distribuição já foi banida de alguns sites. Segundo o endereço oficial, até o Distro Watch, o famoso catalogador de distribuições Linux, retirou de sua lista o sistema [...]

  103. Thor Says:

    “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
    But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

    bigots seem rule everywhere .. sad but true

  104. Lucifer Says:

    To see so many followers, Saten will be proud of you all.
    Ubuntu also means “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

  105. Andrewcastle Says:

    well i’m really deeply offended by the christian and muslim edition…

    again teachin some fallacies as if were true… EVEN ON MY LINUX… helll they shouldnt do that…

  106. Init Says:

    If you would like, I will host/post your distro at :) Be a kind of.. smack in the face ey?

  107. Ben Says:

    Why not make a Klu Kluxbuntu?

  108. Garry Says:

    Cos we’re not inbred yokels from the deep south.

  109. jaycee Says:

    Well, so much for Distrowatch being an unprejudiced resource of linux distribution info!
    Even so, I imagine the response from Ladislav regarding (a hypothetical) Ubuntu Atheist Edition would involve much more than Satanic Edition’s brief, unreasonable rejection… perhaps like finding out how to shut down the project, and permanently removing the contributors from the Open Source community?
    Ah, how I could go on forever… hopefully it won’t take that long to unfuck the world though.
    Speaking of which, in addition to Atheist Edition, Ubuntu Fuck Distrowatch Editon might not be bad either…
    Anyway, keep as you are satanists!
    (Just to reassure, considering this site, jaycee = Jordan Clarke = J.C.)

  110. True Ani-religous worshiper Says:

    I suggest the following name: Baphomet-Sigil Linux
    1. most ppl dont eaven know whose Baphomet so satanic edition naming problem solved
    2. You can say on the site its based on Ubuntu, but its not ubuntu so you dont have copywrite trademark w/e problem.
    Will know the truth anyway. ^^

  111. Foocker Says:

    i fock all your girls

  112. LoneWolf Says:

    Thank God I use Wndows, so am free from censorship.

  113. Garry Says:

    Censorship is everywhere, f****r!”

  114. LoneWolf Says:

    Really? well Gary maybe, but from your response I can see that manners aren’t.

  115. Garry Says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realise trolls worried about manners.

    BTW, it was supposed to be a joke, as in my comment was censored. Jeez.

  116. Rickster Says:

    Holly crap!, this is still goin on here ?
    It’s just a G-O-T-H-I-C style alternative Ubuntu distro to me. I’m into Jazz music more these days, but I like this Satanic (Ubuntu)Edition for the rebel in everyone.

    But ya, it’s too bad that adhole at distrowatch “Ladislav Bonehead”?, cannot SEE the errors in his ways after all these years. Very chidish ” ….WWWAAA, waaa, Its my site, and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want,…, na na na na na !”

    ahh well, wtf eh?
    rebel Cheers.

  117. Rickster Says:

    actually Distrowatch is a misnomer, simply because the other FREE Unix NetOS’s out there namely *BSD, MacOSX, OpenSolaris, … are NOT “Distro’s” -they are more to the fact “OS Releases” with their own inherent differences.

    I say trump Ladislob’s with something like “” ? or whatever, and that way, we leave no soldiers behind.

  118. Madd_Axeman Says:

    If DistroWatch doesn’t want to include you then that’s their loss as all the previous postings on this page will testify. I’m a Fedora man myself but your art work is the best in the business so I have borrowed some of it so I can pretend to be running Fedora SE. Hope you guys don’t mind.

  119. Garry Says:

    “I can pretend to be running Fedora SE. Hope you guys don’t mind.”

    On the contrary, It’s a privilege.

  120. EarthBoundMisfit Says:

    I myself am a Christian. I use Distrowatch a lot to test out different distros.
    Now as you can imagine…I am not to high on your idea.
    BUT, we live in the United States…and we have this wonderful document called the Constitution…and we as Americans are all protecte by the Bill of Rights.
    So while I may not agree per se with you about religious matters, I will fight for your right to express your ideas. As long of course as you do not attempt to supress my beliefs.

    That all said, you have the misfortune that Distrowatch is not maintained in the United States, and as such, is not bound by religious tolerance laws that we have here in the US.
    As someone noted above…start another linux os watch page. A little competition never hurt anyone.

    Anyway…my suggestion for a distro-name….Mephistopholes OS, or Linux Dark Edition…
    Just a few off the top.

  121. foxofifninety Says:

    but, if we only need to wait till hell freezes over.
    it should be on there by now:

  122. Das Says:





  123. Saviour Says:

    When you die you cease to exist and go underneath the earth period.

    Respect de others ideias and you will be respected.

    I personaly am against any kind of religious distribution, but i respect them.

  124. eddie the 'ed Says:

    Visit – a social network just for headbangers. It’s kinda like Facebook but better!

  125. why can't we all get along Says:

    Started using the distro last week, love it, themes and all!
    Just a bit of fun and change from using my main distro.
    Although it’s Ladyslave’s site, it’s not really representing equally and fairly all the Linux distros with a comment like that.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next release!

  126. mark Says:

    the spelling may not be correct but what about Beelzebuntu, don’t think it’s taken and it should satisfy both.

  127. Garry Says:

    Nice suggestion, but we’re not changing our name to suit anybody. I couldn’t give a goat’s ass whether we’re on distrowatch or not.

  128. Is Distrowatch's Description of Slackware Fair? Says:

    [...] Distrowatch doesn’t have to be fair: [...]

  129. Hugh E Torrance Says:

    Spot on Ladislav… I and all the living agree with your sensible decision…
    Now I will just burn some of them and cast their ashes into the bottomless pit… that should start the smiles… LOL

  130. Hugh Says:

    I have a name for your distro and this name is from the highest authority that there is… you shall call it CRAP

  131. Lucifer Says:

    Should have used Slackware or Gentoo Garry,Ubuntu is for windose losers like you… I mean associating my name with Ubuntu… not nice

  132. Hugh Says:

    Now that you are hypocrites doing exactly what you are accusing Ladislav of… you are damned !

  133. Linux as an operating system - Page 2 Says:

    [...] While it is true that distrowatch covers more distros than it would be convenient to download (by an order of magnitude, or so), Distrowatch doesn’t even have pages on every distro out there; there are some that are in long-term/temporary hiatus and some that are too new and possibly even some that are too specialist, to have made it (yet?), so the problem is rather bigger than that. Not that distrowatch doesn’t show the problem to be big enough… …and distrowatch evens bans some distros. [...]

  134. Dreams I'll never see Says:

    Deleted as spam.

  135. Hecatior Says:

    Satanic Ubuntu is the best distros I came on. Wanna why? almost all other linux distros dont have a style at all, nothing really to sink your teeth into. Lame graphics and matrix, and boring desktops, icons etc. Never mind those lame humans who think ‘satanic isn’t appropriate. I have adopted this Undead CD with pride and I wish to thanks the makers of this distros. At last some linux for adults! and not some sissy looking distros that so many are out there! (with so much bugs by the way) long live Satanic Undead CD – Yeah ! I said it ! S-A-T-A-N-I-C ! Its gonna stay on my computer and I hope you people never bow down to those ultimate lame and boring people we call the ‘hyprocrites’, capitalists false people. yep! Long live Satanic Ubuntu !

  136. TJac Says:

    There is a much better reason for not including “distros” such as this in DistroWatch. They waste everybodys time. Adding a new desktop theme to an existing distribution and installing it by default doesn’t make a “new” linux distribution. It does nothing that couldn’t be achieved by simply adding the new desktop theme to the Ubuntu main distribution. Worse, by adding a yet another package distribution layer which is run by, let’s face it, graphics designers (who aren’t known for their IT security skills), the chances of fatal security problems in these vanity distros is pretty high.

    Let’s not even talk about how this trend in “identiy-politics” distros” drains away resources from the main projects who actually contribute to the general usability of Linux.

    So if I were distrowatch, I’d delist all those projects that offer nothing more substantial as adding another desktop theme. Or open up a vanity-clone-section for each main distro, where everyone could list their pet projects. Those listed there would probably include the “Christian” and “Muslim” Ubuntu editions as well.

    BTW, loads of mini-vanity-distros aren’t listed on distrowatch at all, probably they just have more realistic sense of their value for the rest of humanity, and therefore
    haven’t even asked to be included. Many of those might have a larger user base than Satanic Ubuntu has.

  137. Garry Says:

    This is an old discussion, but seeing as you’ve resurrected it, I will respond.

    You are wrong about security. We have our own repository for our own packages, but use the standard Ubuntu repositories for everything else. So SE gets all the same updates as standard Ubuntu and is just as secure.

    We have not drained any resources from anywhere. Canonical would never include our packages in their distro, and why would they? So we have made them available ourselves.

    Even I don’t know the full user base of Satanic Edition, but looking at the download stats on the Linux torrent sites, it’s much higher than a lot of other Linux distros.

    Please remember, we’re not trying to splinter or undermine Ubuntu or Linux. If somebody wants to install SE as a meta package on top of a standard Ubuntu install, then take it off again when they’re bored, they can. If they want the convenience of installing from our CD, they can do that, too.

  138. TJac Says:

    OK, maybe I was overreacting ;)

    The security problem is still valid though. By making people install another gpg key to authorize package updates, now your repository is considered as safe as the main Ubuntu repository. Meaning anyone who hacks your systems and gets hold of your gpg keys can manufacture rogue updates that your users will usually not be able to distinguish from the real thing. Ask yourself, is your infrastructure as well secured as that of Ubuntu? Unlikely…

  139. Garry Says:

    To do that, somebody would have to target us specifically by hacking into the server where our packages are built (which is not directly on the internet), finding the private GPG key, then hacking all the passwords it is signed with. Then they would have to get the source code and recompile it with their exploits, hack into our web server (which would not be easy as it has its own protection, the details of which I will not divulge), upload the new packages into the repo. Hoping we would not notice any of this, including the update manager notification of the new packages.

    However, anything is possible. For this reason we take security seriously. Unlike Ubuntu, we have a tiny repository and only a few packages. That makes our defences easier to implement and control.

  140. Wolf Says:

    Hey Garry, you should consider deleting that tl;dr dreck in the middle of this discussion that is literally babble. It draws attention away from the real discussion, it’s basically spam.

    Ave Satanas.

  141. Garry Says:

    You’re right. Done it.

  142. PC-BSD Says:

    Actually Ubuntu, hence its name, is backed by evil diabolical satanic wild tribal shamans from Africa, so I will rather use PC-BSD with something like Kilrathi logo. PC-BSD is like Windows in installation and usage, without dependancy hell which plagues all Linuxes. Additionally, PC-BSD is graphically freed from diabolical gadgets of freebsd.

  143. Garry Says:

    Actually, “dependency hell” does not plague “all linuxes”. In fact, the package management and automatic dependency resolution is about the main reason to use a Debian/Ubuntu based distro.

    With Ubuntu you can just tell it to install a single package, apache for example, and it will resolve all dependencies and install every required package automatically.

    Even better, every one of those packages will be updated at the next release if you so wish.

  144. unch Says:

    u dont know what evil is. graphics u got there are even lame. the whole distro isn’t even quite close–contentwise. ur just creating a hype. i cant believe u are still into that. how about loosening up and get real by creating a linux variant that is really representative of what u profess to be proving. as of this time, ur still boring. are u afraid to cross the line, weakling?

  145. Garry Says:

    Hab SoSlI’ Quch!

  146. Darryl Says:

    This reminds me of a joke making the rounds in my youth.

    On the first day of first grade the teacher asked the students to introduce themselves by standing and telling their name.

    When it got to a young girl, she stood and said “I am Pussy Willow.”

    The teacher didn’t like for students to say something she considered out of line, and she told the girl to go home and return to school the next day and then tell the class her real name.

    The girl realized this was going nowhere, and turned to her twin brother, also a new student, and told him “Come on Shithead, let’s go home. She won’t believe you either.”

    My point: If Ladislav Bodnar is offended by something someone says or does, he should keep his ass out of public and off the airways, including running DW.

    If you see fit to censor something just because you don’t like something about it, you need to find something else to do.

    It is not your prerogative to judge people by their name or the name by which they choose to identify something or somebody.

    Surely you know of some people’s names which you thought were hilarious, or somehow out of line. But, as I said above, the choice is not yours. That belongs to the parents, or packager of the software in this instance.

    Grow up. There’s always going to be something offensive in the world. Nobody’s perfect.

  147. Garry Says:

    Well said!

  148. Ramos Says:

    This is why I hate God. So petty, such a control freak, but mostly just an asshole.

  149. Marcelos Says:

    I hate Ubuntu. Fuck all the distros clones of Ubuntu.

  150. DH Says:

    I’m not in favor of the name “satanic” it is gives the impression of a lot of puerile assholes that dance round fires sounding off a load of pigo latinus to try to sound authentic with a lot of otherwise real shit ideas of the occult, and expect the dark one to arise of course. when its really a bunch of bankers dancing round fires burning the evidence of their indiscretions that has so fucked the world of late that could be truly satanically inspired or at the very least brainless assholes, sorry I digress I don’t like bankers.

    may suggest a compromise Occult Linux or Ubuntu Occult, throw in a few occult research tools which can be gleaned from any other so called religious edition of ubuntu and you may get them to accept you.

  151. DH Says:

    And one more thing if you add in a few wallpapers Christian Muslim Buddhist etc, and their research tools too, then you can apply to have their rights revoked to use the Ubuntu name since all philosophical and ecclesiastical and general religious research is essentially research of the”occult” Thereby infringing your rights.

  152. duh Says:

    Satanic is not even a religion to begin with. Cant compare with Muslim or Christian version. Trollolol

  153. DH Says:

    I think you will find that Satan figures quite a lot in both religious disciplines, hence the suggestion occult . It really depends on ones level of understanding. Reading is a good start, one of the things the Koran insisted on from the beginning. If you don’t understand the suggestion the question or the ecclesiastical point of view

    Adjective: Of, involving, or relating to supernatural, mystical, or magical powers or phenomena.
    Noun: Supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.

    I think that covers most religious points of view. No one said Satanic was a religion; its a state of mind or mindset of intent, what is being suggested is to change the emphasis by changing name and broadening intent and usage, thus becoming a acceptable distribution. I thought that was quite clear and unambiguous. Oh well no pleasing some…

  154. Sadilo Says:

    Popularitywise it’s a good thing for SE that it’s banned, and bad for distrowatch. I just googled on “distrowatch” and this post came up as the fifhth entry.

  155. Sadilo Says:

    DW has the descriptive pagetitle “Put the fun back into computing”. Maybe they should change that.

  156. Garry Says:

    “Popularitywise it’s a good thing for SE that it’s banned, and bad for distrowatch. I just googled on “distrowatch” and this post came up as the fifth entry.”

    Oh, the irony!

  157. name required Says:

    Yeah, they didn’t like Pornbuntu either.

  158. Whiny-bitch hater Says:

    What a lot of crybabies. What you really think this ‘edition’ is going to score high on the distrowatch list?

    Wake up, smell the coffee, and get a life!

  159. Garry Says:

    So, you are upset because we are upset about not being included on Distrowatch? Well, in fact we don’t give a shit, which, if you follow the logic, means you should doubly not give a shit, so fuck off and troll somewhere else.

  160. centos vps Says:

    It’s hard to find educated folks on this matter, however you sound like you recognize what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  161. Beelze-bubba Says:

    Ha ha ha ha…..Ha Ha Ha Ha!
    Dance my minions, dance!


  162. Lucifer Says:

    I just came to the end of a 10 minute smirk as I pondered the postings on your home page. I admit to a certain lack of knowledge regarding PCs, Distributions, etc., but I congratulate you on your work against MY hated enemy, However, I was NOT pleased with you liberally sprinkling your work with such tiresome and clichéd symbols as flames, 6-packs, and pentagrams. I am surprised you didn’t toss in some pitchforks as well. That aside, I admit to being pleased with the ‘good works’ you perform each day against MY accursed ‘Creator’ and that simpering son of His.

    Stay the course. Know that I look forward to welcoming each self-assured, wantonly ignorant ,and silly little soul you assist in coming to ME secure in the knowledge you will be amply rewarded on The Day when you will be sent to Me. But until That Day I will especially enjoy the ones you send me who actually PAYED someone to tattoo their bodies with those moronic sixes, goats-heads, and pentagrams like cattle coming willingly to be branded! Such delicious naiveté!

    Until we meet in person, be pleased in knowing that as I nibble, and suck the juices of their soul for the very first time, I am surrounded by the most glorious gibberings and shrieks at their realization that I truly exist and there are no roles for human souls in My eternal Kingdom – except as food to keep Me alive and fit – a spiritual insanity, an indescribably beautiful Aria of agonized screams, shrieks and pleadings fills the air in an effort to reach The Unobtainable. There is no sound or feeling like it anywhere…and I am certain you will agree upon your arrival!

    until That Day, I remain at YOUR service,

    By the way, none of the pain is from flame or pitchfork. It simply wouldn’t do.

  163. john Says:

    Just found UbuntuSE

    As a Heavy blues, rock and metal fan I really like the look of the distro.
    Im using the standard Ubuntu at the moment but WILL be installing UbuntuSE on a new machine soon.

    Main reason for looking for a different distro is Unity.
    I dont like Unity at all but love the stability of Ubuntu and feel obliged to continue my support in one way or another whilst also making a stance against the Evil (as I see it ;) that is the Unity Shell.. it sucks.

    I was looking at Mint until I discovered this long and at times heated discussion.
    What has finally convinced me to install UbuntuSE is the hypocritical and ignorant comments of the minority who have posted here with a religious bias. (most probably Christian)..

    The hypocrisy is blatant, obvious and requires no further explanation.

    The ignorance however probably requires some reasoning.

    These people are ignorant of the fact that Satan and thus Satanism is a creation of religious faith (notably Christianity).
    For those who are Atheist or Pagan our belief is that there is no Fiery Hell or horrible man that will stab you in the bum with a 3 pronged spike. What a horrific thing to believe in !!!! …. But that is my point, belief and faith in what you are told.
    The Satan character is mainly a creation of the Christian faith to scare the shit out of you into worship without question (or else).

    Those who subscribe to faith that has belief in a Satanic character are blinkered to the reality that this character only exists within their own religion. If they don’t realize this, that means they are ignorant of the FACT.

    According to Christianity, without a Devil character to reference their is nothing to fear. Without fear in the Christian faith their is nothing to raise oneself above. Believe ‘or else’

    Removing the absurdity of religion from your life not only removes ‘God’ but also ‘Satan’ once and for all from your psyche.

    Good will still be Good
    Bad will still be Bad

    In order to fully represent Christianity the UbuntuSE edition has to exist…as, after all, all that is classified as satanic is a creation of the Christian faith. It would be ignorant for Distrowatch not to recognise this and balance the theological equation pertaining what is in essence a virtual bible split between two distributions.

    Additionally I fully agree that from a social point of view everyone within the open source community should be awarded equal rights.

    My assumption is that this dude at Distrowatch maybe a religious sort, but who wishes to remain ignorant of the good guy/bad guy dynamic that makes the Bible such a good read.

    As an atheist myself (which means I certainly DONT believe in a Devil or a ‘God’) I am however tolerant of others needs to hold onto a faith in order to fortify weaker minds. Faith can hold insecure people together… Scare the shit out of them with fire and brimstone then cuddle them with fluffy clouds… its a formula that has washed millions of minds over the centuries. It creates a rush of endorphins in the brain from fear of been burned alive to elation of acceptance into a higher plain of spirituality within the space of well formulated preaching. The feeling of been ‘touched’ by God.


    Live and let live.

    It offends me that the Christian Edition of Ubuntu exposes me to Christian symbolism such as men nailed to crosses and cubist fish.
    It also offends me that the UbuntuSE distro includes Christian references such as a ‘Hell’ and the possible existence of a Satan character.

    But… Satan’s music appears to be much better,
    and the UbuntuSE chaps seem to be much more anchored in their sanity.


    UbuntuSE for me.
    Party on Dudes.

  164. Garry Says:

    Thanks for the comments, John. I agree with nearly everything you have said. One question; does it offend you that Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden or Slayer reference hell and the devil in their music?

  165. I am bored Says:

    I am bored…

    [...]Ubuntu Satanic Edition » Blog Archive » Banned from Distrowatch[...]…

  166. SgtPepper Says:

    It all boils down to one thing … stupidity around the world has taken semantics hostage.

    Assuming Distrowatch is a private enterprise, then yes, they have a right to publish or not publish what they want.

    However (and this is where the stupidity comes into the picture), the administrator is basing their decision simply on a name of a distribution (and maybe some of the associated imagery), which I think is quite stupid. This PC culture has permeated our entire existence to the point of ridicule. The name of a distro is just that, a name, nothing more, unless of course there are software packages included in it that reveal ancient satanic rituals to make the next door neighbors head explode.

    I am Catholic, and I accept the existence of satanic imagery and ideals, for they are meant to exist. That said, I am download the Undead Edition because I am curious to see if it will meet my needs from a technical perspective and not be bogged down by the choice of words.

    Distrowatch is wrong, it’s not their place to decide what we can and cannot download.

  167. lol Says:

    I really don’t see why people care so much lol.

  168. Paul Says:

    Lame Asses. You all take things to seriously.

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