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Beryl and Gnome Themes Available

Bring damnation to your desktop with Satanic themes for Beryl and Gnome:

For an example of Ubuntu-SE running with Beryl, check out the following video (thanks to poseid0n for posting this on YouTube):

10 Responses to “Beryl and Gnome Themes Available”

  1. Alessandro Berti Says:

    Yeah! I’m a damned, too!
    Are Trident’s video Chips Supported for Beryl Desktop?
    Are you a Satanic?
    I love the satanics kinds!!!!!!!

  2. Just a fucking boy Says:

    God save the queen, because their people are condemned.

  3. Garry Says:

    The video clips will shortly be available as a screensaver which does work under beryl. It will be released in the next week or so.

  4. Schlappeseppel Says:

    Hey, your downloads aren’t functional for example the beryl theme…

  5. Garry Says:

    Hi Schlappeseppel,

    Sorry, that had been missed as a result of moving the site to earlier this week. They are fixed now.


  6. Azrael Nightwalker Says:

    We need some screenshots of the Satanic Beryl & Gnome themes.

  7. Azrael Nightwalker Says:

    BTW: OutlineHot, OutlineCoal and OutlineAsh are great metacity themes – they fit well to Satanic Gnome Themes (ie. Ashes and Blood Drop icons)

  8. Garry Says:

    Hi Azrael,

    Point taken, I’ll put some shots on the site shortly.

    Regarding the Outline themes, just a note to people reading this that they can be found in the standard Ubuntu metacity-themes package and selected by going to System->Preferences->Themes, clicking the “Customize” button and selecting the “Window border” tab.

    Give ‘em a try.

  9. Abhishek Says:

    Heres a great theme I discovered on Gnome-look which gives you the vista glass effect over Gnome.

    The configuration steps for Ubuntu are here:

  10. Thomas Says:

    The downloads section seems to be broken or something.