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SE Store Cartoon

Original French version:

14 Responses to “Cartoon”

  1. sammi_curr666 Says:

    Brilliant!! Fucking brilliant!! \m/

  2. racso Says:


  3. SatanicThxGod Says:

    Genial!!!! Me mato la carita de loco del pinguino satanico!!!

    Just Great!!! I love the satanic penguin’s crazy face!!!

  4. Me Says:

    Developers of this distro, and its users must be insane xD is there any hope of getting something good for worshiping satan? Do you guys get your own planet with whores (or “wives”) like mormons after death? or anything better?
    lol at least christians believe in going to heaven

  5. Hmm | Total Verfriemelt Says:

    [...] [VIA] var addthis_pub = ‘Verfriemelt’; var addthis_language = ‘de’;var addthis_options = ‘email, favorites, digg, delicious, myspace, google, facebook, reddit, live, more’; AKPC_IDS += “1188,”; [Translate] [...]

  6. Davy Jones Says:

    Satan has promised me he will destroy God and rule the world in the age to come.

  7. Vadim P. Says:

    KK support plz.

  8. KilledGod Says:

    It’s fucking awesome, like everything they do here!!

    Fuck all Religious freaks:
    There is no God out there!

  9. TheBlob125 Says:

    @KilledGod: +1

  10. domitian Says:

    hey there is a candle missing :P but love it amazing cartoon ill show my buddies it.
    hail satan

  11. FedeLinux Says:

    Una distro fantastica, appena formatto il PC me la installo. Con CD_Live è già straordinaria, ma su disco credo che superi ogni aspettativa. W Linux, Fuck Windows: io ho rimosso Windows dall’ HD, quattro distro di Canonical. I miei più sentiti complimenti per il gran lavoro svolto per la realizzazione di questa straordinaria distro.

  12. you are for laughing Says:

    Cut the drugs,go get exhorcized or to a doctor and get a life…

  13. alone satan Says:

    I satanist .I am in Iran .I am lost of dark world and forthest is arx of satan that call me …….say to watches to sleep It is not necessity to account useless live……It is very good site

  14. Mahek Sabharwal Says:

    True, but funny, as are many of your pages. I read through the archives over the last few days, and
    I must say I think I’m found a new bookmark.