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Inverted Ibex Released

Ubuntu Satanic Edition has once again awoken from its slumber and spread its wings to cast a dark and foreboding shadow over your desktop. Version 666.5, Inverted Ibex, is now available for installation from our repositories.

This release adds the following:

  • A new Bathory usplash
  • Xubuntu support
  • Version 1.4 of the Aurora theme engine
  • Updated Inhuman Gnome themes
  • Brighter (readable) text on all of the usplash themes

To install:

17 Responses to “Inverted Ibex Released”

  1. freed Says:

    for ubuntu and xubuntu all seems to go well,
    instead for kubuntu kdm and ksplash themes don’t work, becouse in the kde configuration section there is the configuration for kde3 and not for kde4

  2. Garry Says:

    Sorry, I’ve been so busy concentrating on getting the new Gnome and usplash stuff working, I didn’t realise that it’s all broken for KDE. I’ll try to fix it as soon as.

  3. Dioxin Says:

    Is there Russian language support in Ubuntu Satanic Edition Version 666.5?

  4. Garry Says:

    Yes, because it installs onto standard Ubuntu, which has Russian language support.

  5. Fabian666 Says:

    greetings from Uruguay

    I have installed Xubuntu 8.04 in my old Compaq Pentium 3 of 497 Mhz with 256 Mb RAM and 20 Gb hard disk

    I hope that I can download the themes without losing too much speed

    By the way, I will tell my goth acquintances in my country, maybe a few of them wil also insatlll Ubuntu S.E.


    by the way,some nice drawings of Coop, Coopstuff would be nice, maybe some sexy devilettes or vamps

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I’m a new user to Linux, migrating because Windows Vista sucks a big one. I found this site through forums. I’m Catholic, but I think SE should be reviewed by DistroWatch. After all, Ubuntu Christian is there. Seems the OpenSource community seems to be a little closed about religion, or at least a little too sensitive about the matter. You should raise a ruckus in the Linux forums, maybe the internets can help.

  7. Alex Sanders Says:

    Hi. I’ve got 666.4 in both 32- and 64-bit, and the ISOs have been checked OK with the MD5s, but the 32-bit version (once burned) keeps coming up with the same 5 files that fail the check (the 64-bit version is fine). Since I’ve now burned a few copies, I have to assume the MD5s are incorrect for the following:
    ./casper/filesystem.manifest: FAILED
    ./casper/filesystem.manifest-desktop: FAILED
    ./casper/initrd.gz: FAILED
    ./casper/filesystem.squashfs: FAILED
    ./README.diskdefines: FAILED
    If you change/update any files in future versions, please be sure to generate a new md5sum.txt for the disc contents before releasing the ISOs. Cheers.

  8. garry Says:

    That was a test. You have failed.

  9. Alex Sanders Says:

    Not sure what you mean there… can you explain? Just recapping that the ISO itself checks out fine, and I am not getting errors burning the 64-bit one (or any other distro), but repeated burning of the 32-bit one keeps giving me the same 5 errors. Exactly the same thing when I just mount the ISO and do a check that way (so obviously isn’t a faulty burning issue). Cheers.

  10. Garry Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Sorry, I posted that when very drunk. Note to self: “don’t post stupid comments on this site when drunk”. OK, as for your problem, I’ve not heard of anyone else having this issue. Maybe the ISO you downloaded is corrupt. That may explain why the MD5sums don’t check out also. Try the following command:

    cksum ubuntusatanic-666.4-i386.iso

    You should get:
    2954075067 719921152 ubuntusatanic-666.4-i386.iso

    Hope this helps,

  11. Alex Sanders Says:

    Hiya. I checked both ISOs with the checksums provided on your site:

    40f9e8d676df5f7d83fe27d29a1b8682 ubuntusatanic-666.4-amd64.iso
    5a322ca977b06f1c2bb81a1b7dbd13ad ubuntusatanic-666.4-i386.iso

    … so seems you changed this at some point? I’ve just confirmed these are still the checksums available at, so looks like something needs updating. If you reworked the ISO, then it is just the checksum on your site. If you didn’t, I would mount the ISO and check all files against the md5sum.txt file on the “disc”.

    As I said, the ISO itself checks out fine with the md5 above… just a check of all files when mounted or burned reveals the 5 errors.

    The Live CD seems to run fine anyway, but I haven’t tried an install since I don’t want it to fail.

  12. Garry Says:

    I’ve checked and I get the same issue with the i386 CD. It must have been a mistake with the build process for that ISO. Strange that you’re the only one to spot this! That image has been used may times in the past, so you should be safe to install from it if you wish.

    Sorry about any trouble it’s caused.

  13. Black Rose Says:

    ubuntu SE is the mosr briliant idea that I`ve been known until now…
    Now I use Ubuntu hardy LTS and install The Satanic Themes on my desktop..
    But for now I think about another idea that still on Darkness and Heavy Metal world, I call it Ubuntu Heavy Metal edition,,,
    I was built some wallpapers and GDM Themes about Heavy Metal themes, such as Metallica, Megadeth, and the others…
    I just want to say thanks and I feel so gratefull to The Builder of The Ubuntu SE, and I really-really hope that somebody to help me build another (new) edition of Ubuntu : Ubuntu Heavy Metal Edition.
    Hell jeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Black Rose Says:

    Maybe we can discuss and re-build new concept about Satanic, Darkness and Heavy Metal..
    Darkness and heavy metal are my fundamental piloshopy of my life…
    I really2 disappointed to Distrowatch for didn`t put Ubuntu SE on their database, so I think about another concept that more ‘progressive’ and acceptible, but still has the soul of Darkness and Heavy Metal..

  15. Davy Jones Says:

    Firefox 3 still has problems using the inhuman theme. After months of work I created a fix. I posted my fix in the help forum of this website.

    Garry you owe me!

  16. Garry Says:

    Hi Davy,

    Your config works really well. Thanks a lot!

    I’ve added your css file to the site:

    Thanks for your contribution to the SE community.

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