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Jesus’ Jugular Released

Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.6 (Jesus’ Jugular)

Ubuntu Satanic Edition isn’t just an operating system, it’s the new order. Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain. Unleash its might onto your computer by dressing in the still warm skin of a Stag, letting the blood run over your naked flesh and onto your keyboard as you type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-satanic. Marvel as the darkness penetrates your screen and buries itself in the depths of your soul. Let your ears bleed and your head frenzy. Play the sycophant. Revel in your pain. Let all other software bow down. It is your destiny.

12 Responses to “Jesus’ Jugular Released”

  1. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

    It seems you were pretty inspired, on this one :·D.
    I’ll try it as soon as I’ll find the time to upgrade to Jaunty (work, work, work, fear of troubles with video drivers, work …)

  2. Garry Says:

    It took a bit of Lateral thinking! ;-)

  3. Walter Giardino Says:

    wow, that was fast.

    same situation of Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl, besides i still have to install google earth, emesene, adn something else i must be forgetting.

  4. mmk Says:

    And on that 24th day of April in the year of our Master, I did install from scratch the latest 9.04 release of Ubuntu and with trembling fingers did enter those mystical incantations to summon the beast “sudo apt-get install ubuntu-satanic” and there was fire and trembling and I did crank the Metal a little louder and there was a little knashing of teeth as I tried to get my network connection to behave but now it is good … er evil ….er whatever, I’m enjoying it. Thanks again Garry! Great work and incredible turnaround. It’s nice to have the usplash screens back. They haven’t worked properly since that weird update killed them on 8.04.

  5. W666 Says:

    Amazing work!!!

    The installation guide, says that one can install it over Intrepid, but can someone install it over the latest Ubuntu (Jaunty (v.9.04))?

    May the blessings of the Infernal Dragon and the Great Hore and the Unholy Spirit, be with you!

  6. mmk Says:

    Actually, if you notice my post just one above yours, I did install it over 9.04 with no problems (the network issue mentioned was an issue with 9.04 and had nothing to do with the se release). I’ve currently got the combination running smoothly on my Toshiba.

  7. Dark Cloud Says:

    Nice Work
    It would be nice if there was a live version of 666.6
    So I can share it with the gang.
    In any case
    Thanks !!!

  8. St. Tabby Says:

    “Obsequious and arrogant. Clandestine and vain.”


    (Sepultura’s version of that song is head smashing :D )

  9. Garry Says:

    As is the Motörhead original, of course!

  10. ghostofcain Says:

    Thanks from the depths of Hell

  11. Sarah Says:

    stupid website!!!! Jesus still loves you. Even though you dislike him.

  12. megan Says:

    Ya’ll are setting aside a place for you in the pits of hell when you are going to be crying out to GOD! But its all on you. would you rather burn in hell or live eternal life in Heaven?