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Kamikaze Kernel Released

Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.7 (Kamikaze Kernel)

The seventh bastard son of Ubuntu is born!

New features include:

  • Five Magics artwork featuring photography by Panzerwolf, the same artist who brought you the popular Bathory theme.
  • Revenge icon theme using artwork by the renowned artist Paul “Mattahan” Davey.
  • Gnome sound theme.
  • Many other updates and fixes to usplash, GDM and KDE login themes.

15 Responses to “Kamikaze Kernel Released”

  1. drumonstro Says:

    awesome! pentagram hd are sick
    muito bom mesmo, parabens!

  2. scorp Says:

    Post syas released but i can’t find where the new live(undead) cd is?!

    Keep working on this and try to get it onto distrowatch.

  3. drumonstro Says:

    me neither.

    maybe by
    # apt-get update && dist-upgrade

    i’m waiting for the new undead cd too

  4. John Says:

    this bash cause my gdm turn ugly:

    sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 –set –type string /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename /usr/share/backgrounds/SE-FiveMagics-Wide.png

    however after some googling, (, this bash make my gdm look evil!!!

    sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 –set –type string –set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename /usr/share/backgrounds/SE-FiveMagics-Wide.png

    i don’t know if others doesn’t have issue with it. just share some info.

    p\s:love ubuntu satanic.

  5. ilpiero Says:

    Downloaded and tried, the xsplash theme isn’t working yet, but it’s sure worth the price of my soul…

  6. Garry Says:

    There is a beta Xsplash theme discussed here:

  7. nietz Says:

    hi… so i have to download the livecd 666.4 and apt-get update | apt-get dist-upgrade to get the 666.7 ?

  8. Garry Says:

    Probably the best thing to do, until we get the LiveCD out, is install karmic from the official Ubuntu image and then install the ubuntu-satanic package on top of it.


  9. axl davis Says:

    when will the live cd for ubuntu 666.7 be released

  10. Garry Says:

    There will definitely be a live CD for 666.8! We are working on it now. It will be released late April.

  11. drumonster Says:

    hell yeah! i’m waiting..

  12. Jay Ar Says:

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  13. Jayar Says:

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  14. Paul | Learn Tennis Serve Says:

    Any update on live cd please? Where can I get it? I can’t find it anywhere.

  15. Garry Says:

    There has been a problem with the torrent, but you can use the direct download link here (