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Live CD Released

The best software…
The heaviest music…

The Distro of the Beast.

The first Ubuntu Satanic Edition Live CD is available for download!

It includes the complete Ubuntu 8.04.1 operating system plus the dark and brooding Satanic theme. There is also a 30 minute EP of creative commons licensed music from the likes of StabWounD, Auvernia, Frontside, Skaut, Taste of Hell, Scape.Goat and Holy Pain.

Click on the appropriate torrent to download the ISO:

Please help by seeding the torrent once you’ve downloaded it.

19 Responses to “Live CD Released”

  1. 6r00k14n Says:

    This is fantastic. I finally get the distro that I want.

    I’m DL’ing both torrents, just to seed them.

  2. Garry Says:

    That’s what we like to hear. Cheers!

  3. HalfSight Says:

    This is great, I will be seeding for some time. This will make a great dual boot!!

  4. Horus Says:

    Much thanks for this excellent distro, absolutely great.

  5. EVA-00 Says:

    wow, finaly Ubuntu SE Live CD is coming. thanks a lot guys…

  6. evilmarlin Says:

    This is a great distro, but if you want it to be truly evil, you should maybe get rid of some of the mp3s or other files and rebuild the iso image and make it 666MB instead of 686MB. I don’t feel like I’m praising Beelzebub to his fullest like I could be.

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  8. steven Says:

    Great distro…………….Way to go………Hail ubuntu ………….
    Hail Satan……….

  9. Says:

    Ubuntu Satanic LiveCD…

    Antes era una colección de wallpapers y salvapantallas. Ahora sacaron el LiveCD….

  10. Rombus Says:

    Satanic edition is the best distro ever!

    i agree with evilmarlin on the 666 mb ;)

  11. Razored Night Says:

    I just did the quickie install over hardy… Nice looking pics n stuff… But how come I don’t get the ep? I was looking forward to some blistering rock… >:(

  12. Garry Says:

    Hi Razored Night,

    The EP isn’t installed by default. Just type:

    sudo apt-get install music-for-the-damned

  13. iyot manok Says:

    ay mga bayut man kaayo ang mga tukar,
    mas bagsik pa ang mu iyot ug manok dude!

  14. adskiy sotona Says:

    where is teh ppc build bldjad!

  15. Amehell Says:

    Only for this, I’m going to switch on Ubuntu

    I was looking for stuff related to this All my whole life on XP, such themes and shit. But this is what I was looking for, I think that the writting on the wall has seen this moment a long time ago. Regards Pals

    Keep it Heavy

  16. The_Grand_Wazoo Says:

    I’m not a satanist, neither a christian, neither a black metal fan, but I’ll try it, just to see how exotic it is :D
    Keep it going, your work is really apreciated!!!
    P. S. Nice screenshots

  17. john Says:

    i have just downloaded the satanic edition 1st torrent[32 bit]
    then i extract the zip file then it was 686 mb.then i tried to write these files on a cd so that i can make a bootable cd but i failed.what’s the problem?
    i am using windows xp operating system and going to use linux for the first time.i don’t have any experience on linux about how to install or how to use it.anyone please help me by sending me email []
    what should i do to install linux on my pc?
    thanx all

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  19. Stephen Says:

    Morbid. Very morbid!

    S. Zayas