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Microsoft Massacre Released

Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.9 (Microsoft Massacre)

The legions gathered under a dark and forboeding sky. Rain lashed down as the armies of darkness surveyed their quarry. The attack was unstoppable. Rivers of blood flowed through the streets. The screams of the heathens echoed deep into the night. The diciples of the damned were victorious. History was made. Let generations remember the terror of the Microsoft Massacre…

13 Responses to “Microsoft Massacre Released”

  1. Raston Says:

    Are the hyperlinks not yet updated? All I can download thus far is 666.8…?

  2. Garry Says:

    There is no live CD yet, but there is a Maverick repo so if you upgrade to 10.10 you can install the SE packages.

    Hopefully we will have a CD soon.

  3. Aekold Says:

    Got error message after marking for installation:
    Depends: satanic-xsplash-artwork but it is not installable

  4. Garry Says:

    This should be working now. Sorry about that! Please let me know if you have any further issues.

  5. deadlyhappen Says:

    how long should that still take till thats repaired ?

    I want the 666.9 ^_^

  6. Garry Says:

    Should be fixed – is nit still not working for you?

  7. Jim Says:

    one click install after I added the repositories worked without a hitch ..thanks for all the devilish fun.

  8. nice-j3 Says:

    Sorry but the amd64 version? my girlfriend want it but i can’t find the 64bit verison! help me?

  9. Garry Says:

    There are 64 bit packages in the repo, but no 64-bit CD.

  10. Satan Says:


    Could you give us more information about the publishing date of the live CD ? More than a month and no live CD …

    (French version:

    Pourriez vous nous donner une date de sortie à propos de la sortie du live CD ? Plus d’un mois est déjà passer, et le Live CD n’est toujours pas disponible.)

  11. Scorp Says:

    Trying to get Ubuntu Satanic latest LTS cd installed on an ancient compaq 5410 way old bios seems to not like displays crt or lcd can boot to the install screen but choosing acpi=off no apic lapic=off still wont show me the display it just keeps the display in sleep mode as if no signal within range is being sent and then finally after a few mins it end up screen on with garbled fine green and blue horizontal lines old pci gf nvidia geforce 2 mx just wondering is there a way to install satanic in a text only way or is there a way to trigger an alternate install i notice install screen allows oem mode pressing f4 but what does it do as cannot tick it and pressing enter on option does nothing cheers gary as always for the Distro. Mark

  12. Jesus Says:

    Great work guys!
    Love the themes, especially the wallpapers!

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