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Microsoft Massacre Undead CD

Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.9 (Microsoft Massacre) UnDead CD

Featuring XinulivE, a 4 track EP of the heaviest and best creative commons metal music from across the globe. Pumelling tunes from Indian band Theorized, T.A.N.K from Germany, Lost World Order from France and New York thrashers Deathalizer!

Once again bringing you the heaviest music and hottest free software…

Get the Undead CD here

3 Responses to “Microsoft Massacre Undead CD”

  1. Golgotha Kinslayer Says:

    For those of us who already have 666.9 installed (or upgraded to) you can add the new album via Synaptic. The files are added to /usr/share/music, and an icon is added to Applications>Sound & Video.

  2. BEAST Says:

    AWESOME, Thanks.

    Now my backside belongs to satan.

  3. satanictorment666 Says:

    Hello, I have thinked this a lot of time…and since I don’t currently run Ubuntu I have to ask… Does ubuntu-satanicedition debian package conflict with christian Ubuntu packages so I could properly upgr..I mean, convert CE to SE. Or is there some “virtualrms” like program like virtualpagan that would uninstall religious programs from any Debian-based distro?