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New Satanic Store

Remember all the trouble we had with our original store? How it got closed down and then Jono from Canonical helped clarify the license so that we could open up again with another merch provider? Well, a few months ago the second store got closed down, too. We’ve realised that this isn’t Canonical’s fault, but more of an automatic process by the stores to avoid any legal wranglings. Can’t blame them, really. The only problem is that you are guilty until proven innocent and these stores are big companies who don’t take much notice when you try to prove you are not breaking any trade marks.

So, SE Store mk 3 is open. This time you won’t find any reference to the Ubuntu name, so hopefully it will last a bit longer this time…

One Response to “New Satanic Store”

  1. Xisxas Says:

    Such hoot your Satanic Ubuntu os. Pity they won’t acknowledge it on some distro sites. Have posted about it on some techie sites here in England even though I’m not of a religious persuasion. Best wishes from London. Xisxas.