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New Ubuntu Satanic Store

Now that the trademark fiasco is sorted out, we’ve relaunched our store. It’s now hosted by Zazzle and has 7 all new t-shirt designs, as well as other stuff. The designs can be used on any garment from their “dark” range, male or female, so there should be something to suit everyone.

We will keep adding to the range. So, if you have any requests let us know.

The SE team are wearing some of the new stuff and the quality from Zazzle seems very good. Let us know your thoughts.

2 Responses to “New Ubuntu Satanic Store”

  1. rata blanca Says:

    Nice mug

  2. Ehtetur Says:

    Wow, I had to switch to RH for a few months and didn’t hear about this brouhaha ’til now… Funny and Sad, yes?
    I’ll be picking up my Linux for the Damned t-shirt soon..