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Satanic Community Screenshots

If you run Ubuntu Satanic, we’d like to see it. Send us your screenshots and we’ll put them on a new page dedicated to showing the world how dark a desktop can look.

In fact, we’d like to see any pictures of you running SE – photos of your laptop, photos of you, photos of you sacrificing a lamb and letting the blood drip across your keyboard. Anything.

Send your images to Garry or post a link in the comments section.

24 Responses to “Satanic Community Screenshots”

  1. Gareth Doutch Says:

    Here’s mine:

  2. Loki Says:

    Shot of the (cleaned up) desktop:

    Shot of the cube-view with some apps running:

  3. Garry Says:


    Thanks for the submissions…

    Just a quick note to say that the new page is *nearly* ready.

    I’m trying something new regarding how the page will work and it’s stretching my knowledge of web tools. It should be up soon.

  4. Gareth Doutch Says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve started a facebook fan page here:
    For all SE facebookers.

  5. Garry Says:

    OK, the new page is ready:

    Thanks again, everyone!

  6. Loki Says:

    No problem. Nice job, btw!

  7. Gareth Doutch Says:

    Some great shots (‘tho mine’s only a lo res laptop screen).
    That is such a cool slideshow viewer.
    I absolutely love the circular desktop ‘cube’! How is that done?

  8. Ubuntu e la religione « Alphakappa Says:

    [...] Christian Edition e Ichthux), una per Musulmani (Ubuntu Muslim Edition) e una per Satanisti (Ubuntu Satanic Edition). Ciascuna include software specifici per gli adepti delle tre [...]

  9. iyot manok Says:

    butang pamo ug piktyur nga gikayat ang manok mas bagis pa!
    pisting yawa!

  10. Cristian Says:

    Oh my! Look at the wickedness level humanity have come into! There shall not be NO excuse for honoring your enemy, satan, in an operating system. This is an outright insult to those who have worked hard in creating the Ubuntu linux distribution operating system. All of you, please repent, accept Jesus Christ in your life while you can, so you can be saved!!! Avoid going to hell at all cost!

  11. Garry Says:

    I sometimes wonder whether we are taking the piss out of you or you are taking the piss out of us…

  12. emo_scream bloodly Says:

    i like bloodly,,,,,

  13. The Doctor Says:

    Wouldn’t Satan be against Open Source & GNU? I’m pretty sure that the corporate model was one of his ideas…. :-)

  14. Tom K├╝lberg (The Evil Tux) Says:

    Linux From Hell:

  15. fieroboom Says:

    “Oh my! Look at the wickedness level humanity have come into! There shall not be NO excuse for honoring your enemy, satan, in an operating system.”

    …So, there shall be an excuse? If there shall not be no excuse, then there shall be an excuse, right? Or did I dream up that a double negative denotes a positive…? :o )

  16. adil satan 3cherie Says:

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  17. BAiHAX Says:

    Kharam… this is kharam, evil – think about.

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