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[Note] This screensaver has been replaced by the new Eternity Screensaver.

The obvious choice for possessing your screen when it’s idle is the XFlame screensaver. This is no longer part of the standard Ubuntu packages (it’s hidden in the xscreensaver-data-extra package), but can easily be installed (see below).


A pentagram looks fantastic (suggested by JT Hundley). Here’s a bitmap which can be used:

I suggest installing xscreensaver and xscreensaver-data-extra alongside gnome-screensaver. We will still use gnome-screensaver as the default, so no functionality will be lost:

First, make sure you have the universe repository, see the following link for instructions:

Then, add the packages:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra

You change the image shown by XFlame by editing the Exec line in its config file, eg:

gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/screensavers/xflame.desktop

Exec=xflame -root -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.bmp

43 Responses to “Screensaver”

  1. Mike Says:

    Looks interesting… but what is behind the idea of the satanic distro?

  2. Zamber Says:

    Just fun ^^

  3. hombrelobo Says:

    Thanks. I am new to Ubuntu, and this certainly makes it fun !!

  4. Garry Says:

    The idea behind the distro is to restore the balance to the universe.

  5. fredo Says:

    marche pas

    install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra
    j’ai copier l’image ….
    modifier xflame.desktop Exec= ….

    marche pas !! :-(

  6. Anima Says:

    can’t find /usr/share/applications/screensavers/xflame.desktop

    are you sure the path’s correct?

    compliments for the great distro! \m/-.-\m/

  7. Anima Says:



  8. steve Says:

    When I search for xscreensaver-data-extra, I cant find anything, I run xscreensaver, and I can see the xflame option, however it is listed as not installed, any suggestions?

  9. Garry Says:

    Sorry – you need to add the “universe” repository first. See the following link for instructions:

  10. -I.H.C- Says:

    i think the idea is, to be against Ubuntu Christian Edtion, really funny !

  11. DIABLO Says:


  12. Tomcat1965 Says:

    Thanks for the pentagram,I was using steveballmer.bmp and it was giving me nightmares……Satanic Edition ….brilliant!

  13. Kandy Says:

    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree… Done
    E: Couldn’t find package xscreensaver-data-extra

  14. Garry Says:

    You need to add the Ubuntu “universe” repository:

  15. su610 Says:


  16. viruz404 Says:

    nikel ! ^^

    ca clack bien – THX ;)

  17. elmagique Says:

    thanks for Ubuntu Satanic Edition, and this screen saver really finishes it

    btw, it works great with Beryl (flames animation)

  18. Milan Says:

    It’s more anti-satanic then satanic because pentagram is burning. ;-)

  19. osama b Says:


  20. shaqwave Says:


  21. lokigom on ppc Says:

    Ok how exactly do i change the bitmap file?
    Bare with me i’m a noobee but i got your login screen up
    and your wallpaper And i’m workin on the splash screen and i need this screensaver I have xflame just can’t figure out how to change the .bmp

  22. Garry Says:

    Hi Lokigom,

    You download the .bmp file from the link above and change the following file to point to it:


    …by editing the following line:
    Exec=xflame -root -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.bmp

    The instructions at the top of this page should be enough to get it working. Please let me know if you have any more problems.

  23. lokigom on ppc Says:

    Ok got it to work for some reason the first 2 times i tried to
    open xflame.desktop i got a blank page.
    But after a few tries i edited the Exec line
    Now the screensaver just has a fiery square i know it’s
    the pentegram cause when the screesaver starts i get to
    see a glimpse of pentegram and then the whole square
    becomes engulfed in flame ?

  24. Garry Says:

    That’s weird. It’s as if the pantagram has become inverted. Edit it with the gimp – it should be a black pentagram on a white background.

    You could also try running the following and see what you get (it runs the screensaver in a window):
    xflame -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.bmp

  25. Saci Says:

    It´s very good!!!


  26. Dewes Says:

    The pentagram is on botton of my screen, how can I center it?

  27. Garry Says:

    I think that the only way to do this (besides hacking the xflame code) is to edit the pentagram image in The GIMP and add some space at the bottom.

  28. Icon Of Sin (kdarkentity) Says:

    i am trying to figure out how to make the background image of xflame be the pentagram ….how do i edit the config file and what folder is it in?

  29. Garry Says:

    The file you need to edit is:


    You need to edit it using sudo as it is a system file. Something like the following should do the trick:

    gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/screensavers/xflame.desktop

    Change the Exec line to read:

    Exec=xflame -root -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.bmp

  30. Steve Says:

    I am new to Linux and this theme really helped get me more into it. Great job. I have one question though. I setup the screensaver exactly as you described but have the same issue as lokigom on ppc with the pentagram showing up for a split second and then turning into a yellow square of flames. I looked at the bitmap image in Gimp and it is black lines with a white background. I also tried using another image and the same thing happens with the yellow flaming square. It seems as though the intensity of the flames is too high, but then again I am new to Linux and am really not sure how this all works. Is there anything else I can try to fix it to get it to look like it’s supposed to?

  31. Garry Says:

    Hi Steve. I’m glad we helped you get into Linux; that’s what we’re here for – the dark side of open source!

    May I suggest running xflame from the command line and playing with the parameters? You can get a list of the settings by doing:

    man xflame

    Changing some of there, such as “-no-bloom” may help you. This stops the flames from getting hot and “blooming” and keeps the intensity constant. Give it and the other settings a try:

    xflame -no-bloom -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.bmp

  32. Steve Says:

    This might be a silly question but how do I run xflame from the command line? I tried opening a shell and typing xflame and get the following message “bash: xflame: command not found” I also tried to run xflame -no-bloom -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.bmp but get the same message. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

  33. Garry Says:

    Oh, sorry. Xflame is in the /usr/lib/xscreensaver directory. This must be in my $PATH so just typing xflame works for me. Try (all one line):

    /usr/lib/xscreensaver/xflame -no-bloom -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.bmp

  34. PerfMonk Says:


    Same problem here on a TP T20 and Ubuntu Fiesty. I see a big yellow block. I tried to fiddle with the xflame parameters and found that the following is the best I could sort out :

    /usr/lib/xscreensaver/xflame -hspread 26 -vspread 90 -residual 105 -variance 32 -bitmap /usr/share/pixmaps/pentagram.xbm

    vspread and hspread seems to control the height and width of the yellow flame, residual the time that the flame stay yellow. But I haven’t see the source, it’s only trial and error…

    Can anybody find out from the source why the pentagram bitmap doesn’t work anymore ? It used to be perfect before Fiesty.

    Also may be taking a look at the source of Xflame would tell what the heck are meaning the undocumented parameters…

  35. Garry Says:

    Hi PerfMonk,

    Unfortunately this may not help you, but I’ve just retested it on Feisty using the pentagram bitmap and it works fine for me.

    I’ve tested it at both 1680×1050 and 1024×768 resolutions.

    …so, again I’m baffled.

    Anyway, we have a far superior official screen saver coming out soon, so I suggest you wait for that!

  36. Brandon Says:

    wow… im christian, and i wich i could wipe satan off the face of the earth. but it still is a good screensaver!

  37. Garry Says:

    The Devil has always had the best tunes!

  38. Triska Says:

  39. atOnement Says:

    Fantastic themes and mods. I love the sense of humour…haha!

  40. Uduard Says:

    Спасибо изучил.

  41. mike Says:

    “Мне нравятся Ваши посты”

  42. Jon Says:

    I am using freespire, and I was wanting to know if anyone knew how to change the bmp correctly? I have changed it, but it comes up a white box, I tried to invert the colors and I get the same white box.

  43. XxMayhemxX Says:

    Great! love my new burning logo ;-) ~