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These are screenshots of Ubuntu Satanic Edition version 1.0, Evil Edgy.

For the latest version, see:

Login screen











Startup Screen (Usplash)




169 Responses to “Screenshots”

  1. choad Says:

    i would use the logon theme if it didnt have “satanic edition” written on it. it looks pretty bitchin otherwise

  2. Garry Says:

    That’s the kind of constructive criticism I’m after. Cheers for that.

  3. Milton Says:

    I second that, flaming usplash without the branding would:

    “To rule, as over all he should have ruled.”

  4. jkroto Says:

    When does the “Hell Freezes Over” edition come….?? Awesome

  5. Garry Says:

    Maybe for the Feisty release. Although I was going to call that “Fiery Fawn”. Frozen Fawn doesnt have quite the same ring…

  6. jkroto Says:

    Keep on the hot side and call it “Fawn of the Devil” or “Feisty Spawn”
    Need a pitch fork for my icon’s now…

  7. Garry Says:

    Feisty Spawn! Fantastic. That’s settled.

  8. Airen Says:

    Wicked awesome idea. Funny as hell.

  9. Aaron Says:

    I agree with choad. These would be pretty sweet wallpapers/slash screens if they didn’t have “Satanic Edition” written all over.

  10. aleph Says:

    Feisty Spawn: best name ever!

    I’d love to see a little less blur on the Ubuntu logo for the login screen.

  11. peter Says:

    How about “Fawn of Satan?”

  12. nico Says:

    I think the “Satanic Edition” can easily be stripped off from the login screen.

  13. Bondrake Says:

    I really like the theme, but would definitely prefer to have the option to use images without “satanic edition” on them (keeping the name is a good impact though, it’s why I clicked from digg).

  14. drunkmonkey Says:

    Awww don’t take out the ‘satanic edition’!

    I am a user and my voiced opinion is that i would like to see it stay!

  15. dcf Says:

    Like Bondrake said above I also would prefer the ’satanic edition’ text to be stripped out and keep the name. Looks great otherwise!

  16. Shaze Says:

    Man, this is fucking awesome! Amazing quality and detail, I hath found my Ubuntu theme. Please keep in the whole Satan thing, I really like evil and killing things. (Or at least maybe make two?)

    I wouldn’t even mind like a pitchfork for a mouse pointer or something cool like that.

  17. X1NN Says:

    I’m a christian, and I think Satanic edition should definately stay (is that wrong) Hilarious, I love it! It’s just a theme not a full copy of Ubuntu? I also really loved Fawn of Satan.

  18. Alan Says:

    Now we just need Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist editions.

  19. emarkay Says:

    And with a crackling fire sound in the background as a sound loop, every mouse click is a whip crack, every login is some variation of “you have gone to hellll” with mucho heavy metal thunder, and the logout sound is the devil laughing with delight. Oh and you must add a 666 screensaver, and a pitchfork cursor. Even an Atheist cand find interest in this one. :)

  20. Human Says:

    My opinion, keep the satanic edition branding, or you could give a pack with and a pack without.

  21. kod Says:

    The one theme to rule them al.

  22. Yeago Says:

    Just wanted to say it looks great! Cept the phrase ‘satanic edition’

    Didn’t think enough people had respewed it. =)

  23. mt Says:

    aaa lame, why don’t you have any classy pentagram background???? :P :P:P (hint: if you dont find any better – recreate one from doom 3 (found in pk3(which are really zip) files))

  24. Chris Says:

    more screenshots here:

  25. Mudfly Says:

    I think you should keep “Satanic Edition” in all of the pictures, but make it subliminal.

  26. zendestructible Says:

    I like the fact that it says ‘Satanic Edition’ all over the place. If you’re going to use ‘Satanic Edition’ anything, you should wear it like a badge of pride. Maybe if people thought I worshipped the devil they’d be scared to bug me while I’m working. Mua Ha Ha!


  27. Garry Says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    I’ll re-release the packages with two versions of each image – one with “satanic edition” and one without. May take a while, so bear with me!

    A screen saver is also a good idea. A burning Ubuntu logo would be nice…

    0x29A – the hexadecimal numeral of the Beast!

    Actually, I was thinking of calling the next release “beelzebuntu”. What do you think?

  28. Garry Says:

    Thanks again for the “codingstudio” screen shot walkthrough Chris – that’s awesome, cheers.

  29. Simon Says:

    The logon screen really needs the devil coming out of the flames!

  30. Staci Says:

    Just wanted to say that I love this idea! Very cool. And it definately needs a screensaver to go along with it. I was looking for something to make my Ubuntu more interesting!

  31. Ernz Says:

    I am trying to dual boot with Christian Ubuntu edition, but my computer keeps spontatiously combusting. Does someone have a good HowTo?

  32. Simon Says:

    Could you make a start-here.svg so that we can change the Ubuntu icon on the gome menu panel?

  33. Azrael Nightwalker Says:

    We need a Gnome theme to make the Satanic Edition complete. Currently i’m using Tropic, since it’s red/orange look fits Ubuntu SE perfectly.

  34. Garry Says:

    Good idea about the start-here.svg. I’ll look into that. That icon is pretty small, though – hope you’ll still be able to see the horns!

    Regarding the Gnome theme. That would have to be contributed by someone else. I only have so much free time! I could package it, though.

  35. Azrael Nightwalker Says:

    “Now we just need Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist editions.”
    Jewish one is already here ;)
    You could link to them Garry.
    You can also add a link to “Facts about Ubuntu CE”

  36. Ernesto Says:

    Do you have a Satanic Grub theme?? this would be great!!

  37. Garry Says:

    No Grub theme as yet, but there’s a Usplash theme. That tends to be on the screen for much longer, so was a higher priority!

  38. Clapper Says:

    Great Theme. I would also like to have the choice of removing ‘Satanic Edition’ from the splash. I work in a Corporate environment, and I can see that causing a problem.
    Great theme though!

  39. Dark Lord Says:

    Don’t listen to them. “Satanic Edition” is an awesome touch.

  40. Garry Says:

    Version 1.1 will have images both with and without the “Satanic Edition” text.

  41. Bill Says:

    Where is the cresent moon and star… you need that to make it really evil!

  42. NW Says:

    Show real stuff, screenshots we can catch in any place, show the entire theme…

  43. Garry Says:

    There’s a screenshot walkthrough on the following site which someone was evil enough to put together:

  44. PolyWogg Says:

    The frozen version could be marketed to sports fans who support teams that never win — your team will win when hell freezes over, so get comfortable with it on your new desktop look?

  45. Satan Says:

    I hate to be a party-pooper here, but just to set the record straight, as an ACTUAL Satanist, I would like to point out that all the fire and “devil” horns have nothing to do with real Satanism, more devil-worshiping (which isn’t generally practiced my Satanists.

    Most likely, everything you have heard or read in the media about Satanism is based on ignorance and Hollywood stories.

    That’s right, Satanism has NOTHING to so with the “devil”!!! :)

    Don’t believe me? Check it out…

  46. hopeatikari Says:

    well devil worshipping is so long word that people tend to use satanism instead. It is a guite unlucky coinsidense that it was all ready used by someone else. As long as satanism is not trademarked anybody is free to use is as they will. So, I suggest that you trademark satanism. Else, yes we know that satanism doesn’t have anything to do with devil, but it sounds great as a distro name. Sorry

  47. Garry Says:

    I second hopeatikari… I got my education from listening to old Metal albums. If I’m wrong, then complain to Kerry King and Steve Harris!

  48. Chanchao Says:


    Thank you very much!!

  49. Adan Says:

    where did you get the fonts for your theme from, i’m interested in making my own.

  50. Garry Says:

    Ah – the secret is to install the ttf-ubuntu-title package. It gives you the exact font that they used to do the Ubuntu logo.

  51. Spudchat Says:

    Set the default umask to 666 (sorry i couldn’t help myself :D )

  52. TheIconoclast Says:

    Unholy shit, WTF! This just made my day. :-)

    Please say you have plans for Kubuntu Satanic Edition :-)


  53. apostle_13 Says:

    i love it!!

    i’m now waiting ’till they make an AMD64 version ;)

    i love the flames, whipping noises should be a good idea!!

  54. Garry Says:

    Kubuntu is on the cards and so is AMD 64.

    Not quite yet because I’m off out for a pint! Watch this space.

  55. jfalvarez Says:

    Dude, power from hell to your desktop! rocks! (6)

  56. Benton Middleton Says:

    This is the biggest joke in the entire history of Linux and Open-Source. And this was obviously put on by someone who has absolutely “NO” knowledge whatsoever about REAL Satanism, Heathenism, Paganism, or any Earth-Based religion at all for that matter.
    First of all, unlike Christians and Muslims, we of the Earth community DO NOT proselytize and push our faith on other people. Second, it would be total sacrelidge to misrepresent our gods and our faith in such a stupid and wreckless manner. If you want REAL Satanism (or, just curious as to what Satanism is REALLY all about) then GoTo: or , but don’t look at this new Ubuntu as a question of faith because their author(s) are a prime example of a question of reality!

  57. Anubis Says:

    Dungeon keeper with SPawn soft of theme that would be cool with a starup audio file or mortal combat laughter…

  58. steveneddy Says:

    It’s kinda cool, but along with the request for taking the name out, could you do one where the Ubuntu logo didn’t have the little horned guys around the circle? I like the theme and would love it on my Beryl screen, but without the Satanic overtone. Love the pics though. Great work!

  59. steveneddy Says:

    I stole the background image from the web site. Hope you don’t mind. Gonna use it for personal reasons and will not distribute it.

  60. wra1th Says:

    I dont understand why some of you goody two shoes are even looking at a theme of this nature! NO do not take out the little horned creatures or the satanic nature of this beautiful theme! If you want a goody goody theme do a search for sugar and spice and everything nice for god sakes!! haha! Enough said now you all can go to hell! (evil laughs fill the air…..)

  61. garg Says:

    yeah, make two packs. I also don’t like “satanic edition” written. I am evil but i dont like satan it’s for children.

  62. royalflare Says:

    i have to agree, the text ‘satanic edition’ is a turn off for me. but the wallpaper and log-in is great!

  63. Garry Says:

    There will be versions without the “Satanic Edition” text in future releases, but there’s no way I’m taking the horns off the logo!

  64. David Says:

    Hilarious. Makes me want to go read up on Dante. Speaking of which…seems some people dislike “satanic edition” — it is required to keep the balance: good and evil…one cannot exist without the other. Anyway, my suggestion to replace the phrase “satanic edition” would be “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” which translates to “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

  65. Bill Gates Says:

    Sorry, Ubuntu is $%#& Windows Vista is good ! ! ! no ubuntu, ubuntu is slow anddifficult and no have a all programs for windows, windows is the os of the today and future.

  66. glock24 Says:

    Sorry Bill, but Windows Vista or any other is no good, in fact Windows is evil, very evil, way more evil than any Linux distro, even more evil than Ubuntu SE.

    Why lose time trying to turn Ubuntu to evil, when we’ve had and evil OS for years? Thank M$ for that.

    By the way, the Ubuntu SE artwork is quite cool (or is it hot?).

  67. dfowensby Says:

    Cool (Hot??).
    Now all ya need is a Bob Dobbs type xFlames screensaver to match the OS, like a SEbuntu ring gettin’ the barbeque!

  68. Pegwole Says:

    I like the suggestion of a Buddhist Ubuntu. The first release could be called Kreamy Karma or Dapper Dhammapada, Buddhabuntu: Yellow Robe Edition. somehting along those lines. As aBuddhist myself, I’d enjoy that. By the way, great work on the Satanic Ubuntu version

  69. Hraesvelgr Says:

    HI there, I dont like ubuntu so much, im a debian user, but the christian edition makes me angry and stomach of this ugly muddy blackassholes (in my native language is the pejorative name for biblesuckers:-)). So this distro RULEZ! :-)

  70. olly Says:

    Ok, so we’ve got:

    Ubuntu CE
    Ubuntu SE

    Now where’s my Ubuntu Atheist Edition? :D

    Great work by the way, don’t let the Xian’s have all the customizing fun! ;)


  71. Will Morrison Says:

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in YEARS! I especially liked Beelzebuntu! Thanks VERY much for the laughs!! Great artwork, BTW…

  72. oddballkink Says:

    i use PCLinuxOS but i love this idea, it totally kicks ass.
    As for the issue of removing the satanic edition, you should leave it because that is what it is called, not to mention it is just bad ass, i would totally use it if it were not for the kick ass PCLinuxOS. I like the theme and so i might make my own version for pclinuxos cuz i aint switchin out my OS.

  73. B Says:

    you should take a reading of the satanic bible, you will be able to pull great quotes from it…

  74. sam Says:

    Hi all,

    In Ubuntu Christian Edition they had software like Dansguardian for internet web filtering. Which could be very useful for family with kids and other software like bible searching (to who it may interest). Is there any kind of useful software promoted with this Ubuntu release or is it just about themes, splash screen … ?

  75. Garry Says:

    If we ever decide to do an ISO based distro, then we’d include some software.

    Any suggestions?

    Until then, the great thing about Ubuntu is that you can install most things within seconds anyway.

  76. Turbo_Socke_GT Says:

    Hm, if the christian edition has dansguardian then the satanic edition needs something like The Onion Router.

  77. Martin J. Ponce Says:

    Thus spake the master programmer:
    “A well-written program is its own heaven;
    a poorly-written program is its own hell.”

    The Tao Of Programming

  78. Dr. Evil Says:

    Computers are the root of all evil :) and as such, I name all computers after Satan or a variation there of – Belial, Lucifer, apollyon and the like – this this the Evil OS for me.

    Now all I need is some fricken’ Sharks with lazer beams attached to their heads!

  79. Philip Says:

    This is interesting to say the least. I have to say that the name brought me from Digg as well.

  80. SanGatiche Says:

    Ah, I have a suggestion for a better Usplash:

    “Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven”

  81. Iyot Manok Tirada Says:

    mga gagmay mo ug otin tanan!
    liwat mo ni satanas!
    ang pinakagamay ug otin sa tanan!

  82. The Prodical Child Says:

    God Bless all of you trolls, and here is wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Repent now and be saved, fear only the Lord himself and cherish His everlasting love. Be merciful and fruitful in your ways and follow the path the good Lord has made for you.

  83. Garry Says:

    So unless I accept your “one true God” you condemn me to burn in Hell for all eternity?

    What a warm and cuddly cult you promote.

  84. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    Christians want us to kill kill kill kill kill kill and love thy enemy. Thank Reason for the BRICKTESTAMENT.
    Legos have shown me the path and it is one filled with round pegs for my lego brethren.
    I cant wait for the satanic kubuntu. KDE has been too fischerprice for too long.

  85. DevilsFishinBuddy Says:

    I prefer the Satanic Edition to be left written in all graffics.
    Thats how i will remember that I am running the Satanic Edition after all.
    BTW will this edition make my Slayer ogg’s play faster?

  86. Garry Says:

    We’ll save that feature for the CD.

    However, if “Reborn” plays any faster, it’ll just be a blur.

  87. atticus Says:

    I think it’s a good idea to make an extra log screen without sayin SE i reall like this theme the name caught me to check this out and I’ve been thinking about migrating from win xp to ubuntu but i’m not so sure i think i still have to know ubuntu’s advantages and disadvantages so until now i only run the 6.6 live CD i orderd from shipit. Don’t reove the guys with horns that shows that this is “satanic” if i change into linux ubuntu i will install this cause all ppl at home are catholics n hate saying thinks about satan n stuff like that.

    p.s. we need an atheic edition lol really

  88. hans fasching Says:

    This Shit dosent work with an ATI X600 Graphik Card !!

  89. Threepwood Says:

    Mad as hell, as Ralph Dee would say :D

    I like this theme(?), but would also prefer a agnostic version.. every button/dialog would say “I don’t care”.. what about that ;)

    Well done, great idea.

  90. Garry Says:


    Could you provide more info regarding the problem with your ATI X600. What exactly “doesn’t work”?

  91. jerseydevil Says:

    Wow, Ok Satanic Edition on boot up is not loved, how about a quote from Paradise Lost, by Milton
    “better to reign in hell than serve in heaven”

    it is a famous quote…. Now to get this on other distros as well…

  92. Garry Says:

    One of my favourite quotes, also; I’ll be sure to incorporate it into a future release!

  93. Michelle Says:

    I stopped using Kubuntu awhile ago, but this theme makes me want to use it all over again. Being an avid KDE fan, if you need any help at all with that paticular version, be sure to look me up ;)

  94. Wicked Says:

    Now what we need is a proper Ori edition for the Stargate Finale!!!! You might even be able to get them to give you some cash. ;-D

  95. PetertheWolf Says:

    After reading this lot. I think we need a fast forward to Infernal Ibex

  96. Eric Hawk Says:

    “Abandon all hope, ye who login here.”

  97. Drylk 59 Says:

    Haven’t been on Ubuntu for about 2 months, but with all of your GREAT artwork, I think it’s time to return.
    Being on Dial-up, it will probably take about 2 days to get all the updates. (still using Ubuntu 6.06).
    Keep up the good work and try to get something I can run all of my WAV and WMF files on legally. :-) (dial-up is too slow to replace them with Ogg files.


  98. Leading Ed Says:

    Evil crap, you will all burn in Hell for using this kind of blasphemism. May the lord be with you.

  99. Novice Says:

    If we must have all the religious themes, then on this side of the fence a couple more variations, if not already existing: Nosferatu, Voodoo, Wicked Witch of the North etc. You get the idea.

    For SE, I see one item missing: Above the flames there should be an effigy of either/both Mr Gates and the Windows logo in a spit! Completing this scenario is a devil horned Tux turning the handle.

    See if you can get all the quotes as a configuration item to either set one on the screen in rotation or as a ticker or the like??

  100. Garry Says:

    Good idea, but I don’t fancy staring at the Windows logo all day, even if it is in flames!

  101. JakManuk Says:

    Iyoton pa ninyo inyo mga manok!

  102. nanotech Says:

    Hmm… now we need like this on Fedora, SuSe, Xandros……
    I would hate to stare at the win logo gettin toasted all the time as well….

    But Melinda gettin forked is a different story =))

    mahabang titi at dila para sa kiki

  103. aspir8or Says:

    Love it. Keep it up o evil one.
    2 * 3 * 3 * 37 : The prime factorization of The Beast

    665.9238429876 – Number of the Pentium Beast

  104. Fred Says:

    As a born-again Christian, I too don’t care for the idea of a “Satanic edition” and, like many others on here, I too would prefer that all references to Satan be stripped from it. It’s an interesting idea of joke, albeit, IMHO, a sick one.

    However, Novice, I have to say that I like your idea of images of Bill Gates and/or the Windows logo burning in effigy — that would be a hoot! Even better yet, I think there should be an image of Steve Ballmer burning in effigy — besides, he’s the one running the show now at Microsoft, and his arrogance seems to know no bounds with the way he’s implied that he’s gonna sue users of Linux distros (other than Suse, of course) for IP infringement. Of course, he knows deep down that that’s a lie…

    Actually, given Novell/Suse’s partnership with Microsoft back in November, wouldn’t something like this be more appropriate on Suse instead of Ubuntu? Just a thought…

  105. Garry Says:

    You imply that his distro exists becasue we have something against Ubuntu. On the contrary, we worship Ubuntu, which is why we chose it in our mission to bring Linux to a wider audience.

    …and we’re not removing any of the Satanic references. If you don’t like them, then you are free to install boring old Christian Edition.

  106. Sum Yung Gai Says:

    Oh, this is a riot! If I hadn’t just installed Slackware on this box, I would install this theme. Right on, Garry! Funny as…well, hell! :-D

    It’s also nice to see that the Christian folks can see the humor in this, too.

  107. RockinJack Says:

    I bet it runs on top of a FreeBSD kernel! ;)

  108. harald Says:

    I guess it’s based on Ubuntu 6.66 ?

  109. microserf Says:

    Nice, but……..

    Why would anyone choose to follow a defeated power?

  110. Rick Says:

    I beg you not to install this Satanic theme! Upon entering my password I was sucked through a fiery black tunnel to the very depths of Hell. A hideous creature with the stench of sulphur and death roared at me, “For using this satanic operating system, I claim your soul as mine for now and eternity”.

    I Cried ” I promise I’ll never use Ubuntu again”, … He stared at me a little puzzled then said, “My bad… thought you was using Vista dude, and I was shot back to my workstation in the click of a mouse. Damn. That was scary!

  111. Rufus Polson Says:

    Now all that’s needed is a Cthulhu edition.
    Dapper Deep One, Edgy Tentacles or something.
    Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

    . . . as to the born-agains looking down their noses–
    Flippin’ busybodies! ‘Oo asked you? Has it ever occurred to any of you people that if the Lord is around, He *must* have a major sense of humour?

  112. George W. Tush Says:

    Yes, yes. A welcome addition and a welcome response to the crazy christians (as opposed to the non-crazy christians) who infuse their religious dogman willy nilly into everything they encounter. This is an excellent way to throw light on their zealotry.

  113. steelpillow Says:

    I was getting tired of Ubuntu but I just changed my mind! More of this: The Sith Edition, Sauron, etc. etc.

    To the “Real” Satanists, I would suggest that, like “Dave” or “Mary”, the name “Satan” is not unique to one being. Please accept our apologies, and do not be offended if we satirise a character who is the personification of evil in some religions, just because his name happens to be that of a deity in yours. It is not the same Satan.

    How about if the Release Notes (maybe even the Installer) were to mention this?

  114. steelpillow Says:

    Forgot to say, wouldn’t the Zen Edition make the default Gnome desktop look unbearably cluttered? I’d love a Taoist one for those Mornings After, though. Icons floating serenely in the river mist … ah!

  115. lol Says:

    OMG ? LOL ? WTF!!!??? No men… A think it’s this version Linux are not good idea. But it’s good piece of work. Anyway thanks for that. Cya

  116. Blyzz Says:

    Absolutely love it! All religeous types take themselves too seriously. Whether it’s Xtians, or the worshipers of Set, or Jews or … the list goes on.

    At least some of us have a sens of humour.

    I’m indifferent as to whether the “Satanic edition” stays there or not. It doesn’t bug me.

    Would be nice if we could have both (for those t5hat don’t want it and are too lazy to take it out).

    I’m a Gamer, and up till now I can’t get my favorite game to Run on Ubuntu :-( so my main PC at home is still a winblowze box (purest form of ebil).

    Now, however, I have the will to do something with my secondary PC (used to run a teamspeak server (and ONLY a teamspeak server) don’t really have another use for it).

    So i’ll be formatting it and installing ubuntu at home. Thanks for comeing out with this one mate! Judging by other posts here, you’ve rekindled a spark in people to use Ubuntu (again and more often). We need more people like you spreading the love.

    Oh and for any future satansits/pagans/christians that are going to post something here and get all high and mighty…

    ———–Get a sense of humour please!———–

  117. beelzebub Says:


    Keep the horned one’s horns. It is not a spanish bull to be sacrificed to the savage horde.

    Keep the forked lance. Would you deprive the warrior of its spear?

    All those of a prissy disposition return to the tameness of flat and calm.

    This edition has balls.

    Who will dare emasculate this edition?

    Garry, the decision is yours.

  118. Garry Says:

    Don’t worry. Nothing will be watered down. If fact, future releases will be 100% proof.

  119. drunkmonkey Says:

    Woohoo! Thankyou

    More satan for the masses.

    Keep up the great work

  120. Anon Says:

    I wonder if this edition would ever have been created without the Christian Edition of Ubuntu? It seems to me this is more retaliatory than a truly independent piece of work in its own right…

  121. Garry Says:

    Damn right it’s retaliatory!

  122. Some guy Says:

    Hi guys, can anybody suggest proper offering to desecrate the hardware after installing this? i am waivering between burning a Vista cd in a crypt, or drowning a ubuntu CE cd in a pool of goat’s blood? (as a side note, does goats blood wash off keyboards?) all help appreciated!

    In all seriousness, though, great artwork, and i totally understand the motivation behind it, although personally, ubuntu CE just made me laugh…(an evil laugh that is!)

  123. Some guy Says:

    oh- I Just love the Voodoobuntu idea!

  124. Martin J. Ponce Says:

    I am waiting for the Zen / Taoist edition.

    Zenbuntu ? Taobuntu ?

    And Yeah! There is great artwork in this Santa Edition.

  125. Coranth Says:

    If you’re going to have this kickass theme for Ubuntu, then -please- look up Anton LaVay on Wikipedia and finally know what Satan / Satanism truly is! Here:

    “The most prominent and widely known Satanist in recent years is, and was Anton Szandor LaVey, who founded the Church of Satan in 1966. LaVey wrote The Satanic Bible (1969) and other works which remain highly influential (though controversial) among avowed Satanists. LaVey rejects the Black Mass, cruelty to animals, or a literal belief in (or worship of) Satan, instead considering Satan as the human instinct within ourselves, which is what LaVeyan Satanism celebrates; the human instinct. Instead he supports a view of human beings as animals and rejects many social structures that he believes inhibit human instincts.”

  126. JPettus Says:

    Just found the site. Friggin’ hilarious and great work! I too think that two versions, one with Satanic Edition branding and one without would get more customers. Love the idea of a pitchfork cursor and evil laughter wav files. The wife is a Buddhist who also loves the whole Devil concept. I might convince her to run this one or a Buddhist version if one were to become available.

  127. dyeus Says:

    my evil edgy screen shot…

    not sure if html is permitted here but this might be a link and it might not
    my screen

  128. Garry Says:

    Hi Dyeus,

    Sure it’s permitted. We love to watch the darkness spread…

    Like the firefox theme, by the way.

    Keep those screenshots coming, people!

  129. Devil's Advocate Says:

    Anton LaVey nor the Church of Satan have a monopoly on the mythological figure of the devil. Satan is a word rooted in ancient Semitic languages such as Hebrew and Arabic which commonly means Adversary. Satan was not a proper name of a “demon”-like figure until the book of Job, where he is referred to as a member of the order of angels called the sons of God. but even here, the Hebrew seems to indicate “a satan(adversary)” as opposed to “Satan”. Regardless, in the terms of being aligned with a two millennium-old tradition since at least the first or second centuries BCE, Unbuntu Satanic Edition is in COMPLETE agreement with the popular western mythology of Satan – as an adversary. Ironically, it is very much a Christian-inspired mythological theme belonging strongly to the medieval interpretations of hell, Satan, and the demonic.

    The atheist/humanist perspective of the Church of Satan who view Satan as a force of nature / force of human character is a mere infant in mythological terms compared to the Devil of Dante’s Inferno. Sure, LaVey’s view is defensible, but it is NOT the only view, nor it is the most common view.

    Just because this carnival piano player (LaVey) founded a church that believes only in man’s potential it calls Satan, it is by no means a standard that Ubuntu S.E. has to follow as some kind of cardinal rule. HELL NO. So don’t get all “this has nothing to do with Satan” on the author’s ass – Satan is whoever you want him to be – for most of us, he’s a bad dude with horns – for LeVay and “Church-of-Satan-goers”, he’s man’s carnal potential that seeks to dismantle Freudian interpretations of super ego “God” as ultimate parent and install man’s in “god’s” place – if you want to argue historical precedent, the Satan of Christian mythology and of Paradise Lost, pwns LeVay in spades. I think Satanists need to relax and let the devil play where he will – if you don’t like this interpretation, go make your own theme and use that one.

  130. Benjamin J, Chukwunwike Says:

    I need powers to do what ever i want to do.

  131. phreakre Says:

    If you’re arguing about religion on this thread you’re a f*cking retard.

  132. dyeus Says:

    space dad is going to spank devil’s advocate

  133. dyeus Says:

    hmmm center isnt allowed ( html ) pls delete posts

  134. Garry Says:

    Nah, sorted it for you. Nice one, btw!

  135. Toma Says:

    That looks like a sweet desktop :D

    My only suggestion, is to get a better theme than Human + those colours. Something more sinister :)

  136. Garry Says:

    I agree. We’re working on it.

  137. hadgeqoty Says:

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  138. Tux 666 Says:

    Ich finde die Idee echt super, dass es ein Linux für Satanisten gibt. Echt klasse, sieht super aus !

    I think, this idea of inventing a Distro for satanic people is very good. Excellent, I really like it!

    Je pense, que cette idée est très super et beaucoup de gens vont l’aime!

  139. DarK ReinDeer Says:

    If only there were more professionally done customization like this was done, Ubuntu’s community would greatly increase in popularity and standard, but instead we are stuck with those who want to contribute but cannot possibly live up to such standards as that portrayed with this.

    Awesome job, and can’t wait for further development of the collection.

  140. Garry Says:

    Hey, thanks for that! You won’t have to wait long. About a week or so…

  141. dogstar Says:

    What’s wrong with you people!!?? Why would anyone not want it to say “Satanic Edition” ??!! Freaks.

  142. szandor Says:

    i almost went with ubuntu instead of fedora. szandor is now saddened. :(

  143. fuckoff Says:

    Burn in hell stupid satanists!
    Rest in pain!

  144. Asmodeus Says:

    Ever considered dropping the Satanic bit and going for “Occult edition” works for me and to be honest booting into Satanic edition is fraught with peril ie there’s a parent in most homes with a large rolled up newspaper waiting to cut allowances or otherwise crush tear and rend embryonic self expression Look at the Muslim edition they put in all sorts of things, this one could do the same you can even use the legend “Occult edition”…expand your mind and reality.

    Most sad people look at the Satanic bit and get a hard on; make silly hand signals at concerts and in general start wearing crap cheap makeup crap clothes from in the know shops..with a lot of mass produced rags and, pretend to be the living dead. Oh and Satan was actually their uncle all to hide the fact they live very sad introverted shabby uninteresting lives and like to delude themselves a lot.
    This distro has potential.

  145. Asmodeus Says:

    I forgot to mention I am the parent with a large rolled up newspaper waiting to cut allowances or otherwise crush tear and rend embryonic self expression, but hey thats one of the perks of the position.

  146. Jax Says:

    I am a christian and read the reviews. I love ubuntu but I feel this has gone to far. Hell why not just do one for each relgion Islam would be a pig rosting a cow over a spit…Hindue you could continuly login with a message sorry you have not reached the appropriat enlientment level to access the desktop please refer to the help files or the command prompt.

    It would be entristing to through the profiecies in the OS. Also the name should stay well discrptive…

    God Bless…

  147. jon crisp Says:

    What a waste of time. When are we going to see a “ubuntu retarded edition.” or “jonathans own version of ubuntu” or how bout “drunkbuntu” or maybe fuckbuntu/hellbuntu and fdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfsdf43543543 34trgfd dgfg fdg fdsg54tfdg

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  149. kroqigehq Says:

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  150. jr high school Says:

    i would use this edition if it was more brutal. I would like to see some alters and some people worshiping the demon horned Lucifer. And maybe some roaring electronica doom music as the intro. For a screensaver you could take the desktop picture and warp it and let satan tear apart the desktop then eat it and burp.

  151. Garry Says:

    Good suggestions. We’ll definitely air on the side of brutality in the next release!

  152. Satanist Says:

    Nice, i’m considering being satanist 2 lol!

  153. PC_Head Says:

    I cant install Satanic 64 version inside Windows Xp 64 with virtualBox.

  154. Arcangel Says:

    I cant install Satanic 64 version inside Ubuntu muslim Edition

  155. facku Says:

    te fucku el culo como quieras preferiblemente de mañana tempranito…

  156. Angel of God Says:

    May God forgive me, it’s about the whole earth. and it is pointless to speak of satan. God does not lose its majesty. Yes you !!!!!
    This is the first warning.

  157. Urgazhi Says:

    I like your theme but the lack of KDE ‘themes’ to go with the background and everything else was disappointing. Also I am running an encrypted file system, and for some reason the bootup screen doesn’t show up and therefore it makes it harder for me to log in… I don’t know if there was anything you could do to help me, all it says is that there is no 640×480 splash screen or something similar.

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  164. You guys are evil Says:

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  165. ubuntu demon Says:

    Love the distro,whats the difference from the quick install and a install from the dvd? i dont currently have a dvd burner so i cant burn the iso at the moment.will there be a new release in the near future or is this going to be the final?hope to see more. you did an amazing job on this artwork. and screw all the negative comments, they are just spouting some crap that their grandparents beat into their parents heads who in turn beat it into their heads.Great job bro.

  166. Garry Says:

    The only real difference between the DVD install and the quick install is the music. You can get that by installing the following packages:



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