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Severed Fifth

The Severed Fifth project is exactly the kind of thing Ubuntu Satanic Edition is about. A heavy metal music project with the aim of exploring “what is possible when an independent artist releases their work in the new music economy”. Their first album, Denied By Reign, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license and available for download now.

The project fuses neck-wrenching music with solid principles. We support and applaud everything they stand for. Check it out:

2 Responses to “Severed Fifth”

  1. ghostofcain Says:

    thanks for the pointer Gary, the music is brilliant, but more than that it’s F***ing Jono Bacon!!..

    New to this site but loving the art and themes, now running Inhuman theme on my Jaunty box..

    Cheers and Keep up the good work

  2. Garry Says:

    Welcome to Hell!

    Inhuman on Jaunty… I must get those repos sorted!