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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Released

Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx, is out now. Read about it here:

Ubuntu Satanic Edition works on 10.04, using the following repository:
deb lucid main

However, it will be a few weeks before our themes are fully integrated. Watch this space.

6 Responses to “Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Released”

  1. drumonster Says:


    this release will burn the windows again?? ["the compiz"...]

    i will wait..

  2. Sataris Says:

    Looking forward to the integration with 10.04. I’ve been checking the site daily since I stumbled on it about a month ago. I tried out the 9.04/9.10 version of SE, and liked it. (Had I not encountered a kernel panic with those versions, I would still be using 9.10.)

    I upgraded during 10.04 beta, and look forward with great interest into your next full release.


  3. rantanplan Says:

    SE is the best for ubuntu.
    I’m happily awaiting the new SE for 10.04.

  4. Spastic Says:

    Hell Yeah!!!!!!

    Ubuntu Se it’s one of my favorite distributions.

    Let the daemons begin.

    By the way the stabWound band sounds killer, just Linux is.

  5. Apriyan Says:

    can i to order???

    please give me link

  6. Lindsey Says:

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