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Undead CD Released

Ubuntu Satanic Edition continues to smash the boundaries of free software…

The Undead CD.

Not only does this unholy relic contain the world’s best operating system (based on the latest Ubuntu 10.04), but is also shot through with metal. Including over 50 minutes of the best free heavy music from the bands StabWounD, Mesentery, Cynicism, Conchadors, Antarhes, Severed Fifth, Else, Sirio, Venesection and Blueprint For Disaster.

Boot from the CD to give it a try, with the option of installing onto your computer. Follow the link below to join Lucifer’s Legion and the battle for freedom in music and software today…

10 Responses to “Undead CD Released”

  1. devils-lapdog Says:

    Metal! Brutal! You Rock! :D

  2. Man Eating Duck Says:


    Garry, two suggestions:

    Keep the image updated with recent packages, you can do this by chrooting to the source from which you package the squashfs and aptitude update && aptitude upgrade, but you knew this :)

    Make it compatible with persistence. I didn’t manage to do this in an easy manner, but I’ve got very little experience with mastering live CDs. I tried to fool the usb-creator with a regular lucid-installasjon and then overwrite the casper-directory with the squashfs from the Undead CD, but it seemed to lack support for the unified fs.

    Thanks for a nice effort!

  3. Garry Says:

    Hi Duck,

    The image currently has updates up to about a week ago, any additional updates are available through the update manager.

    As for USB persistence, I haven’t tried it with this exact image, but don’t know of any reason why it won’t work. I’ll give it a try. However, I’m not a big fan of a persistent USB install. I guess it depends on what you’re going to use the USB stick for. If it’s intended for use as a medium for installing SE onto a number of PCs, then that kind of install would be OK, but if you want a fully functional system running from USB and the ability to install updates and save files, you’re much better off doing a full install to the USB stick. Simply select the USB drive as the install destination, but make sure you select the correct GRUB device in the advanced options. As long as you have a USB stick >= 4GB you should be fine.

  4. CA Says:

    Will not download, stops at 24.8 megs. Attempted to d/l five times now… Any help?
    Thanks, looks FANTASTIC!!!!

  5. scorp Says:

    Just a thought as my netbook needs satanifying i have windwos on it and had no way to get your ISO as its only on ubuntu one – forced me to get reg ubuntu live cd just to run it just get ubuntu se iso – more people will use this ediiton of ubuntu se if windows folks had a non-ubuntuone option Mediafire is good.

  6. doctorevil30564 Says:

    hey, Ubuntu used to give out stickers with their disks, is there any chance that you’ll make Ubuntu Satanic Stickers available? Put me down for a few.

    would love to have the designed for ubuntu satanic edition ones to cover up the designed for windows xp sticker on my laptop

    and I’d pay for it too!!

  7. Garry Says:

    Thanks for the comments…

    @CA: I have checked the download from another machine and it seems fine. Please try again.

    @scorp: You should not need an UbuntuOne account to download the ISO – the link should work from anywhere.

    @doctorevil30564: we used to sell stickers, but our stores keep getting closed down. This isn’t really Canonical’s fault, but the paranoia of the online shops such as CafePress and Zazzle. They’re so worried about getting sued I guess that they shoot first and ask questions later.

  8. CA Says:

    Still stops way short of download. Currently stops at 31.2 MiBs…
    Would love to have this. Thanks anyway,

  9. scorp Says:

    i have to be missing something as when using ie 7 in xp and ie 8 in 7 home prem when clicking on the big download image all that happens is it takes me to the intended links address but its just a blank page- any chance you can test it yourself mr parker as it cant just be me having this prob – i tech for virginmedia by the way! cheers again for the dist as always, appreciate your work/efforts!

  10. DaH Says:

    Thank you for making me realize I need not look for another distro. I will not find anything this gnarly.

    Thank You Sir