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Website Problems

We were informed yesterday by our hosting provider that this site will be suspended in 5 days due to heavy traffic. This seems to be due to downloads generated by people upgrading to Hardy, which is surprising because not only is Hardy still in beta, the Ubuntu Satanic updates for Hardy aren’t even available yet.

We are in the process of organising a move to a dedicated Ubuntu server to host this site and the package repository. Hopefully this should be completed in the next couple of days. Until then, we have been moved to a “probation” server on our current host, so you may experience problems such as slow downloads.

Hopefully we can get this resolved as soon as possible and come back stronger than ever.

PS: the next release of Ubuntu Satanic Edition, Headless Horseman, will be released as soon as we’ve got the above problems sorted out.

One Response to “Website Problems”

  1. Elias Says:

    no hablo ingles, pero creo que entenderan lo que les quiero decir, Gracias.
    soy Cristiano y aun asi estoy muy sorprendido por su distro USE, me funciona exelente a diferencia de muchas distros que he bajado, realmente les felicito, sigan trabajando tan bien como hasta ahora, desde Chile.

    Atentamente Elias.