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Eternity Screensaver

The Eternity Screensaver is a new concept developed specifically for Ubuntu Satanic Edition. It plays MPEG animations of raytraced scenes which took days or even weeks to generate. The reasoning is that these clips should look much more impressive than anything which can be generated on-the-fly.

Eternity consists of a main package called eternity-screensaver and a number of plugins which add more animations.


The screensaver can be installed from our online APT repository or you can download the individual packages.

Eternity Plugins

Eternal Damnation

The Ubuntu Satanic Edition eternity plugin.


Eternal Ubuntu

The Ubuntu eternity plugin. A wallpaper is also available.



The default animation included in the screensaver package.

  • Name: Ubuntu SE 1
  • Author: Christoph Hormann
  • Tools: POVRay

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